Asjua Dress Reviews: Best Dresses For Women or Just Waste of Money?

asjur dress reviews

Online shopping is fun, and you cannot do this. Getting your favorite dress or a pair of shoes while sitting on your couch is the best thing ever. Shopping is therapy that you can get with just one click. Many e-commerce stores and online bazaars claim to offer quality shopping experiences. If you’re a woman, you’ll always search for a website that provides top-notch clothes at the best rates. The asjua desses are one of the names that have taken the internet by storm.

Can you trust any website that has alluring images and engaging prices? Of course not; here, our asjua dress reviews will cover each aspect of this clothing brand.

Asjua Dress Review

Do you really like to get the one thing designed for you? Or would you like to gift the gorgeous mini dress to your BFF? Then is asjua desses the right choice? The main motto of the brand is to offer women’s dresses that offer the perfect fit for every lady out there. They understand each woman’s needs and have an idea of the fashion trend.

It is a UK-based brand, and its clothing factories are in the Philippines and Vietnam. Asjua never existed until 2015, and they have been playing the maker role as well as the supplier. It offers its dresses to various famous names in the market.

This store covers all the clothing needs of women. You can find the perfect dress for summer and spring, the perfect jacket and hoodies to keep you warm in the winter, and the jumpsuit that is perfect for all the seasons. They also have a section for casual wear and tops. You name them, and they have it.

These dresses are at very reasonable rates, and they prefer the size chart to improve the shopping experience. They cater to the needs of all sizes, from small to XXL so that you can get the dress of your choice. 

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What Makes Asjua Special?

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So, why would anyone buy from this store? Many online clothing brands exist, but the asjua desses are accessible in all sizes. Whether you want a two-piece, a cardigan, or a sweater, They are accessible in all sizes. It is a positive point that most of the time, plus-size women cannot get their favorite dresses because of size issues. 

For the user’s ease, they have given the size chart for the perfect fit. If you think that XXL will not be for you, then see the size chart and choose the right one.

It gives the full details of every dress, from its material to its fine details. Why buy from another site at higher rates when you can get them at the best rates on this site?

Asjua Dress Customer Reviews

Without studying user feedback, you cannot make any store legit or scam. On their official website, there is an excellent review of each item. They use their words to state that their clothes are comfortable. One of the users mentions that their two-piece PJs are comfy and perfect for sleep. Almost five specific comments on each item makes it a little fishy.

But we have also reviewed the buyers’ feedback on the Trust Pilot. There are 92 reviews with a 4.0 rating, which is not bad at all. One of the buyers gave it four stars. There is a delay in the order, but the quality of the time is excellent with the perfect fit. Other buyers stated that they were unsure when ordering. When the order arrived, she was pleasantly surprised. Everything fit amazing. The styles were like images.

One customer on the Trust Pilot gives five stars with the remark, “great shipping and good quality.”

One more buyer stated on Trust Pilot that she ordered two dresses worth 80 dollars. She received it after two weeks and it was not the same size she had ordered. They offered her a 12-dollar refund and asked her to keep the dress. She marked it as “bad” and would not recommend it. Also, one user states that it has been two months since the last update from the firm about the dress, and they are not responding to the given contact information. 

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Is Legit?

asjua legit or scam

The Trust Pilot rates this brand 4.0 because it has 58 % excellent reviews. Fifteen percent of bad reviews.

All this feedback on the Trust Pilot is from the time frame of March 2022 to date. It is not a little suspicious that they are stating they have been offering their services since 2015.

One Fashionairer site sells items like asjua desses at low rates. But the difference is not high; after a discount, the Asjusthe dress would cost less than Fashionarier.

Final Verdict

Our asjua dress reviews state that this website is not a scam, but we advise you to be cautious when ordering from them. Some buyers face issues with shipping and delivery. Their refund process is not smooth. But on the other hand, it has some great reviews. You can try it by ordering some dresses at low rates

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  1. Do not order from this company unless you plan on keeping whatever they send you. I received my order of a pink dress & sweater in a timeframe that I felt was extremely long. After looking at it it was extremely poor quality! I immediately emailed the company with my concerns and desire for a refund (per their 30-day return policy). I got an email offering me $14 & keep the product (I don’t have any desire for) out of the $80.73 I paid! I refused that and they replied with the same offer to keep it for $28. It’s a SCAM in my opinion! Stay away!! I had my CC replaced and will not buy online again with lots more due diligence. I will be posting this review in as many places as I can!

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