Power Fit Elite Reviews – Whole Body Vibration Exercise Platform at Home – Workout Enhancer for Fitness and Sculpting

power fit elite reviews

When it comes to exercising and keeping yourself fit, traditional workout machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes and cycles are not the only machines that can be effective.

Vibrating plates can be just as effective to cut down your body fat and can be bought within the same price range.

The Power Fit Elite is a great product in this category of workout equipment.

It is a vibration system that creates a workout routine for the entire body. Not only does this save you a good amount on gym memberships, it gets you the same results if done properly.

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Power Fit Elite Low Impact System Feature

power fit elite vibrating plates

The oscillating, vibrating workout plate is multi-directional and has a low impact system, which means it goes easy on your body.

Once you’re done with the exercise, you wouldn’t be gasping for breath.

The low intensity keeps the knees and ankles protected from any unfortunate incidents or injuries. It also doesn’t draw in too much power; a feature that allows you to keep using it for extended time periods.

Is It Portable and Convenient?

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power fit elite portability

The product has dimensions 21” x 13” x 4.5”. It is small, compact and easily portable.

It is lightweight and does not take a lot of space in your storage rooms, you can practically just keep it under your bed.

If you’re low on space and don’t have much for gym equipment, this is the best product you can invest in.

In case you’re looking to change your gym room or you’re looking to go on vacation, you will have no problem taking this with you wherever you intend to go.

Besides, the workout plate runs silently as well; you don’t have to worry about disturbing your roommates whenever you intend to burn some calories.

About Power Fit Elite Speeds and Power

The PowerFit Elite comes with a user-friendly, LCD computer screen and has as much as 99 speed levels you can choose from.

You can optimize your workout with your preferred settings and carry out three different standing positions; running, jogging and walking. Whether you’re looking to workout your arms, buttocks, legs or abs, this exercise machine can do it all.

Moreover, you can vary the power levels just by altering the way you choose to stand on the plate. The closer both your feet are, the lower the power it generates. The farther you keep your feet; the more intensity you will feel.

Does it Support Multi-Directional Exercising?

power fit elite multi directional exercising

With the latest vibrating technology, the plate engages all your muscles as soon as you step on.

It will tone your abs, lift your buttocks, tighten the legs; in short, it will transform you altogether from head to toe.

The resistance bands allow you to intensify your workout. If you think it’s getting too easy, you can use resistance bands and increase your cardio workout.

You can perform squats, yoga positions, push-ups, cross pulls, core benches all while having fun at the same time.

Power Fit Elite Power Bands and Remote Control

The product includes two power bands, both of which enhance the intensity of your workout experience at home.

You can attach each at the sides of the oscillating plate and hold onto them to create tension. This way, you get to work your arm muscles and tone your biceps.

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Furthermore, the remote control allows you to change and control speeds mid-workout so you don’t have to pause and disrupt your flow.

How Power Fit Elite Actually Works?

power fit elite function

The product is like a weighing scale, except for the fact that it vibrates.

Once you stand on it, the plate starts to vibrate intensively. This way, all muscles in your body feel a workout and your heart rate starts to increase. You get cardio done without having to visit the local gym.

The package also includes an exercise guide and a meal plan for you to stick to.

After all, if you’re eating burgers during the and working out in the evening, you won’t be feeling any difference no matter how much time you spend.

With a proper diet plan and a professional guide to using the machine, there is no way working out on this plate won’t pay you off in the long run.

Is it Scam or Legit?

Some believe shaking while standing in one place isn’t effective for weight loss and thus, the company is falsely advertising.

However, the product has been widely sold on Amazon and has received good feedback as well as reviews by most of its buyers. The intensity is said to be just perfect and the machine is very simple to use as well.

Is there Any Advantages or Just a Good Advertisement?

Better Blood Circulation

Everyone knows by now that exercising regularly keeps you fresh and healthy, mainly because of the enhanced blood circulation. With the vibrations of this intensity throughout your body, you’ll be feeling relaxed and fresh at the same time.

More Energy

Without even having to go to the gym near your house, you get exercise and boost your energy levels staying at home. The PowerFit Elite gets you sweating, raise your heart rate and gets you puffy as if you had actually spent an hour at the gym.

Calories Burning

Likewise, the multi-directional vibrating plate burns calories like any other machine you’d find in the gym. It burns off fat from your body and tones your waistline just like a treadmill or a recumbent bicycle would do.

Protects Your Joints

The main issue that comes with treadmills is that it takes a toll on your knees and ankles, possibly because of the intensity you place your feet with. With this product, you won’t be pressurizing your knees or ankles at all. All you need to do is keep a steady position; lunges, squats, running or walking, and let go of the worry about hurting your joints.


The PowerFit Elite saves you a ton of money in the long run. You get a gym-like workout without having to pay monthly memberships. Not only that but you also get a diet plan along with it so you don’t have to hire a private dietician to plan one for you.

Wow! Now is There Any Disadvantages?

Maximum Weight Too Low

The maximum weight this product can withstand is only 265 pounds. For people who generally go to gyms to lose weight, this may not be the right product.

Power Fit Elite Customer Reviews Analysis

The product is also available on Amazon and has been bought by several customers. Here’s what most of the people thought about the product:


  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • Small, compact and a stylish outlook
  • Gets the body sore, which is a positive result


  • Some believe shaking isn’t won’t be as effective as going to the gym

Power Fit Elite Price & Refund Policy

The product is priced at USD $234. This also includes a free trial offer worth $15. Moreover, it also includes a free deluxe upgraded set worth $80.

The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for customers who change their mind about the product.

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Final Verdict (in short)

Having a proper workout plan in the gym can consume a lot of time during the week, something which you can save with this vibrating plate.

If you’re looking to tone your body, build some muscles and not spent a lot of time, energy and money on it, the Power Fit Elite should be your top choice.

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  1. There have been MANY so called…vibrate your way to being a healthy body products thru the years. NONE of them were still on the market 1 yr after they started. This one is just another BS workout toy…..that does you nothing but drain your wallet of money. ANY so called positive review you may see on any site….I guarantee you….they were made up…or paid to write a good review. If you waste your money on this toy….its your loss.

  2. The info on power elite .com says no one over 220 this says up to 260 lbs which is it?

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