WorldShirts Experience Reviews of TikTok Personality Joshua Block’s East Village Tours

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to explore New York City’s East Village, look no further than Joshua Block’s “WorldShirts Experience Reviews” tours. Block, a rising TikTok personality known as Worldoftshirts, offers an experience like no other, taking visitors on a journey through the neighborhood’s rich history and culture.

worldoftshirts experience reviews
worldoftshirts experience reviews

In this blog post, we’ll dive into our firsthand experience with the Worldoftshirts tour and provide our honest Worldoftshirts experience reviews. Join us as we explore the East Village with Joshua Block and discover all the hidden gems this iconic New York City neighborhood has to offer.

Overview of Worldoftshirts Experience

If you’re looking for a unique and immersive way to explore the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, the Worldoftshirts Experience is an absolute must-try. Led by Joshua Block, a popular TikTok personality known for his infectious personality and love for New York City, this tour offers a one-of-a-kind journey through the neighborhood’s rich history and culture. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the Worldoftshirts Experience.

Charming History of The East Village Neighborhood

The tour begins with a fascinating dive into the history of the East Village neighborhood, which has long been known as a hub of creativity, culture, and counterculture. You’ll learn about the area’s early days as a working-class immigrant neighborhood, its role in the bohemian movement of the 1950s and 60s, and its evolution into the vibrant, diverse community it is today.

Authentic New York City Egg Cream

As you make your way through the East Village, Joshua will introduce you to one of the city’s most beloved treats: the Egg Cream. This classic drink, made with chocolate syrup, milk, and seltzer, has been a staple of New York City’s culinary scene for generations, and Joshua will take you to one of the best spots in town to try it.

St Marks Place: No trip to the East Village is complete without a stroll down St Marks Place, one of the neighborhood’s most iconic and vibrant streets. Here, you’ll see some of the city’s coolest street art, visit unique shops and boutiques, and soak up the energy of one of New York’s most bohemian enclaves.

Abraham Lincoln in the East Village

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln once visited the East Village? Joshua will share fascinating stories about Lincoln’s time in the neighborhood, including his visit to the Cooper Union building, where he delivered a famous speech that helped launch his presidential campaign.

Iconic Businesses and Life-Changing Encounters

Throughout the tour, you’ll also get to experience some of New York City’s most famous and iconic businesses, from classic diners to trendy boutiques. But the real highlight of the Worldoftshirts Experience is the chance to connect with Joshua and hear his own personal stories and encounters in the East Village. From chance meetings with celebrities to life-changing moments of inspiration, Joshua’s passion for the neighborhood is contagious and inspiring.

Sing-Along to “New York, New York”

Finally, as the tour comes to a close, Joshua will lead the group in a rousing sing-along to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra. It’s the perfect way to cap off an unforgettable experience and celebrate everything that makes the East Village and New York City so special.

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About Joshua Block

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Joshua Block, also known as worldoftshirts, is a popular TikTok personality with 2.4 million followers and over 177 million likes on the platform. Born on August 7th, 2001, he is currently 21 years old. Joshua gained popularity for his videos in New York City, particularly a video of him singing Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” which has over seven million likes.

Joshua is a graduate of Patchogue-Medford High School in New York and has a passion for running track. He also has high-functioning autism and released two singles, “Normality” and “Coffee & Boba,” in 2020. Joshua’s carefree and authentic approach to his content has earned him a loyal fanbase on TikTok.

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Tour Packages By Wordofshirts Experience

World of T-Shirts Experience” seems to be a tour package offered by Joshua Block, a popular TikTok personality. The package includes tours of the East Village neighborhood in Manhattan, where participants can explore the area’s history, iconic businesses, and landmarks while accompanied by Joshua.

The first tour package listed above is scheduled for May 7th at 1 pm and requires a $20 deposit per guest, with a total cost of $40 per guest.

The second tour package, called the Nightlife Tour, is scheduled for May 12th at 9 pm and also requires a $20 deposit per guest, with a total cost of $40 per guest. However, the Nightlife Tour includes a complimentary first drink for participants.

Overall, these tour packages provide a unique opportunity to explore the vibrant East Village neighborhood with the guidance of a knowledgeable and charismatic tour guide.

Joshua Block’s passion for the neighborhood and his ability to share its history and charm with his guests make these tours a must-do for anyone looking to experience a side of New York City that is often overlooked.

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How to Book a Tour?

If you’re interested in booking a tour with the World of T-Shirts Experience, the process is fairly simple. You can visit their official website or check out their TikTok page to see their available tour packages and dates.

Once you have chosen the tour package that you want to join, you can make a reservation by following the instructions provided on their website or TikTok page.

Typically, you will need to pay a deposit per guest to secure your spot, and the remaining balance will be due on the day of the tour.

It’s important to note that the World of T-Shirts Experience tours are popular and tend to sell out quickly, so it’s best to book your tour well in advance to avoid missing out.

Additionally, make sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully before booking and ensure that you understand their refund policy in case of any unexpected changes in your plans.

With the right preparation and booking process, you can have a great time exploring the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan with the World of T-Shirts Experience.

Worldoftshirts Experience Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

The Worldoftshirts Experience has garnered a mix of reviews from customers on Reddit. Some reviewers have criticized the tour as an excuse for Joshua Block to continue his alcoholic behaviors, while others have praised the tour as a unique and entertaining experience.

worldoftshirts experience reviews
worldoftshirts experience reviews reddit

Some reviewers have claimed that the tour is unlicensed and that Josh is using it to fund his drinking habits. Despite this, many reviewers have enjoyed the tour and have appreciated the chance to explore the East Village with a local guide.

worldoftshirts experience reviews
worldoftshirts experience reviews reddit

However, it is important to note that some reviewers have had negative experiences on the tour, including instances of Josh being drunk and behaving inappropriately in public. It is important to do your research and weigh the pros and cons before booking a tour with Worldoftshirts Experience.

Reviews on Tik Tok

Daniel’s tours are better

Jackie Richland: Josh, my guy, give it a try without drinking. You can still have fun without it! I promise.

toms:30 min tour for $40 ?worst part is he’s including drinks now so people are just paying him to drink with the

ultimachanel: Plus a drink buddy. a DRINK

thegoat43:a drink in nyc goes anywhere between $20 to $30 so it’s actually worth it

Pros and Cons



  • Personalized Experience: The Worldoftshirts Experience offers a personalized tour of the East Village, allowing customers to explore the neighborhood and learn about its rich history in an engaging and interactive way.
  • Affordable Pricing: The tour is reasonably priced, with a $20 deposit per guest and a $40 total fee per guest.
  • Chance to Meet Joshua Block: Customers get a chance to meet Joshua Block, a well-known TikTok personality who has gained a following for his entertaining videos about New York City.


  • Alcohol Consumption: One of the main draws of the Worldoftshirts Experience is the opportunity to drink with Joshua Block. While this may be appealing to some customers, it may not be suitable for those who do not drink or prefer a more sober experience.
  • Unlicensed Business: The Worldoftshirts Experience operates as an unlicensed tour business, which may raise concerns for some customers regarding safety and legitimacy.
  • Negative Reviews: Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the experience, citing concerns about Joshua Block’s behavior and the overall quality of the tour.

Conclusion: Worldoftshirts Experience Reviews

In conclusion, the Worldoftshirts Experience has garnered mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised Joshua Block for his unique and personalized tours, others have criticized him for his alcohol consumption and unprofessional behavior.

It is important to note that the Worldoftshirts Experience is not a licensed tour business, but rather a promoted “experience.” As with any unregulated activity, there are inherent risks and potential drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before booking a tour. Ultimately, the decision to participate in the Worldoftshirts Experience is up to the individual and their personal preferences.

It is recommended to thoroughly research and read reviews before booking a tour to ensure that it aligns with your expectations and values.

Alternative Options

If you’re looking for alternative tour options to the Worldoftshirts experience, there are many other tours available in New York City that provide a unique and memorable experience. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Free Tours by Foot: This tour company offers a variety of free walking tours that cover different neighborhoods in New York City. They offer tours of popular areas like Central Park, Greenwich Village, and the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as more off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods like the Lower East Side and the Financial District.
  2. Big Onion Walking Tours: This tour company has been operating in New York City since 1991 and offers a variety of walking tours led by knowledgeable guides. They offer tours of historic neighborhoods like the West Village, Harlem, and the Upper East Side, as well as themed tours like their food and drink tours, which explore the culinary traditions of different neighborhoods.
  3. New York City Explorer Pass: This pass allows you to choose from over 80 different attractions and tours in New York City, including popular tourist destinations like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, as well as unique experiences like a gospel choir tour of Harlem or a craft beer crawl in Brooklyn.
  4. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises: If you’re looking for a different way to see the city, consider taking a sightseeing cruise with Circle Line. They offer a variety of cruises that take you around Manhattan Island, giving you a unique perspective on the city’s skyline and landmarks.
  5. Museum Tours: New York City is home to some of the best museums in the world, and many of them offer guided tours that provide an in-depth look at their collections. Consider taking a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, or the Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Worldoftshirts Experience?
A: The Worldoftshirts Experience is a guided tour of the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, led by Joshua Block, a TikTok personality. The tour includes stops at iconic businesses and landmarks, as well as unique experiences like tasting an authentic New York City Egg Cream and singing along to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra.

Q: How much does the Worldoftshirts Experience cost?
A: The cost of the Worldoftshirts Experience is $40 per guest, with a $20 deposit required at the time of booking.

Q: How long is the Worldoftshirts Experience?
A: The Worldoftshirts Experience is approximately 2 hours long.

Q: Is alcohol allowed on the Worldoftshirts Experience?
A: Yes, alcohol is allowed on the tour, and the first drink is even included in the Nightlife Tour option. However, participants must be 21 years or older to drink.

Q: Is the Worldoftshirts Experience appropriate for children?
A: The tour is geared towards adults and may not be suitable for young children. Parents or guardians should use their discretion when deciding whether to bring children on the tour.

Q: What is the cancellation policy for the Worldoftshirts Experience?
A: The Worldoftshirts Experience has a 48-hour cancellation policy. Guests who cancel with less than 48 hours notice will forfeit their $20 deposit.

Q: Is the Worldoftshirts Experience wheelchair accessible?
A: Unfortunately, the Worldoftshirts Experience is not currently wheelchair accessible. Participants should be prepared to walk for the duration of the tour.

Q: What should I wear to the Worldoftshirts Experience?
A: Participants should wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather, as the tour takes place rain or shine. It is also recommended to bring a backpack or bag to carry personal belongings.