37 Jewelry Reviews: Do They Sell High-Quality Jewelry?

37 jewelry reviews

The beautiful jewelry enhances your beauty and makes you look confident and alluring. Whether it is an office, a party, or an evening walk, a piece of jewelry lifts the mood. It is the perfect piece to gift to your loved ones to show how much you care about them. Jewelry is not only for women; men equally embrace it. Today you will find many new stores that deal with jewelry that can skip a heartbeat. Today in this piece, you will learn about the 37 jewelry.

Many online stores claim to offer the buyer the perfect and quality pieces. But not all online names are reliable. Is this a brand that offers top-notch pieces at the best rates? You will find all about these 37 jewelry reviews in great detail.

The Best Way to Buy Jewelry Online

Indeed, online shopping is fun, but you can’t trust any random name when buying. But how can you purchase it from any online store? We advise you to read the reviews of buyers about the jewelry. It isn’t always advisable to read the feedback on the official website. Go to another platform to get an idea of the buyer’s review of the items. Always get the jewelry from a trustworthy website to avoid scams.

About 37 jewelry 

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It is a US-based online store that deals with all sorts of jewelry pieces, consisting of the following:

  • necklaces 
  • rings
  • earrings, bracelets

You name it, and they have it. Besides the collection, this brand claims to offer its buyers top-notch customer care services and quality products. This brand came into being in the autumn of 2020. Covid 19 separated the two childhood friends, Ivy and Jane. But how did this brand emerge? 

Ivy had a high fever. She was taken to the hospital, and in that ICU, no one could visit her. There she was, nervous and helped helplessly. Here BFF Jane tried her best to bring a smile to her BFF’s face. But after trying all the things, she could not find anything useful.

As a designer, I had planned to make something unique and unique for her friend. From there, a lovely necklace with a unique meaning was born. Ivy loved it very much, and so did others in the hospital. Hence, from there, the idea of a brand came into being. 37 holds a valuable place as it is the normal body temperature of a human and has high immunity.

Does it sell high-quality jewelry?

37 jewelry legit or scam

So, do they sell top-quality things? Does their jewelry transit after some time? This brand deals in 925 silver with real crystals. As it has platinum polish, it never transits with time. They use AA-quality crystal for the jewelry. It has great reviews on Trust Pilot, where buyers state that they offer great quality jewelry and that their customer support is the best.

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37 Jewelry Necklace Review

They have a variety of crystal necklaces. You can choose from phoenix and animal crystal necklaces. Phoniex is the sign of rebirth, and this necklace comes with various taglines, such as:

  • I Survived Because The Fire Inside Me Burns Brighter Than The Fire Around Me

This necklace crystal comes in a variety of colors. The length of the chain is 19.6 inches and 27 inches. The price varies as the size increases.

The animal necklaces have lovey crystals as pure as the love for your loved ones. It comes with various taglines that engage the buyers. The 925 silver with the top-notch crystal makes this a colorful and lovely piece.

37 Jewelry Ring Review

They have lovely ring pieces in 925 for anyone. It is for you if you want to gift your daughter to support her or a friend. You can find these rings in 925 with gold and platinum plating. The best thing about these rings is that they are adjustable from 6 mm to9mm.

37 Jewelry Reviews: See what other users have to say about them.

The customer receives the merchandise. Based on this feedback, you plan your order. On their official site, you can find some great buyer feedback.

Their necklaces, rings, bracelets, and others have five-star reviews from the users. One of the buyers states that the jewelry is of great quality and looks lovely. Her girlfriend loves them.

Another buyer mentions that her friends adore the ring’s meaning and pattern. It brought tears to their eyes. These pieces connect emotionally.

On the Trust pilot, the user states that the piece is of great quality and that the customer care service is the best.

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37 Jewelry Coupon

There, jewelry is on sale, and you can enjoy notable discounts. There is up to 40 percent of the crystal pieces. You can get a pack of 2 to 6 rings in the ring section at the best rate. Furthermore, there is a 20 percent off on the 2nd jewelry item. This deal is for all the items.

It also offers free shipping on orders above 50 dollars and gets an additional 5 percent off after the subscription to the newsletter.


Customer Servic

As per the buyer reviews, this brand offers great customer service to its buyers.

Shipping Time 

Standard Shipping (12-18 working days)

Standard Shipping (12-18 working days)

Express Shipping (From the US 7-12 working days)

Express Shipping (From the US 7-12 working days)

VIP Shipping (3-7 working days)

VIP Shipping (3-7 working days)

Note: Shipping might take a little longer during promotional days and sales season.

 Returns Policy 

They accept returns within ninety days of receipt for items in the best condition.

How To Contact 

You can approach them via

Email: support@37jewelry.com