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valued shoes website reviews

If you are looking for a comprehensive and legit review, you are in the right place.

Read down below to find whether is genuine or a fraud?

According to research, women’s footwear market is estimated to reach a whopping 220 billion US dollars by 2027. No doubt that shoes are a girl’s best friend.

It is said that “Give the girl right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Stylish and chic shoes at a bargain price are like a dream come true for a girl.

What is

about valuedshoes website is an online shoe website that offers the latest shoe designs at an exceptionally low price.

Today we are going to talk about valued shoe reviews because usually there is a high chance of scam if the offer is too good to be true.

And same is the case with!

Any girl will love to own designer shoes because shoes have a significant impact on one’s personality. is an attractive website because they are offering a great discount on designer shoes, heels, and sweaters.

The designs listed on the site are so attractive that a shoe freak cannot help but buy them as the price tag is quite nominal.

Is an Authentic Shopping Site?

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The thing about online shopping is that you cannot be 100% sure whether or not you are going to get the same product.

And a website like feels like a scam because the offers are too good to be true. In that case, you have to be extra careful and read our reviews so that you can be sure that it is not a trap where you will lose all the money and end up with b-quality products.

The whole vibe of the valued shoes website looks real, and you get instantly attracted because the designs are trendy and just mind-blowing.

But be cautious! And do not get swept away by the seemingly good discount offers.

Everything on the website is on discount and comes under the bracket of 50 dollars, which is a real bargain for designer shoes.

Now the question here is: is valuedshoes legit or scam?

As the site is relatively recent and we do not have much data to dig into, but after due research and some digging of our own, we concluded that seems like a suspicious site.

Let’s look into some of Pros and cons that will assist you make the decision easily.



  • SSL is integral for a secure connection, and it indicates that the data won’t be misused by a third party for any malicious activities. Valuedshoes is secured by SSL (https) connection.
  • Companies having social media presence are a good sign. In this case, has a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account.
  • There isn’t any presence of suspicious code. The website and the whole website look professional, but that can be a trap too.


  • Although the company does have a Facebook page with a reasonable amount of likes, there is no review option for customers to review the products. Being an avid online shopper, i can tell you, this is a significant indicator of suspicious dealing.
  • External links play a vital role in establishing and bringing traffic to an e-commerce site. Usually, legit sites have a good number of external links, but at, external links are suspiciously low.
  • Moreover, the site is created a short time ago, which means it is entirely new. This is an alarming sign as most scam sites keep switching to new domains. The domain was created on 22-11-209.
  • The basic rule for any great site is to provide exceptional customer service. After examining the website, we came to know that there is no phone number listed where customers can inquire about their parcels or register their complaints promptly.
  • They have an email id as an only communication channel, which is not satisfactory. Usually they take ages to reply or solve any queries.
  • The shipping process itself is quite shady as they always ask you to return the products to china. The shipping cost is worth a king’s ransom, and customers continually get robbed of their hard-earned money.

As we can see, the cons outweigh the pros by quite a considerable margin. There are lots of shady things about if you look closely.

Who Owns

Online shopping is all about trusting the brand. You cannot trust a brand if you don’t know who is running the company. Sharing owne’s information helps build the trust between both parties, and customers find it easy to believe the brand and invest money in it.

valuedshoes domain owner

I couldn’t find any authentic or genuine owner information at We don’t know who owns the company, where it is situated, and who are the people behind it.

It is always wise to keep away from such sites that don’t share their identity and prefer to hide behind the digital facade. You shouldn’t share your credit card details and sensitive information with an unknown entity at all.

So what should we do?

Online shopping is new in thing, and people are just obsessed with it. But there lies the danger of falling prey to scam sites that lure the customers by posting attractive offers.

Our website review indicates that many things are wrong with this site. The shipping process is not trustworthy and reliable.

Many people have complained of delayed shipping, low-quality products, duplicate charges, and poor customer service as well which is enough to prove that this site is not legit.

All these things indicate that is not a trustworthy site, and you should stay away from it.

Not only this, but you also need to make sure that your friends and family also stay safe from such scam sites. Share our article with them and keep your loved ones safe from these money-mongering sites like

69 Reviews

  1. Should have read review before hand, bought size 6 they send a size nine. Now they send email to resell them they can’t di anything and if returned under my cost. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. EVEN SAID THOSE A MAN SIZE SIZE 6 IS 6 NOT 9. NEVER AGAIN

  2. This. BOGUS company is full of $#%÷. I ordered shoes in APRIL 2020, it’s September 25, 2020 and still no shoes. I have been emailing Sonia & Ruien and all they do is state your package is on its way. Just refund me my money, I don’t even want the shoes. They REFUSE to refund me my money but has not provided a tracking number. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE PEOPLE. YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR MERCHANDISE. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  3. I ordered back in April 2020..
    I’ve emailed them atleast 10 times..
    All they keep saying is the shoes are on the way !
    I know I got scammed !
    Please ! Don’t purchase anything from this site..

  4. Worst place ever! Do not buy. I unlike others did receive my shoes. They came 2.5 months later and are the worst quality. They don’t look like the picture at all. Some shoes are too big some are too small. I ordered 4 pairs only one is accurate sizing. The shoes alone are awful quality and look awful. I have been trying to send them back and am getting nowhere with customer service. I am so frustrated

  5. HORRIBLE! beware! don’t do it! I ordered these in may and they just came in August! I am a size 10 in women’s and I can only ware 1 out of the 3 pairs of sandals they sent! CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!!!! I spent $77.00 and I can maybe wear 1 pair!!!! go spend your money else where!

  6. I ordered two pair of shoes. $88 worth That was a month ago and was told my order would be in my country soon. Each time I leave a bad comment, they delete it.

  7. I ordered one pair of shoes back in April… got it today! That was a big surprise! Forgot about it! Hopefully you are going to get yours soon! Good luck!

    I just today finally recieved the shoes I ordered in early March. The shoes are exactly what I ordered, seem reasonably well made and fit perfectly. I love them. After waiting so long, I am glad they were at least worth it. The waiting is annoying, but you will likely receive them eventually.

  9. A friend and I were excited to order some shoes. We put our money together a total of $200+ back in March. It’s now July- still no shoes. Very disappointing. She paid using pay pall, i doubt we will get our money back but we will try.

  10. I ordered some shoes from this place never received them but they got my money and been trying to call but no number listed. Do not buy anything from valued shoes they are scammers. Take your money!!! Bs

  11. This place is a total scam!!! I ordered shoes in February and after three months of me trying to track them down they told me they were lost. I’ve been getting the run around for months via email how you will “refund me shortly” it July and I don’t believe them they stole my money.

  12. This “business” is definitely a scam. I’ve never seen the goods I paid for. The answers I’ve been given as the explanation from them when enquiring about the whereabouts of the goods were laughable and truly an insult to someone’s intelligence. I said then I’d open a PayPal dispute and asked for my money back. They begged me not to, but I did it. Meanwhile, I checked their Facebook page. They disabled all the negative comments, but they couldn’t disable angry emoticons. For me that was enough. PayPal has refunded me the full amount without asking any questions or me giving them any proof, which they usually do. They surely knew who valuedshoes were. I will now try and warn everybody not to have and dealings with them.

  13. When we read that companies are scam don’t order from them. I always order through Pay Pal they have all gave me my money back.

  14. I ordered shoes late April and have not received. I email all the time for updates and get the same “programmed response” from Ruvien and Sonya. They say the same things and call me “dear” which I can’t stand. I will be disputing the item on my credit card and report them to the BBB.

  15. I ordered two pairs on March 15th. It is now June 29th and no shoes. I emailed them twice and they apologized and said my order would be arriving soon. Nope! I disputed the charge with my credit card company and they knew which company I was going to say just by looking at my bill. What a shame!

  16. I ordered shoe back in March and just received them in June. No where near the picture shown and poor quality! Will never order from them again! I can’t even give the shoes away! Now that’s bad!

  17. I order some shoes over a month ago and I’ll like to know when I’m going to get my shoes

  18. I finally recieved my order after 3 months, but did not receive What I ordered. It’s like a Grab Bag…They will send you whatever…and the shoes are poorly made. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL GET AND IT TAKES OVER 3 MONTHS TO GET, NOT WHAT YOU ORDERED!!!

  19. Wow, same thing happened to me. I order 4 pairs of shoes Since April. No shoes or way to email or call them. Please don’t waste your money it’s a scam.

  20. I have ordered several pair of shoes, at least 7 and have not received one pair yet. This really sucks because they would have gotten tons of business from me but this is fowl.

  21. This company is the worst!!! Don’t buy from them! I ordered 3 pairs of shoes on March 7. $96.00! They gave me false tracking information twice. I requested a refund 10 times. They would not give me my money back. I still haven’t received my shoes, 3 months later. I filed a claim with PayPal and they never answered the claim. They say they have shipped the shoes but the shipping carrier states they never received anything to ship. The company just creates the labels so it looks like it’s been shipped. I will never, ever purchase from them again. What a headache and a terrible experience. 3 months, 12 emails, a claim and $96.00 for nothing!

  22. Two friends and I ordered shoes from on 4/01/20 – and it’s 6/11/20 and still nothing. I feel terrible for the folks who have been waiting months. I read reviews on FB, as well, and finally opted to order. Terrible people. I guess they’re hiding the shoes along with the virus.

  23. I ordered the black and gold wedges back on march 13, 2020. They just arrived yesterday. The shoes are very cute, like in the picture, but they run very small. I’m a size 9, 9.5…they dont sell half sizes, so I ordered a 9. VERY TIGHT. I should’ve ordered a 10…but I love these shoes and since wedges are the only heels I can wear comfortably. I’m ordering a size 10. 🤞🏾

  24. Sad that we all were ripped off as if it isn’t hard out here anyways,won’t no good come to the people behind this. I was really looking forward to my slides but I guess not especially since I cannot even reach them like I knew it was a scam when my email said “Dear Customer” any other website says your name or some sort.

  25. I too got taken advantage of by these people. I’ve been trying to email but no response. I have filed scam & fraud complaints with the Better Business Bureau, PayPal & Facebook and I would encourage everyone to do the same along with writing negative reviews wherever possible.

  26. Same complaint as the others. Ordered March 15, 2020, money taken immediately, email verifying order.
    Heard nothing so I initiated contact. May 5 got “shipping” information through FedEx. June 8, got “shipping” information through UPS.

    They are blaming COVID. Have been demanding a refund to which all of their replies are about COVID.

    Scam scam scam.

  27. I like to know when I’m gonna receive my order I ordered it about a month ago

  28. I ordered months ago and still haven’t receive my order yet ,and yes it’s just a scam !! And the same shoes keep popping up with different websites names on the , it’s just all a scam !!!

  29. I ordered shoes months ago and still haven’t receive them yet , almost 3 months ago, have even heard anything back since I payed my money, just hoping it’s not a scam !! my ordered number is VD31888 , but never revived the confirmation number On it once I was done paying for my order My address is 955 Greenview Trial NE ,
    Brookhaven Ms. 39701 please let me know what’s going on with it phone…6016690567

  30. I just ordered last week and they said it takes up to 25 days for the shoes to be shipped… I ordered 3 pairs of shoes for 95 dollars.. I ordered from two other sites the same week and my shoes are already being shipped… I pray I get my shoes…


  32. I received tracking information 27 days ago saying my order was on its way, it has not moved in 27 days! I ordered this over 2 months ago – going on 3 months and still do not have a thing! I believe your site is a complete scam & online reporting! Ask to refund my money since CLEARLY I am not getting anything from this shady company!!

    1. I too got taken advantage of by these people. I’ve been trying to email but no response. I have filed scam & fraud complaints with the Better Business Bureau, PayPal & Facebook and I would encourage everyone to do the same along with writing negative reviews wherever possible.

  33. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! I placed an order in March and still haven’t received anything. I emailed the company in April and they said “oh yes package send today” so I gave it another month and still no package. I asked for a tracking number which was not valid. I demanded my money back which they ignored. I threatened them with legal action and they did not reply to that.

  34. I placed an order on April 11, 20 I haven’t received my order as of yet. A shipping label was created but nothing to ship per fedex. I’ve emailed the company several times and they keep stating my package was shipped. I stated I would like a refund and I was told that I could get a refund because my order has been shipped. This company is a scam and their company website should be taken down.

  35. What can be done about this. They r still on Facebook. Can we get in touch with Facebook so they can advertising. What about better business bureau? Can it be reported to them

  36. SCAM SCAM SCAM! I placed a $65.00 order with on March 9th 2020 and then a week later we had the corona virus quarantines, so I tried to be patient because I knew it was coming from overseas ( I thought London, I am just finding out it was coming from China). 6 weeks later I received an email saying the items had been shipped (per Arrive tracking site) and was now with fed x in Illinois. It even showed the little truck on the map as if it was on its way. It is now May 14th and the little truck has not moved and Fed X sends me to a bogus tracking site with bogus information. I will not be using this site ever again and will tell all of my friends, enemies and every stranger I meet not to buy anything from Valued Shoes. Lesson learned.

  37. Complete scam! You will pay for shoes and receive a confirmation email, but 2 months later, no shoes. Save your money because you will not receive what you paid for.

    1. I ordered yesterday; received confirmation email… then I saw the same shoes, etc using a different name/website! I realized it’s a fraud!!! I am going to see if I can cancel my order ( starting a paper trail)

  38. Looks like I’m the new member of the scammed group! I ordered TWO pair of shoes in early March, 2020. I have sent emails inquiring about my shoes, but to no avail. I guess I was so caught up in the style of the shoes, I needed to remember to do my homework. DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE! It’s a total fraud.

  39. I guess since I been waiting for long time too since my order in early March I am in the same situación Facebook should be more careful to investigate this websites before a lot of people are trapped I’m hope I get an answer soon

  40. I ordered on 4/10 and received a Fed Ex tracking. When I put it in, it only show that the label has been made and that it is coming from California. Now I’m reading it’s coming from China in the other reviews. Hate companies that do this to people!! $55 lost and lesson learned 😢

  41. I ordered on April 10,2020
    I got a shipping confirmation.. but they have not been shipped. (Via fedex)
    I am upset and will never order again!
    29.99 I paid.

  42. I put in an order March 11,2020 and still have yet to receive it. I have sent multiple emails as well and no response. I am out over $140. Now being out of work. This hurts badly. Had I know. This site was so horrible and that I’d be out of work. I would’ve never ordered.

  43. I’m absolutely sick ! If I had known to check reviews on These kind of sites I wouldn’t be out 52.00 never again I will absolutely do so from now own

  44. I ordered from this site a month ago and have not received my pair of shoes. I was charged twice for them. I have emailed them twice and both times emailed me back saying they had been shipped to my post office. I’ve asked for a tracking # and they have not sent me one or offered to credit my money back. I would have never ordered if I knew this was from China. Lesson learned I guess but now they have my debit card info.

    1. Yes – same as what everyone else is saying.
      I placed an order for their clothing back in April and nothing. I contacted them and they said my order was “lost in transit but they found it and could resend” I called BS and told them I was contacting paypal to report fraud and they have said I can expect an immediate refund. So we’ll see what happens there.
      I’m mad at myself for falling for a fraud company – it was the facebook presence that fooled me. Never again.

  45. DO NOT BUY! I ordered 5 pairs of shoes for more than $100. They shipped me one pair and they don’t even resemble the shoes on the website. When I asked for a refund, they sent me a link to their return policy and offered me a $10 gift card. This site is a SCAM! I cannot believe China.

    1. I ordered a pair April 22 and got a pair of shoes today June 11 and they looked usedx

  46. This is absolutely a scam. They are using photos from designer websites. Freebird boots are $200+ and these are the photos from freebirds website. Not a chance that is what you will receive for $40!

  47. Fortunately my bank believes this site is suspicious. I put in my payment info and it was declined. I tried again thinking I put in a wrong number…declined again. Right after that I get a text from my bank asking if the charge attempts were fraudulent.
    That’s all I needed. I stopped attempting to make the purchase.

    1. Shoot! They got me too. I placed a order in early March and every time I email them I get the same three responses. I never see them on social media anymore. Luckily I used a pay card. I will definitely be more careful in the future!

      1. This company is a liar and a fraud. They stole my money and never sent the product I ordered. I ordered the product back in December 2019. It is now the month of April 2020. And I still have not received my products. I emailed them dozens and dozens of times. They keep repeating the same email that my product has shipped and they apologize for the inconvenience but will not refund my money. Their customer service is so poor and dishonest it is unforgivable. I am warning everyone do not waste your money on this company they are a scam and a fraud. You may or may not get your product. But God help you if you don’t. Because you will get no customer service. And no refund. Dealing with this business or so-called business has been a complete nightmare. I’m warning you once and for all do not spend your money or provide any information to this company they are a scam and a fraud!!!!! This company sends out fake tracking numbers for USPS, and FedEx, when you contact The Courier they will tell you they have never received the shipment. It stays in limbo as waiting for the items to arrive to The Courier. But they never do. So FedEx and USPS says to contact the sender. But the only thing the sender will reply by email is that the item has shipped and tracking information will be updated when available. I’ve been getting the same email since December 2019. And the tracking information never updates. To show that the package is in route. So do not trust any tracking information if you have already made purchases. Because it is more than likely a fake tracking number to have you think that your product is in route to you when it really is not. They are a scam, a fraud, and a thief, as well as a liar, do not spend your time, your money, your information, or your energy with this company. They are a scammer, and a fraud!!!

  48. I ordered my shoes on March 8, 2020 and immediately got an email that my order was received and I will be notified when shipped. I have never received an email. I have sent 3 emails about the status and the response, will email when shipped. As of today, no shoes no email. I didn’t know the shoes were being shipped from China. I keep checking my mailbox and nothing. So disappointing and sad. I will never order from this site again.

  49. I ordered my shoes on March 10 and immediately got an email stating that my order was received and I’d be notified when it shipped. No email with shipping details to date and no shoes either. I just sent an email to them to inquire about the status. Had I known the products were coming from China I would have never ordered.

    1. I placed an order for 2 pairs of shoes in February of 2020. The money was immediately deducted from my account. To date mid May, no shoes! I received an email stating that my shoes were being shipped out about a month ago. I tried using the tracking number but it didn’t work. Still no shoes! Don’t fall for this website. I believe that it’s a scam. Zero stars for sure!!

  50. I place an order on the 03/09/2020. Up till now I did not get the item. The money has already taken off my account

    1. I also placed an order back in March And I havent received anything. I keep emailing and asking for a refund and they keep telling me it’s coming. This place is definitely a scam.

      1. I also ordered a pair of shoes in March and have yet to receive them. I have sent the several emails and they keep telling me they are in the mail. A few days ago I demanded a refund and told them I believe that I have been scammed. I have yet to receive a reply from that email.

        1. I order 3 pair of shoes in April 05,2020 and I haven’t received them,I email them and they told me its in the postoffice since then I have been tracking and it shows its in the post office since 4 months and the money it had been took from my bank account…!!!!!!!DON’T BUY HERE THIS PLACE IS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Do not do business I bought shoes too in March it’s now June and they keep telling me their coming obviously they are not!!!

    3. I too am a victim of this scam ordered my shoes in may still haven’t received them 😡 I normally check out the websites before I buy . But didn’t this tome 😬 never again !!

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