Showkoo Luggage Review: Expandable and Durable Suitcase or Just a Waste of Money?

showkoo luggage reviews

Luggage is constructed to protect the items during travel, either with a hard shell or a durable soft material. We sometimes try to pack as much as possible into a large backpack, but when you usually travel longer distances or for many days, a bag is not sufficient.

Your luggage is not handled neatly at the airport or bus stands, so it can damage your suitcase or belongings. Therefore, paying attention to the material when buying a new suitcase is essential. The most popular luggage fabrics for soft-sided suitcases and bags are ballistic nylon, Cordura, and polyester. Here we bring showkoo luggage reviews to help you find the most affordable and accessible travel partner.

About the Showkoo Luggage

showkoo luggage review

Showkoo luggage comes with a two-year warranty. It is made to make your travels fun and more accessible. The producers of this bag take pride in creating stylish, high-quality, and various colors you will like. They offer a wide selection of luggage, including complex side luggage sets with spinner wheels, hard-shell suitcase sets, etc. 

Whether traveling for a business meeting or a family trip, showkoo luggage can be a go-to choice for your family. They claim they have never stopped creating perfect and innovative luggage and travel accessories for you.

Showkoo luggage specifications

  1. Top Quality Luggage Sets: The luggage is made of a more durable, lighter, and impact-resistant material. Features are such that they are textured to prevent scratches, keeping cases beautiful after a trip.
  2. They have lubricating balls inside their wheels so that the luggage moves silently and smoothly with 360-degree rotating double wheels.
  3. Adjustable and sturdy: The ergonomic, aluminum 3-step telescoping handle allows you to carry it in tight spaces and provides effortless movement. This smooths ups and downs for more comfortable carrying.
  4. Use of the TSA lock: The side-mounted TSA lock allows only TSA agents to inspect your bags without damaging the lock when traveling.

Features of Showkoo Luggage

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The luggage is quite alluring with the following features:

  • They have a completely different design.
  • A full-zip interior divider is present.
  • The organizational pockets are present.
  • There are small pouches for toothbrushes and other small items.
  • It is an expandable, lightweight luggage set.
  • They have spinner wheel clearance.
  • It is a 3-piece luggage set.

How to use Showkoo luggage?

They are very efficient at handling luggage sets. It comes in three sizes, with just a slight difference in all of them. You can purchase a group; they will come as a match for each box in the other one. You can take them out and utilize them as required.

The ample space is used to put clothes, shoes, and bags, while you can use the pockets to carry all other small accessories.

Promotion and Discount

An excellent discount of $36 is being offered on this three-piece showkoo luggage. This shows an off-dollar 109, which is a steal. This is a huge discount, which is not generally seen at any place. They are available in various colors, including purple, green, blue, yellow, army green, pink, gray, black, white, and red.

Is it legit? Does it work?

The most important question is whether the brand is authentic and provides its customers with what they claim. One must always be on the safe side while online shopping and gather all the possible information about the product they want to purchase. So let us dig a little deeper into the details.

Customer Reviews

They have a 9.2 rating from their customers. They are satisfied with the high-quality bag. About 5% of reviews that range below five stars show that certain people are still facing some issues. So there are mixed reviews, but more than half of the people are satisfied.

The pros and cons of the showkoo luggage

Let us focus on the pros and cons of luggage.



  • It comes with a textured finish, protecting it against scratches.
  • The spinning wheels offer effortless mobility in any direction.
  • Full-zip interior dividers and cross straps provide increased and well-organized packing.


  • An ordinary zipper may break easily.
  • The wheels may sometimes not be sturdy enough.
  • You can get confused by using a lock at the beginning.


Are these bags suitable for international travel and meet the size requirements for carry-on and checked luggage?

The smallest luggage in the three-piece works great for international travel as it meets the size requirement.

Is there a two-year warranty?

Yes, they offer a two-year warranty, and if you lose a wheel or any damage, it will be repaired free of charge.

What is the size of each piece, and is it small enough to carry on?

Each of the six pieces allows you to easily take them with you while traveling without imposing extra charges.

Does the color fade away?

No, the color is quite firm and fresh so that it will not fade away with use.

Final Verdict

The customer reviews and the specifications show that the product seems to be quite good. We bring you a showkoo luggage review that includes all of the details and features that you should be aware of before purchasing the product. You can do some research on your own if you still have doubts, and the reviews show that despite little hustle, people like the product a lot.

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  1. Hi Purchased three piece set of Showkoolunggage in March 2022 from Amazon. One piece split its surface in half.
    How do I return the set for either an exchange or money back.
    Thank you

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