60uP Balance Board – Reconnect Your Body & Improve Stability?

60up balance board

Getting older doesn’t mean getting dependent on those around you for every mundane task. For the elderly, even small tasks such as getting in and out of the car, putting on clothes or even taking stairs become difficult because as we age, our center of balance weakens gradually.

But hey, it doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to live your life locked up in the house and asking others for favors.

Do you want to know what you need to be active and running again? A 60Up balance board that will restore your balance and strengthens your core so that you can enjoy an independent lifestyle.

According to research, the use of a balance board offers multiple benefits for elderlies who have hard time maintain their balance.

Using a balance board three times a week for 10 minutes can improve balance and decrease the falling ratio in elderlies.

Let’s see what a balance board is, and how does it work?

What is A Balance Board And How It Works?

A balance board is a board that is specially formulated to help improve the balance. The setup is identical to the seesaw principal. Before stepping on the board, you should balance yourself so that then end of the board doesn’t meet the ground. There are a number of exercises to improve your balance via a balance board. You should take it slowly at the beginning and move towards advance level gradually. But one thing is for sure; you will see a visible improvement in your posture, overall balance, reaction time, and consequently in the quality of your life.

60uP Balance Board- A Perfect Board for a Healthy Life

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Balance boards are not a new thing, and many athletes, skaters, golfers have been using them for a long time. However, 60uP™ is a balance board specially designed for elderlies and according to their age-specific problems.

You see, the market is saturated with every type of balance and wobble boards.

The biggest mistake you can make is just buying a balance board without first determining its purpose. And the outcome can be drastic.

With 60uP balance board, you have the guarantee of high quality and safest balance board that is 100% suitable for the aged population.

Let’s check out some excellent features of 60uP® balance board and why it is deemed one of the best old balance board in the market by the experts.

60uP® wants to help!

What are the Features?

60UP balance board is easy to use and portable. You can use it literally anywhere. The height is 4 inches from the ground, so you don’t have to struggle while stepping upon it. You can easily store it under the bed or really anywhere.

The setup process is pretty simple, and you will be able to use it within minutes by the help of a quick guide that comes along with it. You can also watch this video online to get the hang of it.

The workout surface on the board is non-slip, which gives a sense of safety that is more important, especially in the case of senior citizens.

According to the research, one out of 4 elder fell in 2014. More than 7 million falls required treatment. These are some startling stats that tell us how important it is to prevent the fall in elderlies.

60uP balance board is your knight in shining armor. By using this, not only your overall balance will be improved, but you will also strengthen your leg and arm muscles and regain your lost mobility that is worth everything.

As the balance board is designed for the elderly, so their safety is of utmost concern. Two separate poles are installed to give you extra security and to engage the upper body muscles. All the lower body muscles are strengthened and tones while doing balancing exercises. This board also boost up the mind performance as the mind and body functions as one whole, thus improving the equilibrium.

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Some 60uP Balance Board Safety Tips

  1. 1.

    Your safety always comes first. It is recommended to have a partner stand nearby when you step on the board. In case of any accident, you will have immediate help, and apart from that, the encouragement from your partner can also boost up your spirits.

  2. 2.

    Always place the board on a non-slip mat or somewhere non-slippery. This will provide extra-cushioning in case of an accident. Wear non-slip shoes with good grip to add more stability to your posture.

  3. 3.

    Start with a light warm-up. Do not get into the action too fast. Engage your core muscle to get balanced on the board so that your posture is in a natural position. Only then you will get the real benefit out of the board.



  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Also helps people with fall, accidents, stroke, or other ailments that restrict the movements
  • Spare a few minutes a day and see the amazing results
  • Improve overall balance, prevent fall, brushes up reaction speed, increase blood flow, and strengthen your heart
  • Free shipping


  • Maintaining balance on the board can be tricky and require practice

What is the ideal age for 60uP Balance board program?

This balance board is developed for people in their 60s and above. But that doesn’t mean those under 60 can’t use it at all. It is for everyone who wants to work on the quality of life before they experience the problems that can hinder their active lifestyle. Most athletes, golfers, gym experts, runners are already using balance boards to accelerate in their field.

60uP Balance Board Cost

  • Price: $279.95 $349.95 One time cost
  • Physical Therapy: $30 – $150 per session
  • Personal Trainer: $75 – $150 per session
  • Gym Membership: $25 – $150 per month
60up Price list compare

Wrap up

Balance is essential in everything in life. More so, when it comes to your body. Surprise your buddies and family by walking in an upright posture and doing things no elderlies can think even think of. 60UP balance program can do wonders for enhancing the standard of your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we know there is much more we missed here, so please here is the link for official F.A.Q. &Official Website.

142 Reviews

  1. Am ordering one for my 87 year old mom that is using a cane. Wish my stepdad had used one so he hadn’t been using a walker & wheelchair. When she’s done using it I’ll help friends get started on it. Someday my wife & I’ll probably need it. Helping posture, core muscles, ballance, reflex time & other muscles. This will help keep one out of the hospital. Sounds like a good investment.

  2. I am just shocked at how so many of these comments are so ugly! Many have suggested going in on it with friends, doing something to make a little extra. What about asking your kids to pitch in for holiday or birthday present? Some of you are displaying just shameful and rude behavior!
    Mr. Dan is very patient with you! I would be telling you to go take a hike. It looks like he has a good product and the fact that he is taking your abuse pretty well in explaining everything has me sold. I am getting worried about my balance so this will be a good choice for me I hope. Some of you people need to chill out.

  3. I received my as a gift and so far I have no complaints other than how does one get it balanced?? I presume it is practice practice But I also so the cost it was for me to receive this board and not even a mat included I am not sure where it was purchase at but I do believe it would of been nice to included the mat Thank You for letting vent about this issue

  4. I have not decided to purchase the 60Up yet, as I am trying to convince my wife it would be a wise purchase. I am a 66 yo retired Soldier with two knee replacements, 2 stents in my chest and some type of neuropathy that has affected my balance and feeling in my lower legs and feet. My wife is 63, has high blood pressure, asthma, and we both have core and balance and lower back issues. We are on a fixed income and I still work at a big box store 2 days a week.
    All the belly-aching about the price being too steep is endemic in the US today and further evidence that most people have no clue of the difficulties and expenses involved in R&D, start up and production of any new product or idea. They want something for free. They want someone to take care of them and make decisions for them. If you point this out, then you are insensitive, uncaring and not “Woke“. I hav Me read the “Reviews and Complaints” section, and am impressed with your patience, and considerant attitude and responses to the accusatory and demeaning remarks which some level at you. Good on you, Mr Metcalf. I hope to be purchasing your product soon.

  5. Thank you Jannie,
    Both for the question and for the service you give to others to help their lives. I am happy to discuss the 60uP with you and the real results and benefits since I created it. DM@60uP.com

    Keep up the great work.


  6. Would like to order the 60 Plus – How much is it total cost? Thanks, Renee Bartholomew

  7. My name is Susan Sariti, I am 75 years old. I live in Topanga California. I have been using the 60 plus trainer for almost a year. I find it to be the best equipment I have in my house. It was hard at first to try to balance myself on it, but after a month I got pretty good on it. It is safe, strong, comfortable on my feet and best of all it is so easy to assemble it together with out any tools, because all the parts slip right into the machine. It has helped me with the fear I had of standing on an object that moves under me:). I can now balance my body, its helps my back and most of all it is good for my Blood pressure. I love this machine, I can actually balance my whole body with the ropes that come with it. I can do so many different exercises on the machine that I do at my own gym. I highly recommend this amazing machine to every one not just people over 60, but at any age. You will love it and get great benefits from this wonderful machine. Thank you 60 Plus from a woman that loves your machine. Susan Sariti

    1. Thank you Jannie,
      Both for the question and for the service you give to others to help their lives. I am happy to discuss the 60uP with you and the real results and benefits since I created it. DM@60uP.com

      Keep up the great work.


    2. Thank you Susan, I truly appreciate your sharing your success. I often bike up Topanga Canyon and love that area.
      Have a beautiful week and stay safe.

  8. I am a retired Physical Therapist, age 63, and I purchased the 60up Balance Board due to seeing a recent decline in balance. I was very disappointed with the quality of the board right from the start, but I did not attempt to return it then. After a few uses, the handle broke with normal use. This is a severe safety hazard as many seniors might have fallen if the handle broke during use. I did not have time right away to call, but I was sure they would refund the money since it broke within a short time (less than 60 days) after purchase. However, they said they would not give me a refund because I had waited to long to call, and it had been more than 60 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but they were not available and they did not return the call. The refund policy should not apply to damaged equipment. Also, I see from other reviews that the refund policy should be 100 days rather than 60. Reviewing the reviews, I am totally SHOCKED with the number of 5 star reviews. I am giving it a 1/5 stars. It would be 0 if I could leave that as a review. Based on the quality of the equipment, I think the 5 star reviews are fabricated.

    1. Dear Sharon,

      I am sorry for your poor experience. I agree some of the early 60uP had poles break. That is when we changed from Chinese poles and brought manufacturing to the US. The actual board was always made here in Long Beach. The poles are now made in California – Whittier – and the poles since the change have been great. We have upgraded everything since those early days and although so many had great success early on we are sorry for your personal experience. Please reach out to me personally and I will see how I can help. I appreciate your work over the years and respect to you.
      Dan – DM@60uP.com

  9. Hi
    I bought the 60up amonth ago from the shopping channel. The high resistance bands .You mention they are red . Mine are green is there a difference.

  10. I’m 44 with diagnoised Cerebral Palsy, walked with a limp my whole life, and have severe balance problems. However I was told recently I was misdiagnosed with what I believe to have muscular atrophy. When I was a kid, it took me all summer to be able to stand on a pair of skates before they had to be put away for our long northeast winters, then it was gone again the next summer. I want to use my Covid-19 stimulus check to improve, starting with a stepper like that I used in physical therapy, an inversion table, and also add something to improve my balance as well. Whether it’s CP or muscular atrophy, can you document benefits to those in my situation?

    1. Dear Michael,
      Thank you for the message. We actually have a study on-going with the Orange Grove Center in Chattanooga – focus on Autism, Cerebral Palsy and other neurological issues. We have had success and I am happy to connect you to Doctors there to share their experience.
      Or reach out to me directly. My lovely Uncle Joel has Cerebral Palsy and i lived my young life with him sharing laughter and kindness and really appreciate the challenge you are taking on.
      Hope to hear back
      Dan –

      1. I have a MS I find my balance is getting worse, I am 67, so age does not help. Have you seen much success for MS patients?

    1. If you want to try the 60uP get the metal poles upgrade and the 50inch poles – custom built for those tall people over 6’2″. The 60uP can comfortably handle 500 pounds so you are a lightweight !!!! (never been called that before have you – and I wouldn’t to your face!!)

      NO impact movement with muscle strengthening and specific exercises (see on YouTube – 60uP – over 250 exercises and more coming) Let me know if I can help further


  11. It really is too bad that the manufacturer doesn’t see that the product would sell extremely well to the population that could and would use it at a more affordable price. There would still be the necessary profit for them while our generation would benefit. I wonder how well it is selling to those seniors who can afford it unconditionally. Oh well.

  12. If this devise was half it’s current price I suspect sales would more than double. If one reviews all the above comments its clear the people that need this devise feel they can not afford it. So to those that control the price get smart before someone else puts a similar product on the market and you miss your window of opportunity.

    1. And the way the market works – when people aren’t buying this product, the manufacturer will start the usual sales gimmicks (“But wait – don’t order yet – there’s more……..” ) then they will actually start lowering the price – ten dollars at a time – then we will start to see them for sale in the Dollar Generals – when the company realizes their ship is sinking they know they need to act fast and sell as many of them as they can – before they have to start talking losses.
      Bottom line – like anything else being sold on the market – DO NOT BUY this right now – and if everyone does that – then it forces the company to drop the price so that they CAN sell them.
      Sad too – because the product does appear that it could be a great mobility strengthening aid. And the product by design and function does target the elderly consumers – who most are on very tight budgets and simply cannot afford the 289 dollars – whether it would help them or not – they can’t even afford to buy to try.
      But just like when walk in to those elderly /handicap stores that sell wheelchairs and stuff – the prices are very much overpriced – because companies know that people HAVE to have them – so they know they can (usually) overcharge for that reason alone. It’s like tampons. A tube of cotton with a cotton string. And the cardboard they are boxed in. Yet they will charge 5 dollars or more – for a box of cotton. Why? Because they know women HAVE to have them. Same thing with roses on Valentine’s Day. The cost for all other months besides February are around 20 dollars or less for a dozen – but when February rolls around – the rose price goes up to 40, 50, 60 and even higher – a dozen.
      The people really do have the power over the purse – if they would just start realizing it – and acting on that fact.

  13. I was taken aback when I found out what the price was, just like so many others. My husband and I are on a tight fixed income – Do you know any one else in the same situation? Yes, seniors are struggling and very few have $300.00 in their pocket that doesn’t have an already designated purpose. But, inventors are entitled to their own propriety ideas and monetary needs. If my husband and I plan and save we can purchase one in about 4 or 5 years. I think we will still be able to take advantage of the 60up promises. We have other responsibilities that makes it necessary to wait the 4 – 5 years. I am disappointed that we must wait that long but I have a positive disposition and wish I did have $300 to purchase a 60up. I’m all for a huge sale period or perhaps the inventors could figure out how to lower the price somehow, but until that happens the sugar bowl has a dual purpose, sugar and egg money:}

    1. Dear Kristen,
      Please reach out to customerservice @60uP.com
      Ask for Dan and what offers we have going right now for those unable to purchase the bard. Thank you

  14. My husband is unable to manage your board because of Parkinson. I am trying to return because it says if not 100% satisfied you will refund money and my paperwork says within 100 days of delivery.
    WELL GUESS WHAT called for RMA # and young lady says it is a mistake and it is suppose to be 60 days and we are 2 days over 60 days.
    100% Satisfied????
    I am very disappointed and will post everywhere I can that they do not stand behind product.

    1. Hi Connie,
      I called you personally and spoke on the phone – you were driving and asked me to call you back on Monday. I called back on Monday, with Bob Eubanks, to address your issue. I have tried three times to call you back. We always honor our promises and spoke to our customer service team. If you were unable to send please reach out again. The promise is 60 days but there were some mis-printed sent out documents that had 100 days on. We will honor that promise for you. The lady you spoke to was unaware, as I was, that that was offered now – but again, we have tried everything to make this right for you. We also like to know what was unable to be corrected for you and happy to personally reach out and guide our customer family with personal workouts for their specific issues and goals. We are such a caring company and I am proud of the way we are changing lives. Thank you for your feedback – it helps us become fully aware of issues and make us a better company and service to as many as we can help.
      Best wishes
      Dan – President / Creator – 60uP

  15. I agree totally with the last review. Wait until the company goes belly up,then buy one at a proper price.

    1. Awaiting review? What the hell, can’t even make a comment? You just made sure I’ll never buy one.

      1. Not sure what you mean Kenny – awaiting review? 60uP does not control this site and every response including mine is up for review. Those who have used it see the effects of success and change – those who bash it wont and that is fine as we are not right for everyone. Positive mind is first in ANY area of success – in any walk of life. If you don’t believe then it probably wont work as well as it can.
        We always try to cut price but we are certainly not going belly up and the patented board and program will be here due to the results we are achieving. Always improving and just fyi – this is not plastic and it is made in America. Strong enough to drive a truck over and not break.
        stay safe and well.

  16. Meaning to be constructive, it appears the overwhelming complaint is the price. Taking in consideration for design, development, testing, producing and advertising, the price still seams unwarranted. Why not try the “volume” approach? Cut the price and sell more units. That’s what 60up will be doing anyway when having to liquidate stock after going belly-up from overvaluing their product. Why not take the attitude, ” a 60up in the home of every senior that could benefit from one” ………..at a price they can afford.

    1. Happy to discuss. What is the costs you believe for each department and manufacturing? What is the material the board is made out of and how much weight can it take? If we start there with where it is made we can begin to understand quality and strength over misconceptions and lack of knowledge. Respectfully of course.

  17. What a bunch of cry babies. Most of you complainers make me sick and are what is wrong with America. Give me something for nothing. Bla,Bla,Bla. I’m sure I didn’t serve with any of you in Vietnam. Don’t think I would have made it home.

    1. Thank you for your service Albert. America would not be the country it was without men, and women, like you! Cheering you on!

    2. Could not agree more. You cannot have it both ways. Cheap price, but American made quality. Your health should be your priority.

  18. PhysioRoom New Wobble Board m – Exercise, Fitness, Rehabilitation, Workout, Balance Board, Posture Trainer, Strength Training, Adjustable, Strengthen Core Muscle, Stability – BBAD-13

  19. I can afford one, but I do think it is a high price and do not make enough to help all those on a fixed income. Helping seniors with the cost would be such a wonderful charity to start for a millionaire like Bob Eubanks or another aging celebrity that truly wants to pass on a better quality of life.

  20. I really think almost $300 is outrageous for this machine. Who gets all the money? Is it patented? Too many fingers in the pie. It’s really a shame because it does look very helpful. Hopefully they’ll have compassion for old seniors and lower the price to about $99. I’m sure they’ll still make a nice profit! There’s nothing motorized or electronic. Have mercy!

    1. Thank you for your service Albert. America would not be the country it was without men, and women, like you! Cheering you on!

    2. Dear Diane – yes the balance board and even more importantly the program that is changing lives is patented. The board is super strong and the board is beyond safe. It is hard for others to understand the full cost. If we could sell it for $99 we would. However, some people will buy cheap / and get cheap level results. That is better for them. There is no price for health and i can proudly state the balance board changed my own mothers life. That is priceless – or i could have bought her a more Comfortable sofa for cheap and had life pass her by. We have not cut corners to alter success. The reviews of real users who had the desire to get and actually use the board are enough to know the quality far exceeds the cost. Have a beautiful day.


        1. This is a review just in from May – unedited and we have email to prove. Do not know this Gentleman. Mr Stilwell. I think this answers your question – and added years to his life.

          “Your 60UP balance board has, just as Bob says, is making a major difference in my life. I just turned 90 in March and I have been working on the board for about six weeks now. Were it not for a move from Texas to Seattle since I bought it I would have more time on it. As is usual with age, my balance had almost completely gone, I walked mostly by hanging on to things inside my home and outside with an UpWalker, which by the way is a wonderful piece of equipment. I was falling frequently and having difficulty getting up. So as a result I was sitting most of the time and getting little exercise other than hand to mouth. I had bought the UpWalker because I knew that I needed to get some exercise and started walking outside which was fine but it didn’t help my balance.

          I saw your ad on the internet and I decided that the 60UP might help me. I was totally frustrated when I first started on it and was about to give it up before I moved. After the move, I have been on it for about three weeks and it started to click and now I use it every day. I was coming out of the shower last week and started a forward fall to the left. and amazingly my left leg and foot immedically came out and stopped the fall.

          I am now working on the intermediate workout and enjoying it every time I get on the board. It is really amazing how much my balance has improved and how well I walk now. I want to thank you for making my life safer and better and I probably will get a few more years by using the 60UP board.”

    3. Hi Diane, yes it is patented and the unit is made in America, is not plastic and is built for quality to ensure safety. NO product is as cheap as the end user feels as there is so much that goes into it. We will drop the price when we can, if we can. Always caring as you will see if you reach out. Wishing you the best.

  21. I agree with the cost being WAY TO HIGH! After watching two YouTube videos on the 60up balance I thought let’s go see what the price is hoping I wouldn’t fall off my sofa when I found out but I almost did. I agree the people that need it probably 75% or more can’t afford it. I believe in free enterprise and all but if their target consumer is 60 + a lot of those people are living off Social Security and $280.00 needs to go for food and shelter. I would love to own one and I would love for my 82 year old mother who has fallen and has bad balance to own one, however at this price I’m pretty sure we’ll never own one. It’s sad that soooo many things that are good for us we can’t afford. And something like this could do more then just being good it could be LIFE CHANGING! Bob Eubanks know all about that because he can play golf again and walk his beloved dog again. That is AMAZING and AWESOME! I just wish sometime it didn’t ALL COME DOWN TO HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE BEING WHAT KEEPS ME FROM TAKING GOOD CARE OF MYSELF! Thanks for listening!👍👌💜

      1. really ashamed of so many complainers about the price! dan metcalfe, you are an amazing patient gentleman! i am a widow and a senior! save a dollar a day for a month and you can purchase this great invention! give me a break all you naysayers! i have seen seniors at the gas station by my home dump $200 a month for lottery tickets and scratchoffs! there is no one living in this great nation of ours who cannot save for something they want to have! enough already! so many seniors still smoke and spend over $10 a pack for cigarettes! God bless the inventor and bob eubanks! please know that i will save up my $$ and purchase this board as soon as i can! this country was not formed by pussies! you want something, you work for it, you sacrifice for it! thank you for making such a great product! the rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves for complaining about the price!!!

        1. Dear Fran, your attitude is what made America the destination that some many people want to be a part of. I agree with you, not because of you kind words, but America offers opportunities to be all you can be. So many give up on life way too early. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? You sound like a strong 20 year old!!! Thank you again and so appreciate YOU.

    1. Hi Patrick
      We just launched on TSC and can be found on their website too. The Shopping Channel. Let us know if you can’t find it.

    2. HI Patrick, you can visit The Shopping Channel website – they carry our product in Canada. I will be on the show on March 12th 2020 if you would like to watch the demonstrations there.
      Thank you and wishing you success in all your years ahead.

  22. I am a retired doctor of chiropractic with multiple issues which affect my balance. I have post-cerebellar concussion syndrome which causes me to fall to the right. I also have a degenerated right hip and took a terrible fall about 15 months ago which kept me inactive. As a result, I lost a lot of strength. Now that I have recovered (more or less) from my fall, I need to address both my balance and my leg strength. I have been using the 60uP for about 3 weeks on an almost daily basis. I only have performed the warm up protocol. Started with 2 reps and have worked up to 5. Seems wimpy, doesn’t it? However, even at that limited level, I have noticed a MAJOR improvement in both balance and strength. I have already recommended it to some of my former clients and an anxious to proceed to more challenging movements.

    I totally disagree with all the trolls about the cost of the device. Just how much is your quality of life worth? I’ve tried other balancing systems. I was never able to use them. This product is well designed and very safe. I highly recommend it. Dr. Richards

    1. I’m still a practicing podiatrist at 68.
      I’m with you 100%.
      I’ve gotten thru the wimpy stuff and just started the intermediate level. It will come for you too.
      Nice to read comments from normal people.


      Dr. Schwartz

      1. I have seen my wife fall several times lucky she didn’t get hurt the last time she almost hit her head on the counter could have killed her im getting her one for her birth day its cheaper then putting her in the ground tell the people that say they love you to pool their money and get you one

  23. Try tai chi balance style and save the money. Style involves standing with legs shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Put all weight as much as possible on one leg, and shift weight to other leg during a fast silent count to 64. Then reverse. Do it twice a day. Your brain will rebalance you in only 2-3 days. This product is good,though, if you can afford it.

  24. To all of the reviewers who feel that this item is not affordable for them, here are a few suggestion:

    Start a “Go Fund Me” account
    Get together with a few of your friends who may be interested and pool your resources.
    Ask your local Senior Center to either purchase one outright or collect donations to purchase one..

    Hope this is helpful.

    1. I recommended the same approach.
      Some people insist on being victims.
      They’ll find any excuse for not succeeding.
      It’s a free market economy. You vote with your wallet. I voted yes for 60Up. I trust Bob Eubank.

    1. President TRUMP will be RE-elected hands down. Sorry you feel that way…maybe move to a socialist country with Bernie…we were not made to be a socialist country and we never will be one..you have a lot of bodies will tell you that.
      You think Bernie’s gonna fork over any money for you you have another thing coming.
      If Biden gets the spot…he will be controlled by evil underlings..just the same as Mueller was…I’m pretty damn sure he didn’t spend a second on it, much less read it when it was finished.

    2. I know you must be joking but how is this relevant? also, what is the meaning of relicted?

  25. Not one review from a customer. I’m leary. I know it would be good for many. Probably me also. I see you have a black Friday offer. Still to much for me to risk.

    1. We have so many reviews – visit 60uP.com and every review is real user / unpaid and exactly as stated from reviews.

  26. Absolutely too much money for people on a tight budget, especially for the minimal benefit it provides. We’re sending it back!

  27. Can not find any site to buy this product from. Most reviews point to Amazon but Amazon does no carry this product. Enter their site and you get reviews but not their site. Maybe they should hire some high school kid to help them out.

  28. that is insane right there. you try to help seniors ? taking advantage of their mental incapacity are we? I have an elderly mother that has osteo arthritis and likely could not even step up on it. balance issues are typically a secondary health problem due to another Medical condition. so unless that’s treated first this is useless. but don’t worry you will get wealthy from this because they will buy with high hopes. 280.00 dollars! get real

    1. So what are you complaining her for, don’t buy it. Just because your mother won’t benefit from it doesn’t mean it won’t help someone else tremendously. That’s selfish. I might should a bit cruel but you know you just wanted to vent.

    2. Dear Freddy,

      I am sorry to hear about your mother. Many balance issues are affected my other situations but balance is not just a physician issue. In fact balance has very little to do with the body alone. Balance is a Brain connection governance that can supersede physical restrictions. I am happy to explain more but our results are real, true and user reviewed instead of opinions without experience. There will always be naysayers who think negative and become abusive. But so many have experienced the change and proved priceless. I have never yet met anyone who has thought negative and found a breakthrough. All moves in changing problems come from problem solvers, not those attacking. Happy to discuss more.

    3. Freddy, true, balance issues are a factor many times from other issues. However, the imbalance corrected in the brain can also balance many others issues of health. The gut and the brain chemistry both enter in many factors of health including Balance

      Balance of the brain of children with or without focus problems was piloted in my daughter’s 1st grade MANY years ago All of the children in her class excelled. Using a balance board!

      I also agree the price for almost 90% of seniors is too high. It is a shame as even broken down in monthly payments is highly limited for seniors.
      Just maybe other payments could be worked out.

    1. Karen, Have to agree with you. When my husband priced this item I couldn’t believe that it was so expensive. Truth be known, I favored purchasing one of the exercise bikes that was on sale for only $129.99-regular $199.99. But my husband is determined to try this item. Hope things get better for you. Linda Ennis-levcic@verizon.net

  29. Sirs: I’ve been suffering with Peripheral Neuropathy for approximately 6 years. My legs are noticeably getting weaker and weaker as time goes by. My question is has any of your customers that have purchased the 60up board have had positive results in improving their balance in relation to suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy? I’d appreciate any feedback.
    Thank You,
    Bob W.

    1. I have PN too. I was really going down hill fast concerning my balance. Never felt safe at PT while walking holding on to the parallel bars or the wall bar. Never felt any improvement.
      No safe HEP.

      60Up almost from the get go makes a significant improvement of balance.
      I feel a lot steadier. However the muscle weakness of my legs, especially the quads will take longer to strengthen. I’m still walking at the pace of a tortoise. My knees are bad but tolerate the balance board workouts.

      The videos are free at the 60Up website.
      Watch it on my iPhone placed on a stand in front of the setup.

      Hope this helps.

  30. I have CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating poly neuropathy) and had it for many years. I am a patient at the VA and they have been fantastic in diagnosis in helping any way possible I have been am now using still acupuncture, anodyne therapy, and am starting to go back to physical therapy for a consul consultation on November 11. I saw your ad on TV and sends my principal problem is balance I wondered how effective this would be I would like your input and I will be contacting my PT and asking also thank you

    1. Does anyone know if this will keep you from falling if you lose your balance ? As long as you hold on to the arms
      This would probably help me, but I weigh 230 lbs Just wondering if it will tip over

  31. This is the very thing that I was looking for, however, even if several seniors would pitch in to purchase this, we could never be able to afford it! Shame on the advertising agency for pricing it out of reach for those less fortunate people who have spent their life saving on medical care and show us a beneficial product that we would love to have and total greed wins out!

  32. If they did a clinical trial to prove it improves balance and helps reduce falls, insurance might cover it. So I say push for some trials. In the meantime maybe they could provide some grants for low income or those on disability.

    1. Not one of your websites will give a price for your units. I suppose that is so they can get you on the phone with one of their trained telemarketers. so it will be harder for you to turn them away once you find they are grossly overpriced. Considering that these units costs no more than 5 to 10 dollars to manufacture, and taking into consideration that the most expensive balance board on the market aside from this one. Is a mere $49.00… I would say the units you’re selling are unduly expensive, and will not be affordable to the common man unless you rethink your marketing strategy. Remember. The common men and women of this world are the legs you stand on. Price your product beyond their reach, and YOU will be the one’s who fall.

      1. David. I am so surprised to read your comment. It is tough to read where facts are misstated but that seems to be common place not just on tv anymore. If we could manufacture the Board for 5-10 dollars with the impact and safety strength we have we would. So before i go on further please tell me what material the balance board is made out of so i can see where you are getting your facts? Where do we manufacture and where is it made? Then we can start to break down why you get your cheap boards that don’t help compared to the 60uP board where no testimonials are ever paid, all are real users and the results are all real. It all depends on what is valuable in life and what people really want or want to put down so avoiding finding out they are wrong. Cheering you on to best days and happy to hear your answers so we can then show you the truth.

        1. Apple sells very expensive phones. They also publish the cost of materials and their overall margins. They have no trouble selling theses phones because the product warrants the price. If you would publish the the cost of materials you would be out of business to less than a week. Plastic is Plastic. Mass produced plastic is still plastic and Big Wheels are plastic and they are probably more durable than your pseudo SENIOR SAVER . You should be ashamed.

  33. Your price is totally unreasonable!!!! You need to price it that most Seniors can afford it!

    1. Amazon has balance boards, but I can’t find this one, either. Couldn’t afford it if I did, so I guess it doesn’t really matter…

    2. That’s stupid for Amazon, I’m Amazon Prime, would have bought it there, but their faulty judgement isn’t going to keep me from getting one.

  34. What is wrong with you people…most seniors can’t afford this !
    Most Senior citizens are on a budget, barely able to pay for prescriptions etc…
    Wow , what a shame…..there is a lot of seniors that could benefit from this 60up balance board, but do to financially restrictions, won’t be able to afford to.

    1. That’s a shame, but that’s not going to keep me from getting one, had 2 knee replacements, and I don’t me to seem harsh but you can worry about the whole world everyday, but it’s time I worry about me and my health, so I’m getting one. Sorry if that offends anyone that can’t afford one.

      1. Sandra,
        I like your positive thinking. For those griping about the price, think about the reward. After all, there’s a money back guarantee. But, for those complainers, maybe it really boils down to the effort it would take.

      2. Sandra, My husband has had one knee replaced and the other is bone-on-bone but his orthopedic surgeon refuses to replace it until his balance improves. At Georgetown Hospital the spine surgeon refused to operate because he had so many things wrong with him. Now the Rescue Squad are trying to threaten him to stay at the hospital if he continues to fall. Our taxes pay for their equipment-so don’t pass out orders. Will the 60 and Up Balance Board improve his balance? Also does Medicare and / or Tricare for Life ( My husband is a veteran ) pay for it? Linda Ennis-levcic@verizon.net

      3. Sandra, did you end up buying it? I also have had both knees replaced and that is the main reason for the unbalance. Let me know if it was worth it.

    2. Thinking creatively, why not convince your senior center to buy one. Or maybe a group of seniors from the center can group purchase one. Then each signs up for the time of day you want to use it. All you need is 30 minutes or less. Using it 3 times a week is a start.

    1. Not at all my friend. This truly works and the results are priceless. As far as supporting seniors – that is our focus – feel free to reach out and ask more. I am happy to talk on the phone or have Bob Eubanks himself call you. But we are the most honest, caring company you will find about helping people.

      1. I have severe neuropathy and take 6000 mg of gabepentin per day. Would this board help me with balance and the disoriented feelings I have when I shower or bend over? Also, I’m living on a fixed income. Is there a way I could pay $20 a month?

        1. I also have neuropathy & take gabapentin. I was curious if you found out if it would help those like us.

      1. Sadly you are wrong my friend. It is amazing for controlled balance and skeletal strengthening with core integration. Happy to explain more.

    1. Bob Eubanks has vertigo. The great thing is the balance board can be used to strengthen balance and strength without head movement so limits the effects of vertigo compared to other exercises and equipment.

    1. Sounds good, but $280 for that is insane! #1 I cannot afford $280 for the balance board. #2 Any half intelligent person can see that the whole product itself has no where near the material in it to justify that
      kind of price. Same old, “let’s overpriced these older Americans, they
      don’t know the difference” MOST of us could not even begin to purchase your product, unlike Bob Eubanks!

      1. Then don’t buy it, who cares. Nobody said you have to purchase this item, it’s about living in the most wonderful country in the world that provides opportunities such as this for people to choose to buy it or not , part of being an American. I can’t afford a Rolls Royce, but I don’t complain or blame other people who can. What a ridiculous post…

        1. Perhaps if you needed that Rolls Royce to keep from becoming crippled. You might see things abit differently. Something tells me you are well off financially. Such statements are made by such people. Who have no sympathy for those not born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

          1. You are being a jerk David. He is talking about capitalism in the greatest country ever. Comparison might not be accurate but taking advantage of elderly is dead on. Becoming crippled! really! your comparison is horrible also. There are many exercises people can do to keep their balance if they just initiated a search instead of a fast cure. Silver Spoon! You sound like a very unhappy man who made bad choices throughout his life. Good luck with your self esteem.

        2. 60Up runs periodic specials. Seen it as low as $199. If you say the price exceeds your budget the call center will reduce the price by $30. I got a set up for $249. Still expensive. They also threw in a mat. A $20 value. It’s really helped my balance.
          Still need to work on my leg strength.
          A very positive experience. I’m hooked.

          Steve Schwartz
          Chambersburg PA

          1. Hoping that my husband will try it-he had three serious falls this week which required the Rescue Squad to get him on his feet. Scared the daylights out of me by falling while was asleep. Good luck and Happy Easter. Linda Ennis Clinton. Maryland

        3. amen ben…if you want something in the usa, you can work hard and save for it! it appears to be well made and serves a great purpose! the inventor and the manufacturer etc deserve to be paid and make a profit! so tired of people complaining about the cost of items as if only the rich can afford things! i live paycheck to paycheck like many seniors, but if i deprive myself of some luxuries for a time, i can put away enough to pay for it!! also, there are many job opportunities these days to work part time and make a little extra $$! if you want something, you just work for it! people spend more $$ on take out food and daily coffee habits! God bless the USA and the entrepreneurs who are the engine for our success!

        4. Love your attitude. People just don’t get it. If it works, it is priceless. I don’t know if it works, but I’m willing to give it a try. I have osteoperosis, if I fall, I break. So yes, it is worth taking the chance. And no, I do not have a silver spoon in my mouth either as the next person mentions.

        5. Right! Plus since we live in a market based economy lets just see if the price goes down. Theres excellent videos of Tai Chi on You tube. They teach beginning exercises which help balance do those in the meantime.

        1. I am a certified trainer for PD and balance is one of the major set backs of a person with PD. I have a studio with equipment to coach people with PD but so far have failed to find something for balance exercises. I have managed to put stuff together but safety is my big concern.I like the handles on your equipment but I am still not sure if your product is not another TV sales product.

          1. Hi Jannie,

            This was not created to sell. I created the 60uP for Bob Eubanks and after his success many started asking for me to train their parents. After so much continued results of success I was asked to launch the board. It did not come from a plan to sell. That came from results. The TV is the main way to get the word out – I wish i could have avoided the huge expenses to reach so many people and yes, there are many scams – but our results prove the truth. Follow the full program and the power of the body will emerge. Thank you for asking and please read our reviews on the website. No one is paid to say anything (on the TV commercial too) all real users and their words. We will never lie to make a sale. If we cant help we will not sell.
            Best wishes and thank you for your service to so many too.

      2. Amen to that. Let’s help the older Americans, by charging them 3 times what it’s worth. It may work well, but the person that needs it can’t. Afford it.

      3. The balance board is designed for safety and the material of the board is not only impressive, it is perhaps the strongest board on the market. It has a weight bearing of 300 pounds but has been tested with ford f150 and f250 trucks driving over it, and not even a break of any kind. The design is created for excellence and with the board being made in America the standard for safety is unmatched. As much as it may look “plastic” it is far from it. Tested, true and as strong as the Golden generation is is here to serve.

      4. Thank you Ben,
        The board material is unique and beyond what you would expect. It is not a plastic, rather a glass filled nylon to maintain strength and safety. The care put into the board, for safety and maximizing results is far from trying to take advantage of anyone. We value the senior generation and have had amazing results with so many of the Golden generation. Not everyone is out to take advantage but it is sad that that does happen. There are payment plans available to help as we know limited income can be an issue. Feel free to reach out to customerservice@60uP.com if you have further questions or thoughts. We are here to help whenever we can.

      5. Seems like a good items for balance problems but $280 is alittle for us older Americans
        add all the need for supervision it seems still to costly. Maybe insurance wil cover the

      6. I agree with you. I like to have fell over when I saw the price. Amazon has a wide variety of boards for a lot less.

        1. But I didn’t see one as safe as the 60up with the handle and support and the size of the platform, I’m getting the 60up for Christmas.

      7. Thank you for your review Ben. It is hard to give a real answer when not seeing the balance board and program. It took over 2 years to develop and is all made in the USA. The quality is awesome and the board can have a Ford F-250 truck driven over it and won’t break. Looks can be deceiving. Safety is everything. But it is not just the balance board. The patented design is overseen with a real proprioceptive program that is the main body of the board itself. A balance board alone will not achieve the results the program does. Every single review on the 60uP.com website is unpaid / real users and their own words. So with that said – is $279 so expensive to change lives as the balance board truly has – or is it more expensive to suffer the cost and pain not to mention the time of loss of living? For less than a dollar a day for less than a year it is yours for life. I think that is well worth the price, and more.

      8. Hi Ben
        Thank you for your comment. The material used is a manufactured composite compound that has an independent third party testing of over 2000 pounds. I can see where someone without knowing would think it is plastic. However, safety and being Made In America, is important for quality. We never take advantage of anyone – rather provide a quality that is made to work. We prefer to see what the cost of a board, or no board, that does not add quality to life, would be in terms of medical – but even more – quality of life. We have so many reviews – all unpaid – where the results are priceless. Cheering you on.

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