Pooph Reviews: The Powerful Odor Remover. Is It Too Good To Be True?

Pooph Reviews

Pooph claims that it is one of the most powerful odor removers. The items are free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, HAPS, VOCs, and more. But the query is, is that true?  

Online shopping is popular these days. With the emergence of COVID, shopping online is becoming a necessity. This novel virus also makes buyers a little suspicious about little things. In fact, the per-in-home is at great risk; many owners abandon their beloved animals. Why is that so? It is because of the fear of getting a virus from them. The smell, the stains, or the viruses they cause. Keeping these concerns in mind, pet owners look for the means to deal with such issues. Many brands offer a spray that removes the house’s odor and stains. Explore More: Poophit Reviews

In the following, we will learn about this item in great depth. Are they too good to be true? Is it another scam? Let us find out more about it in great depth.

How do you get pet odors out of the carpet permanently?

So, is there any way to get rid of the odor from the carpet? Sometimes pets pee or pop in the house on the carpets or tiles. So how to get rid of the smell or the stain? Here are the tops that you can try. Always use the wet-dry cleaner(vacuum) and keep vacuuming and saturating the area. Repeat it until it gets cleaned. Never use the steam cleaner for this purpose. Why is that so? It is because the heat will set the stain and odor. If you do not have any wet-dry vacuum, you can go for the blotting and wetting the spot using clean and warm towels.

What is the most powerful odor eliminator?

Best Overall: The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Besides all the odor removers, the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag was the favorite. Why is that so? It is because :

  • It’s versatile.
  • Effective
  • Covers a decent amount of area, like up to 90 square feet

But is the Pooph as good as the other ones? Does it offer the same results? Let us figure it out in the upcoming part of the review. Read Also: Splash Spotless Reviews

Which pet odor remover is best?

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Pooph Reviews1
  1. Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator ($20)
  2. Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Upright Carpet Cleaner Formula ($18)
  3. Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle ($20)
  4. Rocco & Roxie Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator ($20)

About pooph 

Pooph declares to be a strong pet odor remover that is free of:

  •  severe chemicals
  • free of any fragrance.
  • There are no VOCs [volatile organic compounds].
  • Hazardous air pollutants [HAPs] 
  • yet commercial grade. 

The Pooph commercial host sprays the odor eliminator on the face to show that it is safe for humans and includes kids, mother earth, and pets.

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How does it work?

Pooph Reviews2

The dramatic commercial shows Pooph freed from the ammonia scent in a flash. The official site Pooph.com says that the odor remover uses the formula used by the country’s largest municipal waste firm to eliminate the organic smell. The Pooph component claims to relent with strict safety measures. Don’t Miss: Clean Boss Reviews

The Benefits and Features 

  1. It instantly removes odors at a molecular level—so they will never return!
  2. It removes odors that cause the pets to poop and urinate in the same spot.
  3. Pooph is fragrance-free and non-sensitizing.
  4. No VOCs (volatile organic compounds) 
  5. Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)
  6. Safe for users, plants, pets, and the planet.
  7. It is clean.
  8. It is odorless.
  9. non-staining
  10. It works instantly.

These are the top benefits of POOPH that make them the best. Are these features and benefits too good to be true? Here are the FAQS about this item.

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Pooph Reviews3

Does Pooph work on urine?

Pooph Pet Odor Eliminator, 32 oz. Spray. Odors on the Molecular Basis of the 

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats
  3. Freshener
  4. Eliminator
  5. Urine
  6. Poop
  7. Pee
  8. Deodorizer
  9. Natures
  10. Puppy
  11. Fresh
  12. Clean
  13. Furniture
  14. Potty

Is Pooph legitimate?

So, as per the user review, we never suggested this item for the Popph Pet odor remover. Why is that so? It is because it never does what it claims. So, based on the review and the user’s feedback on the website, it is misleading. 

Does aPooph offer any deals?

32 oz. Bottle of PoophTM Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator + PoophTM Laundry Additive FREE

Where to buy it?

What is its price?

The Pooph Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator are priced at USD 19.99.  



  • Affordable
  • Remove odor and stain
  • attractive offers


  • Not great reviews from the buyers

Is it good?

Pooph Reviews legit or scam

Here is the feedback from the users about this product on their website.

Feedback on the website

“Hi, there!! No pun intended, but holy pooph!! This stuff is beyond amazing! I always see these types of products advertised all over the place, and shamefully, most of them get me, but EVERY TIME, they FAIL!!!

“My cat loves to roll around dead stuff, and the stink is unbearable! It had been a nightmare trying to get him in the bath in the past, but with POOPH, it’s so easy! I spray a towel and wipe him down; no more drama!”

Feedback on Facebook

Laura Jeanie Brown Galipeau 

I was suckered! It does not work at all. I bought two spray bottles and the laundry product and may as well have used plain water. So disappointed. I lived on a very limited income and splurged to get this because my oldest cat started going outside the box. I put my checking account in the red for this worthless product. How much are you paying reviewers to say it works? ANGRY AND BROKE

Paula Arden Oravetz doesn’t recommend Pooph.

 I had such high hopes when I purchased this product, but was quickly disappointed. Honestly, I could’ve sprayed plain water on the area and gotten the same result- absolutely nothing. Don’t waste your money.

Feedback by As Seen ON TV Product Review: They do not suggest this product. Why is that so?

  • It never removes odors.
  • Never work on the stain.
  • It does not even work on light odors.

51 Reviews

  1. Doesn’t work. Used on a small dog for order. No change. Let my neighbor borrow to use on 2 labs for skunk spray. Still stink. Not worth the money.

  2. I was so excited to get mine, however. so disappointed when I use it in my bathroom. Is this false advertisement? Can there be a lawsuit behand this??

  3. didnt get order, called and called no refund as requested on message machine and e mail…they should be hung how can you tell people things that arent true and live with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe “Poopf” is called that name, because the product makes your money go “POOF!” lol

  5. I bought this because it said it would destroy all organic smells that’s a bunch of crock. I also tried to get my money back. But they would not.

  6. I finally bought a bottle of Pooph after seeing the commercial & thinking “wow!, that’s amazing”! Was excited to get it but it was NOT worth the money. I wear my shoes bare feet so that leaves my shoes to be smelly haha Thought I could solve that problem with Pooph but it doesn’t work, just made them wet and maybe took most the smell way for a minute but then it was right back again. I will NOT waste any more money on it!

  7. I don’t know what all the complaints are for. Pooph works great if you use it right. I had a trashcan that i could not get a disgusting smell out of. I had to use Pooph 3 times, letting it soak into the hard surface. Patience is a virtue and it paid off. Smell is gone and has never returned. I have 2 Yorkies. One is older and she started lifting her leg on my couch and peeing on top if it. Smell is gone. Read your labels. Pooph laundry now comes in a diluted spray and the odor eliminator in the small bottle to dilute. Unsure if they will continue this but it had me confused when i ordered last time.

  8. Pooph is a joke. It does not perform as advertised. All it does it wet the surface of whatever you spray it on. It does not remove odors. I have used Zero Odor in the past and it works 100% better. Spend your money on Zero Odor if you want something that actually works.

  9. Pooph ordered form their site in January and never received. Made 3 inquiries to status of order. Received one email stating they were sorry and lost some orders. They still never sent. My money went Pooph! I do NOT recommend ordering from their site.

  10. We use this product in our kitty litter box and it works great. We haven’t had a need to try it elsewhere but assume that if it works in our kitty litter, it will work on anything.

  11. I have a colostomy bag and got Pooph to spray into bag to help with the bad smell.. And to my surprise it did.
    I will be getting more when needed.

  12. Read review that peroxide is safe to use. However peroxide will fade color. Test small area first before using.

  13. I have used and just ordered again, first bottle from Amazon, received as promised. 2nd bottle I ordered through website, time will tell if it gets to me or not. Saved $7 ordering via Pooph site. This stuff WORKED for me as advertised! You have to soak up the pet pee before using. It took cat pee odor out of my carpet when nothing else worked. OdoBan is a close second to the Pooph.

    1. I have been reading the reviews. I will stick with what I am currently purchasing. I recommend that big gallon container of that green cleaner. It’s concentrated and zi am able to make it strong or less for whatever zi am doing. Unfortunately, even that doesn’t get out cat spray. Got rid of the cats. Got used/new furniture from non cat owners. But the green cleaner is great and last a heck of a lot longer than anything I have used in past years before I started using it. You can buy it from Home Depot in the gallon. The price went up like everything else. Depending on where you live it could cost anywhere from Nineteen dollars to Twenty Seven dollars. It’s smell good too. Not too strong depending on if you use it straight or add water to it. That’s the good one and Fantasia is the next good one. But I cannot find it in a gallon size. Or you can stick with bleach when cleaning your home. But anyhoo, I will never buy this Pooph stuff that you to the reviews. Didn’t scam this southern gal.

      1. Shane you “got rid” of the cats. Smh. Pets aren’t disposable. Well unfortunately to a lot of people they are. And that’s why thousands are put down or abandoned every single day. Please don’t get any more animals. You don’t deserve them.

        1. I agree. I see this kind of nonsense all the time.
          I adopted my cat from a neighbor who couldn’t afford to take care of him. I appreciate that she was honest, and now he’s had a great and stable environment for going on a decade.
          Only wish people would make the assessment about their ability and desire to keep a pet before they make the decision. These are fellow creatures with needs and emotions, and they should never be treated as disposable accessories.

  14. I attempted to post this review on their website but they won’t allow it because it relates to customer service. They said to contact customer service for those issues; let’s think about that for a minute. The problem is with customer service so cont act customer service instead of leaving a review about the absence of customer service. Bad company. Had to file a dispute with my credit card company to get the product to ship. Then they stated they would refund the $5.95 priority processing fee but never did that either. Won’t answer their phones or return messages. Won’t respond to emails and don’t fullfi their promises. Product does not work on dog urine either. Bottles were not sealed when shipped so a lot of the product was lost in the bubble wrap. Do not do business with these people.

    1. I tried your product in early February 2023, I really liked how it worked and told my whole family who has pets, I ordered again two weeks later a large order, I have not received anything in my email a month later stating they even processed it or even received it, but they took the money out of the bank immediately after I placed the order. I have tried calling customer service and left 4 messages on their phone number and emailed twice, I have tried at all times of the day and I always get the recorder I have never got the person even when I do redial several times, I really want my order I really like the stuff but I am hearing nothing from them and I don’t know how long I have to wait for it, and I don’t want to mess up the time to get a refund from my bank, pooph I do love your product but I’m very discouraged because I’m not receiving any email on you even getting my order but yet taking the correct amount out for what that order was I can’t even give you an order number because the second time around you didn’t even send me a confirmation All I can do is give my name and the date I purchased. So customer service I’m asking you please to make some form of contact with me to let me know when I will be receiving it, I received the first bottle right away but the next several bottles and refills I have not heard anything.
      Betty Rich
      Portland Oregon

      1. This is the BEST stuff for everything. I spray it in my garbage disposal, trash, bathroom, cat litter boxes, furiture and my carpet. Its amazing. The price is ok and the sprayer is pretty bad but just pour it in another sprayer .
        I live in an older apartment but there is no 50 year old apt smell!!

  15. I agree this stuff does not work ,I’ve sprayed it right on his poop, I’ve sprayed it in the air,nothing it still smells , I was so excited to final get it ,just to be diss

  16. Definitely does not work! We tried this with our 10 yr old bulldog and if you sprayed his trampoline bed or him it intensified the smell so bad!! Definitely would not recommend!

  17. I ordered poops back in October and even paid extra for faster delivery and I still haven’t received it. Customer service never answers the phone. I sent an email asking for my money back but they never answer me back. This is surely a scam and they shouldn’t be allowed to take people money like they are doing. I am a senior citizen who don’t have much money. Don’t ordered this crap cause you will not receive the product.

    1. Hi Louise, you should definitely dispute the charge with your bank or credit card company. Thank you for the heads up. I will NOT be ordering this product.

    2. I would keep bother the heck out of these people, send them a letter from an attorney. Maybe just maybe that will cause the jerks to do what is just and right instead of stealing from hard working people. I cannot stand companies or people who are blatantly and purposefully stealing, taking advantage of consumers. That irks (I could not find a word that describes my disdain good enough) me deep.

    3. I did receive my first order of the bottle and the laundry freshener within 2 to 3 weeks after I ordered it and got a confirmation and everything, I did like the product for my pets especially the cat odors and it truly did work, it really was surprised. So two weeks later I ordered a very large batch of almost up to $100 and I never got a confirmation and I still have not received any confirmation but yet they took my money within 2 days and I can’t get through to anyone on customer service I have tried several days all hours of the day I’ve emailed them twice and no one is getting back to me I am about ready to contact my bank to get a refund, but what’s really sad is I want the stuff it did work for me..

      1. This is xo sad and disappointing. Hearing all of these complaints and horrible experiences so many people have been through with this product and service s. I sincerely hope that everyone gets refunded or the product if it works for them. But I want to thank all that shared experiences with this product. I will most certainly not be buying any. And I was just about to place an order. Whew! Don’t need that headache. Thanks again for the heads up. Hope all get refunded.

  18. I love this product. I can’t imagine what’s wrong the people who say otherwise. Maybe they aren’t using it right. It definitely removes stink of all kinds. The best part is there is no smell at all. No covers, no perfumes.

  19. I paid an extra $5 or 6 dollars, for faster delivery, what a crock of SH**, after ordering this possible scam product, [ on my opinion ] I just got through reading reviews of this possible junk, I guess I should have checked the reviews before wasting my money, No wonder I do not see any more commercials for this product. I believe it has been 7 or 8 days since it was ordered, and your company lies about getting their junk faster by paying a higher price, are you guys proud of all your possible scams, I would like my money back, since from what I have read, and after being lied to about paying extra for faster delivery, how do you guys sleep at night, well apparently , not with a clean conscience ??????????????????????????????????????????. If I do not hear back, or get my money back, I will be contacting the BBB, but aparently they most likely will tell me, you might as well wait in line,?????????????????[[ order # 38866958

    1. This isn’t pooph’s website. You have to contact them directly. Not through a review website. And stop being a Karen 🙄 they’ll refund you your money just like any other place if you’re nice about it. They even say money back guarantee on their Amazon products.

      1. My bottle did not have the tube to go into the bottle. I get it to spray when turned upside down.
        I sprayed my trash can ten full sprays, and no odor at all, however, ten minutes later the odor was back.
        Tried contacting CS no response after four weeks and three emails and two phone calls.
        Have no hopes of a refund!!

  20. I was greatly tempted to try this product but thankfully checked for reviews. The old adage,
    “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
    I have senior pets so accidents happen. I have tried many products over the years incl., but not limited to Nature’s Miracle (both versions: regular & urine formulas), Urine Away, Resolve Urine Remover, OxyClean Carpet Pet Odor & Stain Remover, et Al. The Natures Miracle was the best I HAD found and the the OxyClean Carpet Let Stain & Odor Remover beat that as it also took care of cat urine better. However the latter has a somewhat chemical type smell that you don’t want to be too close to inhale it while spraying. But there is no after smell of the remover post application/use or the odor it’s removing and it got rid of a very old stain in a carpet I’d not been able to remove before.
    I might try the ones recommended here just to test them out.
    FYI: if I have a cat that overshoots the litter box with urine (basement cement floor) after clean up I spray vodka on where it had been and odor gone !! (Tip from a neighbor) This doesn’t work well on dog urine though.

    1. I freaking love the vodka tip! I almost can’t wait to try!!! Thank you for your review as well I’m glad I read these before I bought that crap!

  21. I am a veterinarian. I ordered 2 bottles plus the skunk neutralizer. The anti-skunk product was another $30. The shipment did not include the skunk product. I sent an email online. They e-mailed back that they would send it, but it’s been about 30 days and no product. No refund. They are crooks!. I won’t speak to the product efficacy because I have not opened it in case I need to send it all back for a full refund on an incomplete order.

  22. In the Venn Diagram of 1.) stuff that removes odors, 2.) stuff that leaves no residue, and 3.) stuff that I would willingly spray in my face, there are but two chemicals: H2O and (dilute) H2O2.

    Go buy an 88 cent bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and pour some in a repurposed spray bottle. Place a drop or two of household ammonia on a square of toilet paper. Give that a careful sniff. When your eyes stop watering, spray the toilet paper with the peroxide and wait a few seconds. Sniff again. The smell is gone!

    1. Steve Sheldon, I loved your comment and solution with the peroxide. 👍 I saw the commercial today and was tempted. But, one should always read reviews first.

      1. I have a Sr. male cat roommate and was so very tempted, after waking in the wee(Sp) hours this AM to the Pooph commercial.
        Having nothing much better to do at this early hour and the product being expensive I decided to check it out. Even though I kind of slept read the reviews they were loud/clear/direct enough for me and my pocketbook to back away.
        Thanks so much!
        Sr. Kitty and roomie

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