Vogue Ava Review: All in One Women’s Clothing & Fashion Store

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Vogue Ava (Vogueava.com) is an e-commerce store that deals with stylish and trendy women’s clothing items. While the items listed on their site are alluring, the site itself looks like a scam.

VogueAva.com: A Detailed Review

Online shopping always comes with risk. While we cannot deny the convenience of online shopping, the truth is that some scam sites are out there to rob people off their money.

Did you know that 59% of American shoppers buy clothing items online per month?

Most women love dressing up and exploring different websites to get their hands on stylish and trendy dresses.

Vagueava.com is one of many online stores that features a wide variety of women’s clothing items.

From crop tops, hoodies, denim jackets, denim shorts to cute dresses and beautiful sweaters- vogueava has something in-store for every girl and woman.

As soon as you open their website, you will see a massive stack of adorable and cute tops and denim shorts at affordable prices.

Now for any woman, cute and cheap is an irresistible combination, and as a woman, you instinctively want to add as many things as possible to your cart, right?

From the looks of this website, it appears to be a legit site with genuine products. You can be easily fooled by the layout and make the decision to purchase a thing or two.

And that is precisely how many people like you fall prey to their tactics.

Is vagueava.com a Legit Site?

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According to the telltale signs, vogue ava is not a legit site. There are many signs through which one can discern between a legit and fake website.

In this article, you will read a detailed vogueava.com review and why you should avoid this website?

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Who is the Owner of the vogue ava domain?

Online shopping is all about building a trusted relationship between consumer and business.

If, as a clothing store, you want to build a lasting relationship with your customers, you don’t need to hide.

On the ”About us” page of vagueava.com, we couldn’t find a single person related to this website.

Even on whois.com, the owner’s information is hidden from the public.

A legit brand doesn’t hide anything from its customers. This site seems like a scam to us.

Where are they located?

According to whois.com, this site is registered in shanghai. It is most likely one of those websites that operate from HONG KONG or China and fool people by claiming to be a US-based store.

What are the Contact Details of vogue ava?

Unsurprisingly, there is a serious lack of contact information regarding vogueava.com.

There is no phone number or physical address listed anywhere on the website.

All we could find is an email address, which is not sufficient proof to establish this site is a credible one.

No contact information screams that there is a big scam involved.

This means you don’t have any way to contact the owner or customer care, should anything go wrong with your parcel.

Is there any social media presence of vagueava.com?

Vagueava.com does have some social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. There are 2k plus likes on their Facebook page.

The rating of vogueava is not so good on Facebook. They only have 1.0 out of 5-star rating, which is alarming.

There is hardly any engagement on their social media pages.



  • Trendy designer wear women clothing
  • Affordable prices
  • Variety of designs available under one roof
  • Social media presence


  • Recently established site
  • no return address mentioned
  • no contact number available
  • suspiciously low prices
  • no owner information provided
  • bad customer reviews

What are customers’ reviews about vagueava.com?

Vagueava.com is a newly launched website, and we couldn’t find any customer reviews after extensive research.

There is one customer review on their Facebook page that tells us the inside story of Vogueava.com.

Eugene Lin says:

‘’This SCAM website run out of Hong Kong, part of OrderPlus International (look up the reviews on PayPal and TrustPilot on how the scam operates). They steal images of designer photos from Vogue, Instagram, and Pinterest, crop the heads, and pretend to sell the same thing.

None of their listings ever have proper product photos. Many just have colors and patterns photoshopped onto stolen photos. There is no contact telephone number, or the number is fake. The address is fake.

Item is often NEVER sent, and your credit card details are stolen. If an item arrives, it is an EXTREMELY CHEAP LOW-QUALITY copy of the stolen photo.”

So what should I do?

I would not recommend anyone to shop from vogueava ever if you value your hard-earned money.

They can steal your sensitive monetary information and misuse it.

If you shop from vogueva.com, not only will you lose your money, but you could also end up compromising your sensitive information.

Wrap up

From the information mentioned above, it is apparent that vogue ava is not a legitimate site.

That might be another one of Chinese scam sites that are robbing people of their money.

On top of that this website is newly launched without any owner information.

We always try to come up with the best website reviews to make online shopping pages secure.

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Though the company has a storefront in Brooklyn, NY, most sales take place online.

In this article, we take a look at many important factors to help you decide if this brand is right for you.

2 Reviews

  1. Soooo, I was SCAMMED by VOGUE AVA!! I absolutely was Scammed, I wondered why my order was taking so long to arrive. I tried emailing the support team, their response was due to CORONAVIRUS. WHAT?? Online it looks legit? Do NOT be FOOLED.!! IT’S NOT… The stuff is CRAP. When I asked for a Return of the items, they said I needed to return the items to CHINA, & I had to pay for the shipping charges! I feel like just throwing them in the GARBAGE! That’s how bad they are. VOGUE AVA IS A AWEFUL ONLINE SCAM!

  2. Hello. I ordered 3 sweaters 3 weeks ago and I have not received any products or tracking information. It looks like I was scammed! Please have Facebook take them off their website! Luckily I am not out a ton of money. Thank you! Michelle

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