Is Legit Or Just Another Scam Website?

Is legit Reviews

The Internet is filled with many websites that offer you different activities and gifts. Usually, the authentic ones do give you gift vouchers and cards. You only need to perform a specific task, re-share their posts, or tag your friends. However, many websites are usually scams. They only make you perform the task and give you nothing in return. Here we will find out about one such web page. Let us see if Is legit. is an online website that offers free psn gift cards. It seems cool to get something that every young person loves. The main web page shows PlayStation cards with some amazing surprises inside. But the main question is about its legitimacy. Is legit? What do you need to do to get these cards? Are they giving you these surprise cards or just a scam?

Let us have a look at the website and what it offers you. Furthermore, we’ll look at the customer reviews.

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About legit is an online platform for PlayStation lovers. You need to download apps that they recommend and register on them. Moreover, it would help if you also used those apps to earn further points. The website is easy to use. 

They even offer you to download games and complete certain levels. Thus, downloading and using apps to get free psn gift cards is the motive of this platform. The gift cards usually cost from $10 to $100 and can be accessed easily. 

Website Details Of

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Let us have a detailed look at the website.

  • This website was registered seven months ago.
  • The owner of the website is not known.
  • The server location is in Bulgaria.

Features Of

Let us have a look at the details of this website.

  1. The URL for the website is available on Google. It means that new people can access it through these search engines.
  2. The webpage is highly responsive
  3. The website design is impressive.
  4. It also has an SSL certification. It means that this web page is safe to use. 

Does Have Social Media Accounts?

Is legit or scam

This platform has no web page on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Most likely, all authentic pages get promoted through these platforms. Now, having an account on these sites is important. But is yet to be discovered on any such social sites. 

How to Register For

Every website requires registration to gain access. However, this process is completely free. 

  • Open the link in Google.
  • Provide all the required information, which includes name, email, password, date of birth, and PIN. 
  • They will share an email for verification.
  • Click on the link and verify your account. 
  • Then click on “register an account.” 

You have now been registered on the webpage and can use the information to sign in. 

How To Use

The web page is really easy to use. You only need to go through the following steps. 

  1. Click on the website link to go to the official page.
  2. A home page will appear; click on Sign in.
  3. Select the “get code” option for psn gift cards.
  4. They will give you two applications to download.
  5. You need to download and use these apps for a certain period.
  6. After completing the task, visit the page and click.

However, if the page does not refresh, you must start over again. 

Customer Reviews: Is legit? 

Did we look on the official website to find out if Is legit? We looked on to find some comments from previous users but all in vain. Moreover, we looked at TrustPilot as well. However, there are no customer reviews that may prove this is an authentic website.

Pros and Cons

Let us have a look at the pros and cons.



  • The webpage is easy to access.
  • You can sign up and use it on every device.
  • You earn points by using these apps, and there is a high chance of getting the gift card.


  • You need to download various apps.
  • It would help if you used the apps and completed levels.
  • If the webpage does not refresh, you must download the further applications again.
  • There are no user reviews.

Bottom Line (Is Legit)

Is Legit? We do not think it is a good idea. The website is a complete scam. You are just downloading the application and using it. For example, you must download Candy Crush and play up to level 21. But there is still no chance of getting the gift card.

Moreover, there are no customer reviews by other users of this website. Thus, this is not worth your time. You could be wasting your time and getting nothing in return.