Air Whirl Crisper Lid: A Fast & Easy Way To Air Fry Your Favorite Foods

Are you tired of keeping different utensils for cooking various items? Is there a problem while cooking in an ordinary pan? Then, here we are with a better option. Many different things are being introduced on the market that makes your life easier. Similarly, you can find something for those old pans as well.

A product known as anAir whirl crisper lidhas been circulating on the internet for some time. Thus, we bring you air whirl crisper lid reviews to determine if it is working or just a scam.

About the Air Whirl Crisper Lid 

air whirl crisper reviews

This air fryer is similar to an ordinary cover with various benefits. The company kept in mind that many air fryers can be expensive, and not everyone can afford them. Following the fact that ordinary pans can make stoves dirty quickly, this lid was manufactured by the company. Most likely, it can cook food in a simple pan similar to one in a top air fryer. See Also: Bionic Blade Blender Reviews 

The advertiser is AirWhirl Crisper, responsible for launching this product in the market. Very few people are well-aware of such things. This is a game changer, making lives much easier. The company claims that it has a turbofan that rotates the air, making it cook quickly. 

Features of the Air Whirl Crisper

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Let us look at the amazing features of this air fryer pan.

  1. The lid is available in a standard size. However, it fits every pan very easily. You can get the lid for any pot or pan with a measurement of 8″–12.”
  2. It has a built-in thermometer. This will avoid burning your food by maintaining a standard temperature inside.
  3. It comes with a tray. This will help with proper air circulation across the pan. 
  4. It has a turbofan. This fan circulates hot air over the pan. 
  5. It is portable and cooks’ food perfectly. You can get crispy food without any burns. 

Specifications of the Air Whirl Crisper Lid

Here are the main specifications of the lid:

  • One-touch button 
  • Durable material
  • Steam vents
  • Bonus crisper tray
  • Temperature gauge

Is the Air Whirl Crisper Manual?

No, it does not work manually. Rather, it is a battery-operated lid. You need three AA batteries for the fan to work, which you’ll buy separately. Explore More: Luncheaze Reviews

What is the material used?

The air whirl crisper lid is a mixture of Stainless Steel and Tempered Glass. This is a very good combo and is good for cooking purposes. 

What is the Weight?

The weight is pretty perfect for placing it over the fan. It isn’t heavy enough to make the pan keep falling. It is only about 2.49lbs. Don’t Forget: Kobedsa Reviews

How does an air whirl crisper lid work?

air whirl crisper reviews 3

You need to follow the following simple steps. 

  • Place the rack in the pan.
  • Now, adjust your food over the rack.
  • Then, cover it with the lid and press the button.
  • Now enjoy crispy fried food.
  • The button turns it on. The air circulates within it to keep the temperature constant and cook it quickly.

What is the price?

The original price of the lid is $59.99. However, you’ll pay an additional $6.99 p&h. This is a good deal to get something similar to an air fryer.

Furthermore, they also have a good deal. 

Buy 1, Get 1 Offer is available. It means if you purchase another one, it’ll cost you only $29.99 without additional charges. 

Warranty of air whirl crisper lid

They are providing a good warranty time at this price. You can now use it without any tension for up to one year and claim for any issue. 

Customer Reviews: Are they Satisfied?

The official website has no reviews. We looked into Trust Pilot and site jabber but in vain. There were no reviews on any other websites. It may be because it’s recently launched. Furthermore, not many people are aware of it. There are no social media pages so it may reach various customers.

However, YouTube has many reviews of it. One of the YouTube reviews says it is pretty innovative. It is an excellent lid. It is pretty economical and easy to use.

Pros and Cons

Let us look at the pros and cons of this lid.



  • It is very economical.
  • The lid operates easily.
  • It is safe to handle.
  • The material is reliable.


  • There are no reviews by buyers.
  • It has no social media handle.
  • Many people do not know about this lid.


We bring our readers to air whirl crisper lid reviews to make their lives easier. It is a valuable complement to your kitchen. The price is reasonable, and everyone can use it. However, we cannot find any proper reviews. There are no public accounts on Instagram or Facebook. It seems that not many people have used it.  You May Also Like: Lemadre Shop Reviews

Thus, we would recommend you do a proper search before buying it. 

13 Reviews

  1. The air whirl crisper is a joke. It does not fry raw foods and takes for ever to heat up. It also burns the dripping in the bottom of the foil lined pan. I had a smoke filled house and was afraid the smoke detector would go off. Who ever invents this stuff obviously does not test it in the real world. Do not buy this ripp offpiece of junk!

  2. Unit will eventually cook the food but it takes at least twice as long as conventional cooking. The food also is not crispy. Save your money and buy a real air fryer.

  3. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought 3 of them. The product is awful, does not work, and ought to be off the market. The directions are not helpful and there is no contact information to ask questions. Just terrible!!

  4. I purchased two of these – one for me and one to use as a Christmas gift. I tried mine on my induction stove top and it interfered with the magnetic/electronic aspects of my stove top so I can’t use one of them. Thankfully the stove was not damaged. I liked the idea that I could use pans I already have and it takes up very little space, however, do not purchase one if your stove cooks by induction.

  5. It ruined my pan. It smoked so badly my smoke detectors went off. Returned it, I was glad it was within 30 days but I lost my shipping.

  6. I just bought an air whirl crisper lid. I haven’t used it yet but the first thing I noticed is the knob/handle on the lid is not made to lock in place when attached per instructions as a result the knob/handle can easily slip out of the lid when picking up the glass lid. This could result in the glass lid detaching and falling. I repeatedly picked up the lid both slow and fast. 20 out of 20 times the knob/handle detached from the lid. This could result in breakage of the glass lid or even burns. I will be returning this item and will report this safety issue to the appropriate agency.

  7. I ordered this product on a “steals and deals” promotion. I was thinking you could actually cook raw foods in it. Can you? There are very few instructions, and they refer to (frozen) foods that have already been cooked or reheating leftovers. Even the you tube reviews I have looked at do not answer my question. So only good for re-heating an already cooked food?

  8. This lid is ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! I bought one and got the second to use as a Christmas gift for an extra $29.99 and I am planning on doing 2 more of those deals for Christmas gifts. I throw it on a pan and easily heat things up after school for the kids. I used it this morning for french toast sticks and it was AMAZING!!!!! Run dont walk and grab 1, I promise you will love it!

  9. This product is awful. It does not work. It ruined my skillet even though I used foil like suggested. Customer service is also awful. I waste of $60.00 do not buy

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