89Cash Reviews: Best Way To Find A Good Cash Advance Lender?

89 cash reviews

A cash advance charges all interest on the full amount upfront, whereas a loan charges interest on a smaller amount each month till the principal is paid off. It is easier to pay off a single interest on the full amount rather than paying each month. A cash advance is taken off based on your credit card with a high-interest rate on the full amount.

You can withdraw cash against your credit card limit, which is mostly used in emergencies. Taking a cash advance will not register separately on your card. Try to repay this cash advance in days or weeks rather than taking months. Let us discuss 89cash for your ease. 

 About 89Cash.com

89Cash.com is an online marketplace where you can send a loan request. This is a short-term loan request free of charge. They claim to understand your emergency and have designed a simple process for lending money to needy people.

You can access them to apply, especially in an emergency. They would provide you with a loan but with a higher interest rate than the loan amount.

How Does It Work?

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89cash legit or scam

The process of 89Cash.com is very simple. Lending partners are present in the company, making the process quite easier. They are willing to help you get cash. 89Cash.com is not a lending partner. Rather, they only send the loan request. Then they will help you connect with leading lenders around the world.

How to Choose the Right Loan for You?

When taking out a loan, you have plenty of choices—from credit cards and personal loans to tax-advantaged loans and mortgages. It depends on how you want to take the loan and return it. In case of trouble, you can take a cash advance loan. It depends on your credit card limit. If your credit card score is high, you can avail yourself of an advance on a low trust rate.

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed By Bad Loans?

Scammers often pretend to be from an organization. Usually, when you need money and have a low credit card score, this is the time when scammers take advantage of your desperation. They may offer advertisements through online sites. You need to use safe sites and take the physical address from the lender before availing of the cash advance.

Why Choose 89Cash.com? Are They Reputable?

89 cash legit or scam

These loans are arranged for those who instantly need cash, and you can survive until payday. The lender you connect with for payday attempts to arrange the easiest way for approval to ensure you get the money.

It seems to be a reputable organization for getting cash advances and usually charges high-interest rates on low credit card limits.

What Are Their Rates & Fees?

89Cash.com offers loans starting from $500 and up to over $5000. Their rates and fee charges may vary and depend on the lender. It also depends on the credit card limit and the amount of loan you’re taking from the company.

The steps are simple. You select a loan amount, a card limit, an email address, etc. In the end, it shows the rate and fees of the loan.

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89Cash Reviews: What Customers Are Saying?

The official website lacks any customer reviews, so I went through other sites to make sure that this is a legit site. The website has no review section from the clients. 

 TrustPilot lacks reviews. There was not even a single review. Thus, this raises doubt about the authenticity of the website.

We also checked YouTube to find out about the website. It seems to have a trust score of 95 out of 100. They say the website has a positive score and is generally safe to use. But they also advise you to do your research before using 89cash.com.



  • The application process to apply is easy.
  • You can connect with the lender, discuss the details, and get his information.
  • If your application is endorsed, you will get the funding within 1-2 days.
  • Even people with low credit scores can avail of loans.


  • It has a high-interest rate on your loan.
  • You have to pay back the advance payment loan within a short time.
  • There is no client review on any other site.

How to Apply?

You just have to follow the easy steps to apply for the loan.

  •  Visit the website
  • The front page shows an application form.
  •  Enter your loan amount and credit card details.
  •  Provide your email address and other personal information.
  •   They will inform you about the interest rate and charges.
  •   You can confirm the loan if the charges are suitable.
  • You will receive the payment from the lender within 1-2 working days.


We listed the above facts about 89Cash reviews. It seems to have a good trust score, and the website is well managed. It lacks client reviews on any site. However, YouTube tells us the website is positive and perhaps can be trusted. We will suggest that you do a little research on your own.