5minskin Reviews: Is It Effective Or Useless at Home?

5minskin Reviews

Hair removal is always a topic of discussion, and 5minskin is getting hype on the internet. What is 5minskin? It is a laser hair removal tool that you can use at home. 5minskin begins to reduce hair after 8 to 12 applications. It all has to do with the thinning and growth of the hair. This item has many great reviews, but we advise you to read the 5minskin reviews. This laser hair-removing technology claims that it not only reduces the growth of the hairs but also permanently removes them.

Women are using various methods to remove unattended hair from their parts. They visit the salon for the waxing; they use an epilator, a razor, and whatnot. Women have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get smooth, hairless skin. But not all gadgets are upright, and not all means are as godly as others. It would help if you were careful when buying anything to remove hair. Also Read: Bleame Reviews

In this article, we have covered each aspect of this tool. We will discuss the differences in speciation, features, and what makes it best among the others. So have you read or heard what users are saying about it?

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Which laser hair removal machine is the best?

The Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices, According To Experts

  • The best Laser Hair Removal Device is the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5.
  • The best Laser Hair Removal Device For The Bikini Area is the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x.
  • Cooling Laser Hair Removal Device is the Jobs Venus Pro.

Do hair removal devices work?

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Here comes the main query. Does the hair removal tool work? The hair removal tools work by destroying the hair follicle of the skin. But your hair grows in cycles, and the tools or lasers damage follicles in their active cycle of hair growth. Hen, it takes various treatments, about one month apart, to prevent hair from regrowing. For a few users, laser hair removal means there is a temporary solution. Read More: Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Reviews

About 5minskin reviews

5minskin Reviews1

5minskin laser hair removal is a USA-based name. Since its founding, this firm has been the client favorite; why is that so? It is because of the glide mode and flexible level, that a whole laser removal session is finished in just minutes. For each user, it took around 8 rounds of once-weekly to utilize to block the growth of unwanted hairs.

What are the features of these tools?

The following are the top features of 5minskin laser hair removal:

  1. Permanent Hair Removal.
  2. Use it Once Per Week.
  3. It is Convenient
  4. It is best for everyone
  5. You can use it on any part of the body.
  6. It saves money
  7. It is Safe and Painless: 
  8. Fast and Easy: One can treat any body area in min because it is easy to use.

What makes it the best?

  • It is eco-friendly and skin-friendly.
  • It is mobile.
  • This is small and compact and never takes up space in suitcases and bags while traveling.
  • It shows a painless removal experience.
  • It is a great gift item for the BFF.

FAQs at 5minskin

5minskin Reviews legit or scam

When will you notice the difference? 

You can see the difference after a few uses. There is a visible reduction, and after fewer than 12 usages, there are full results.

How many times do you need to use it?

  • Every week, for about five min, is the best for a full-body laser hair removal method.

Is 5minskin safe to use?

 Anybody can safely operate the full 5minSkin tool. Would Like: Hisilky Reviews

Does it work on all body parts?

Yes, you can use it on the following:

  • The upper lip
  • Chin
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Bikini area.

On which skin tones and hair types does work works?

Works for all hairs and skin tones.

Does 5minskin require refills?

No, it does not require any.

Does it safe to use?

With long-lasting and smooth results, 5MinSkin’s clinical-grade tool is secure for at-home laser removal. When treating skin near your eyes, they suggest users apply for eye protection.

5minskin Reviews: What are users saying?

There are some great reviews on the official website.

“Easily my best purchase of the year. It was painless. My skin has never been this smooth.”

Alyssa H.   Verified Buyer

Cynthia Says:

“I began to see results after three uses, and ever since then, I’ve been spreading the word. This product has more than beyond my expectations, and I am delighted with my purchase.

Katie Says:

“Despite not knowing what to anticipate, I was delighted because of all the positive reviews. I don’t want to go to a spa or a plastic surgery center because I don’t have the time or the money to do so. The ingrown hairs were a pain, but using an epilator was better than shaving or waxing. I’ve only used it three times so far, but I’ve noticed some growth in my armpits and bikini area and no growth on my legs. I’m interested to see when the growth will stop and how long it will take. As of now, I would definitely recommend it.”



  • Fast results
  • It is safe on the skin
  • It prevents ingrown
  • 100 percent painless
  • simple to use
  • There is No skin irritation


  • Too expensive
  • No real buyer reviews

The Final Verdict

So far, we have gotten 5minskin hair removal feedback to help readers find a good at-home laser removal to remove unwanted hairs from the body. This tool seems reliable and legit. Therefore, we suggest you at negligibly give it a shot. It can be a life-changing means and surely allows users to save thousands of bucks in the future.

11 Reviews

  1. This thing doesn’t work. 2 of us in the house, both used it for the full 30 days & no changes at all. Returned it, received confirmation of delivery, 3 weeks later still no money. Can’t talk to anyone only email who said “We sent a request to process your refund to the relevant team.” But still nothing 2 weeks later.

  2. SCAM!!! REVIEW OF COMPANY. I’m unable to review the product because I NEVER RECEIVED IT. Customer service told me it wasn’t their fault and to “file a claim” with the carrier. They did not even attempt to work things out with me and they didn’t insure it so there is no claim to be filed. I would NEVER purchase anything from this company again!

  3. Don’t get started on them! I’ve had no results at all and the company isn’t any help. Can’t send my machine back either!

  4. My wife purchased this product recently, a little over a month ago, with all the same results as described by the complaints listed above. It took over a month to arrive and we received 2 units instead of one. Customer service only responds by email. I am reporting this company to the FTC and filing a Fraud claim with my CC company. I recall reading about a similar scam involving a CBD gummy company.

  5. It took over a month to receive mine. I wanted to cancel the order however it was too late. I was sent two and returned one. Now they are giving me a hard time of refunding me the returned product, which they received!! Its not worth the aggravation. Order from Amazon, at least the returns are easier.

  6. 5minskin is a scam. I tried to cancel the order within minutes of ordering and they did not respond. The website says you can cancel within 24 hrs. They only responded after I got PayPal involved in recouping the funds and still tried to negotiate providing product at reduced price even though I only ever wanted to cancel the purchase. They also fake sending the product by raising a label with the shipping company but never supplying the product to them. Absolute scam.

    1. 5minscam! They added an extra unit to my cart, charged me, let me cancel it then didn’t issue a refund. Not only this, but they wouldn’t let me cancel my original order because I missed the 24 hour cancellation by 7 minutes. They offered a 40% refund because “it is a really great product” that I have yet to receive. When I said no thanks, they said that they don’t allow cancelations. When they answer emails, they either answer claiming that the refund has been processed or play dumb like they don’t know what you are talking about. Started a fraud claim with my credit card company. Don’t buy this piece of crap from this fraudulent company

  7. I got the 5minskin. I just did my 3rd treatment. I have been doing it once a week. Between the 2nd and 3rd treatment my hair growth was patched and a lot slower. I did not need to shave until before the next treatment.

    1. I received mine within a week. I have Ben using it and it seems to be working. I am doing one area right now to test and in this area I don’t have to shave between treatments and I am seeing some areas where the hair is not growing at all. I am so glad I did not have the issues everyone else is reporting. I ordered mine from their website and like I said, I received it within a week.

  8. 5minskin is a scam. Product will never be received and there is no one for you to contact. Call the number before you order- it’s some robot recording and a real person will never answer, nor call you back.

  9. 5minskin is a SCAM. The website says it’s located it Missouri but it ships from China. The 24/7 phone number doesn’t work and when I miraculously got someone to email me back they did it was because of the weekend. Also, their return policy states you must keep the device for at least 70 days before returning but it must be unworn, unwashed… It’s a SCAM. And when you try to get a refund they wait until it’s been “shipped” and they negotiate a partial refund.

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