Alloned.Com Reviews: Is This A Fraud Company?


The Internet has a very beneficial impact on our daily lives. However, at the same time, it also has a dark side as well. Nothing comes with full benefits. Similarly, many scams and frauds are on the Internet. They may harm you financially, physically, and even mentally.

People are contacting one another through various dating apps these days. However, not all of these apps are legit. We bring you reviews, which is a dating app. Many controversies are going on about it. People seem to be offended by this website. Let us look at a bit of detail. Related: Keyboardsettlement.Com Legit

About Alloned com

This Alloned com is a dating app. You reach new people from various parts of the world. It is a platform to make new friends, which usually turn into relationships. Some prefer such blind dates to meet new people online. However, you may never know what might come out of it.

It is a website that allows you to fulfill your desires sexually and emotionally. You can talk about adult relationships and much more. Furthermore, users can exchange files either publicly or privately. There are no limitations or boundaries for using this website. You can easily send private information or documents when talking to someone. It is accessible to everyone for dating purposes, followed by data exchange.

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Website details

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This isn’t just a normal site. Rather, it uses the good domain name “.com,” which is pretty generic. Here are the details of the website.

  1. They got the website registered on December 24, 2021. 
  2. The website will expire on December 24, 2022.
  3. It is registered under the name NameCheap, Inc.
  4. The alloned com server shows a location in the United States. 

The official website of Alloned com

Usually, the name you enter on the search bar directly takes you to its home page. However, something is pretty off here. When you type “,” it redirects you to the site “” This is pretty strange and happens every time you open an alloned com. 

Specifications of Alloned com?

When you visit this website, it takes you to the dating app Ashley Madison. It offers you discreet relations. Here are some of the motives for the website. 

  1. It is rooted in desire. It provides a platform for adultery where you can express your desires. 
  2. The first married dating website. It helps you find a love relationship with another person. In other words, you’ll be cheating on your husband for some emotional desires. 

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Alloned com: A scam?


Some people consider this website a scam. They claim that many criminals and scammers are present there. They make accounts as well on it. You can be talking to someone with a strange personality. Here are some precautions you need to take while using this website.

Do not turn on the webcam immediately.

Make sure you know the person on the other side of the screen. Usually, the person may be a blackmailer and use it in the future for negative purposes. You need first to have complete trust that it is safe. 

Trust your intuition

Sometimes you may get a feeling that the person is wrong. Never ignore such an intuition about someone you meet online. Would Like: Exceptui Reviews

Never reveal personal information.

Do not start sharing your photos, videos, or any other personal data that could harm you in the future. 

Do not share your contact.

Keep the initial chats online through this website. Do not jump into exchanging numbers. This can be a wrong step, and the other person may use it in the wrong way.

The Terms and Condition on Alloned com

The precautions mentioned above are enlisted within alloned com Terms and Conditions. Most people do not read them. As a result, they get caught in scams here and cannot even complain. The website says that they would not be responsible for such mishaps. 

Alloned com: Comparison to other dating apps

Many other dating websites exist, like eHarmony,, AdultFriendFinder, and many more. Try to save yourself from websites with a higher scam risk. 

Alloned com: Reviews by the clients.

A client has posted on the official website that she was able to find companionship and love here. She cheated on her husband but found a good friend here. 

Furthermore, Trustpilot shows zero responses for alloned com. However, it has a poor rating of 1.4 for A customer says that he only got fake clients. Another one claims that hookups are only asking for photos. Nothing happened after that. A patron claims this is one of the worst adult sites he has seen. Explore More: Pocket Zoom HD Reviews



  • The website connects you to random people.


  • It has low traffic.
  • It has poor reviews.
  • The website is a scam with no authentication.

Final thoughts

We bring you alloned com reviews to find its legitimacy. This website redirects you to another one when you visit it. This is a dating app with no protection for your personal information. They only ask for your videos and pictures showing that it is a scam. The terms and conditions show that the website owner is not responsible for any mishaps. Thus, we would recommend that readers be careful. There are many authentic websites to find your soul mate. 

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