Zorpads Reviews: Is It A Better Product For Shoe Odor Destruction?

Zorpads Shoes Odor destruction

Do you like to try shoe odor destruction from the Zorpads store? If so, then read the Zorpads reviews first. Indeed, this product looks promising, but remember, all that glitters is not gold. Here, we advise you to get your hands on the ratings of the items and their reviews. So, let us find out more about the product in detail.

The Zorpads were hyped on the Shark Tank and closed the deal. So, is this item promising? What is this? They tagged it as the space technology for your shoes. It is the item that eliminates the show odor. One can wear or use the single pad 60 times.

Indeed, you can get many pads at fabulous rates, but not all of them are as great as they promise. Indeed, you can buy them, but if you are looking for the right reviews, then reviews are a must. Also, you must follow all the instructions and buy for a great outcome.

This article has tried to cover each aspect of this issue. We worked on the ABC reviews submitted by users here. Do they find it effective? Was it helpful for you? What are the features and specifications? So, are you ready to find out more about this hyped name of the shark tank? Is it worth it?

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What Was Zorpads Shark Tank Deal?

So, if you have no idea about the zorpaads Shark Tank ” deal, here is a little overview.

The sharks were adorned with Zorpads and planned to bargain their way into a 22.5 percent stake in the company for a 150,000-dollar investment. 

So, the Regular investor Lori Greiner and famous visitor Charles Barkley, the NBA player, invested.

Did Zorpads Get a Deal?

Shark Tank Deal: Zorpads Accepts $150,000 From Lori Greiner and Charles Barkley.15-Dec-2022.

About Zorpads

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Here is the great detail about the product. The Zorpad claims to eliminate the odor from the shoes. These pads are best for sneakers. This brand further added that their Earth-shattering staff was trying to clean the air aboard the International Space Station. It is coveted in the military, aerospace, and industrial units.

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What Makes It The Best?

It is NASA-tested technology.

  1. One size fits all.
  2. It removes the odor.
  3. No-Mess.
  4. It lasts for 60 days.
  5. It is sticky.

What Makes It Best Among Others?

Here are the top benefits of the zorpads shoe pads.

  1. Destroy odor.
  2. Last for up to 60 years.
  3. It is made with NASA-tested technology.
  4. Do you know it is stuck in place?
  5. Fit in every shoe without cutting or any trimming.
  6. Never make a mess like powders and sprays.
  7. You will love them like a full tank of oxygen in outer space.

Can we tag it the best? Is the list of benefits it offers too good to be true? So we will check it in the zorpads reviews by buyer section.

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Zorpads Reviews By Buyers

Zorpads Reviews Legit or scam

Here is some feedback from the customers on their official website.

 One user stated, “I used these pads in my teenage son’s soccer shoes that reeked of an odor that would knock you out.” My son wasn’t allowed to take off his soccer shoes in my car, but after I put the pads in his shoes, the odor was gone! These pads are amazing. I’ve tried so many other products, and nothing worked. “I will definitely order more.”

Another stated, “I have been using Zorpads for several months, but not in my shoes! My trash can had a strong and nasty smell until I placed one of these pads under the lid. Now I can deposit trash in the can without passing out from the terrible odor! LOVE THEM!”

The Reviews on Amazon

One buyer mentioned that he was skeptical about the effectiveness of this product, but they delivered on their promise. No more stinky shoes!!

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Another person mentioned that “I live in a very humid climate.” I love these. So easy to use. Because of the Zorpads, I love that I can wear my shoes without socks; I never leave my house without them because every shoe has them inserted (except for my open-toe, high-heeled sandals.)

the best invention for shoes. “Thank you, Zorpads!”

Pros and Cons



  • It consists of space, etc.
  • Remove odor.
  • It is sticky.


  • We have yet to find any.

The Final Verdict (Zorpads reviews)

Here is our final verdict about this article. The shark tank has invested in this item, which is a fit. There are many great reviews about it. Buyers are happy with the quality. So, it offers promising results, as mentioned. So, do we suggest this brand? Of course, we do suggest it to you.

The best part is that it fits all types of shoes. So, place the order right now.