Get the Paid App at ZERO COST with YuluStore: Is It Too Good to Be True?


Indeed, the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store are full of games and apps that are free of charge, while some are accessible for a fee. Unfortunately, not all of the users out there have full pocket money. What to do then? Are they not lucky enough to enjoy the paid games and apps? At least not in today’s era, because many websites claim to offer the visitor-paid app at zero cost in the digital era.

When discussing these sites, you may have come across yulustore. It is a store that offers paid games and apps without any charges. But is it safe to get the games and apps from this website? Does it cause any harm to your smartphone? Is it real or another scam? In the yulustore review, you will discover everything about it. 

About YuluStore

Yulusotre claims to be one of the apps accessible for both Android and iOS users. Here you will find a free apk mod from YULUSTORE. It is the place where users can install and download any 3rd party app that is known as:

  • modified app
  • games
  • tweaks
  • software
  • Others

The usage of this website is easy, and you can download all types of the latest games and apps without any issues. Yulustore is the platform to find various modded apps without paying any fee. Once you download the game or app, the user can access premium features. 

On this website, you will enjoy all the exclusive apps like:

  1. Discord
  2. Spotify
  3. Instagram
  4. COD mobile
  5. AdBlocker
  6. Mobile Legend
  7. Free Fire FF
  8. Tiktok
  10. Roblox
  11. more

It is a free platform and brings many questions to the reader’s mind linked to this site, such as: Is this website safe to use? We are here to answer the query and help you decide about his platform.

Is Yuluesotre legit or not?

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It is a query that makes you land on this article. In this piece of writing, you will see the yulustore review in depth. Our research depends on the following points:


Let’s start our review with the price of this software. This website offers free downloads of various premium applications. It is a green flag for the users, but what about the quality of the services?

Product quality

The users’ reviews on various forums about this store are mixed. They have mentioned that when you visit the site and search for the app, after hitting the download, they have experienced the following:

  • Users were asked to perform various tasks.
  • A pop-notification appears that consists of viruses.

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Website quality


Here is the complete information about the quality of the website:

  1. The domain design date is midnight on Monday, October 18th, 2021.
  2.  Website Popularity is 840407 (Poor)
  3.  The blacklist engine does not see the domain blacklist level.
  4.  The HTTPS link is visible.
  5. Proximity to dubious sites is 33/100.
  6. A threat profile is 36/100.
  7. A phishing score is 18/100.
  8. The malware score is 28/100.
  9. The spam score is 36/100.

The design of this website is poor and never consists of any feature in the metadata that might aid the online presence. Hence, this site loses its credibility and reflects that its quality is not good.

The Scam Detector’s tool discovers that has a low authoritative level of 14.70. What does it show? It implies that the firm is ranked as

  • new
  • Suspicious
  • Dubious


No information or data about the founder of the website.

Contact and Address

No information about it.

All games and apps available in this store are certified by the team. All the apps are free, and the SSLS certificate tells us it is a secure site. But some users mention that this website is not trustworthy.

Customer Reviews

On their official website, there are no reviews from users. But on various platforms, the users mention that they did have good experiences with this site. When you hit the download button, it asked them to perform various tasks or download any shabby folder. So it is advisable to be cautious while using such third-party apps. Wait a while for some good reviews from the users. To date, this website has not been suggested by us.

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Discounts and Promotions

This site is free of charge, and no discounts or promotions are needed to avail of the services.

Pros and Cons of YuluStore

We have gathered all the pros and cons of this website that might help you make up your mind about the website.



  • Free of cost
  • Get premium applications and games
  • It’s easy to use
  • SSL certified


  • It is a new website
  • There were no reviews from the users
  • It asks you to perform various tasks once you hit the download option

Final Thoughts: Yulustore Review

It is a third-party app or website, and we advise you to do some research before using the services. There is no excellent yulustore review from the customers. This website is about a month old, so it is better to wait a little while than make up your mind about it.