Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Reviews: Is It The Best Hair Removal Mousse?

Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Reviews

The Nutty Buzzy Hair removal Mousse is getting hyped day by day. Most of you are planning to buy this hair removal cream as it claims to offer painless and quick removal of unwanted hairs. It not only removes unwanted hair but also reduces hair growth. It also makes the body hair thin and less hard. Is it too good to be true? Let us find out via nutty buzzy hair removal reviews.

What is the most effective permanent hair removal?

There are many means by which you can remove hair. The Mutty Buzzy hair removal mouse is one of them. But here, we have picked the top means to eliminate unwanted hair. Don’t Miss: Hisilky Reviews

Electrolysis is one of the methods that permanently removes the hair from the hair follicle. Electrolysis involves passing an electrical current via the follicle, damaging the hair follicle and preventing the baby’s growth. But when you talk about the prices. It is highly costly. So

Nutty Buzzy Hair removal mousses claim to remove hair without breaking the bank. Let us find this out.

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About Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Cream

Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal is a USA-based hair removal mousse. It claims to offer smooth and hydrated skin after one uses it. It reduces the growth of hair and shrinks the pores.

This Gentle Beeswax Hair Removal Cream gives soft yet useful hair removal.  It also offers the following:

  • no allergies
  • It never leaves black spots and stubble!

What are the specifications of Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Cream or Mousse?

  • The net weight of the item is about 30ml/100ml
  • Shelf life is about 3 years
  • Always store it in a cool, dry place.

What are the features of Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Cream?

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Painlessly & Quickly

The gentle Beeswax Hair Removal cream offers perfectly hygienic and smooth hair removal. The best part is that it never causes any damage or burns to the skin.

It keeps the skin moisturized.

 Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal keeps a ratio between effectively removing unwanted hairs from the body and nurturing your skin with moisturizing and soothing elements. 

It reduces hair growth.

This Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Mouse delays hair regrowth and leaves the skin smooth and hair-free for weeks!

What are the benefits of Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal?

  1. It offers hair root peeling. The best part is that it happens without damaging the pores.
  2. It does not cause any black spots, redness, irritation, or inflammation
  3. It reduces the growth rate.
  4. This crema also shrinks the pores. 
  5. It also Controls the growth of thicker and harder hair
  6. It has a light fragrance

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Nutty Buzzy Hair Removal Reviews legit or scam

Is it best for all skin types?

Yes, this mousse is best for all skin types.

How many weeks does it offer smooth skin?

It keeps skin hair-free for up to 4 weeks.

How do you use it?

  • Step 1:  First, shake the cream bottle and press its nozzle.
  • Step 2: Aster Spays it evenly on the desired area and leaves it for 5-8 minutes.
  • In Step 3: After five min, removes the cream from one area and check if the hairs are falling out or not. If not, then shave the area. Why is that so? It is because the cream has already softened the hair’s roots. 
  • Note: Never leave the mouse on for twelve minutes or more

What are the ingredients in it?

  • Natural Beeswax:  It softens and & smooths skin. Hence making it supple. It also has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-properties. So it prevents inflammation and irritation.
  • Maltose + Olive Oil:  This oil  Nurtures skin with moisturizing maltose. The pore conditioning oil; Controls dryness, irritation, and itchiness.
  • Glycerin: It keeps the skin moisture, supple, soft, and hydrated.

What is the price?

  • The price of this hair removal mousse is USD 24.00
  • On  2pcs  it is 35% Off
  • 3pcs  it is 45% OFF
  • 5pcs it has the BEST DEAL of 50% OFF

Nutty buzzy hair removal reviews: What are users saying about the item?

Carol Griffith says, “The product works amazingly.”

The mousse doesn’t have a weird smell when spraying it on. For coarser hair, leave it on for about 7–10 minutes, removing the hair completely without any issue. This product is great, and you won’t regret getting it! Read More: 5minskin Reviews

Another user says, “The best.” I want to say that using a spray instead of a cream is much faster and easier to apply. I used it on my legs and my bikini line. I am impressed with how this worked. There is a smell to this, but it goes away easily. I didn’t have anything burning either, which is good. I used a washcloth to remove the hair, and that worked well. My skin feels so smooth for even longer than it would after shaving.



  • It consists of natural ingredients.
  • it reduces hair growth,
  • There is great feedback from the buyers.
  • It shrinks the pores.
  • It keeps the skin looking healthy.


  • There is no feedback about his cream on any other platform.
  • It is only available on its website.

Is it the best cream?

There is great feedback from the buyers on their official website, but there are no reviews about this mousse on any other platform. On eBay, you can find many hair-removing mousses at much lower prices and offer the same great results. So as per the cost, this cream is a little costly

4 Reviews

  1. This product does not work and their customer service is terrible. It didn’t remove a single hair and smelled absolutely terrible. After contacting their customer service to say I was dissatisfied with their product they said that their “satisfaction guarantee” only applies to the shipping meaning that it arrived undamaged and no guarantee that the product will actually work. If you leave a negative review on their website they don’t publish it and cleary have no faith in their own profuct. Worst purchase I have made.

  2. I bought the five pack deal and what I received wasn’t what they advertised. There’s nothing on the bottle or listed in the ingredients that says it has beeswax in it. It also didn’t remove my hair or soften the hair. It does smell gross. The company absolutely refuses to refund me saying “the product is what I ordered and will work”… and they also wont put my review on their website so that others can be warned. I’m so super unimpressed. More people need to know.

    1. I disputed with PayPal as soon as I opened the package and saw the ingredients were not even close to what was advertised. PayPal wanted me to return the product and I said that it would be very expensive for me to send it back to China (it took about a month for it to arrive to me from there). PayPal gave me my money back (by way of a PayPal credit) and told me to keep it. So this rip-off company got to keep their money which pissed me off. But at least I didn’t lose mine. I suggest you file dispute with whatever payment method you used.

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