Averie Reviews: The Best Store To Shop For Clothing Online?

averie reviews

Online shopping gives the privilege of not leaving your comfort zone. It is the best way to browse various online stores and choose wisely. You can buy clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Dresses for different occasions and styles can be selected online and delivered to your doorstep.

How to Buy Clothes Online That Fit?

Clothes are something that makes the first impression when you meet someone. One should buy clothes according to their body type and weight.

You must always know your type and size. Measure yourself and write it down on paper. Always check the size chart before ordering a small, medium, or oversized dress. Each brand has a different size chart. Be careful while selecting the brand to order the dress. We bring you with averie reviews to help you find a good online store.

About Averie Shop

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Averie is an online shopping store that has launched dresses for men and women. They offer different loungewear styles, summer dresses, robs, night dresses, and swimwear for women.

You can get different discount vouchers and other discounts as well. They even take customized orders. The most exciting thing is that you can even offer matching phone cases, crunches, and bags.

Averie Swimwear Review

Their swimsuits range in size from XS to 3XL. Some of their sizes are available immediately. People love the averie swim collection. The website shows 4.5-star ratings for their swimwear

 primarily. One of the patrons says that it’s sexy without being slutty. She even received compliments from other women. Another one says that the fabric and fitting of the dress are perfect. Molly says that the dress is flattering with durable material.

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Averie Summer Wear Review

The summer averie includes skirts, dresses, tops, maxi, and even pleated midi dresses. They have a vast collection available in the first week of summer. A discount of about 30% is also present on the dress of pre-booking.

There are no thoughts on the summer dresses, yet they will launch them after a month. The swim reviews make us think that their summer collection won’t be any less.

Averie Dresses Review

Averie offers a variety of dresses, including loungewear and robes. Their website shows a rating of 4.0. A customer says the fabric lacks any wrinkles and is quite easy to wear without the stress of ironing.

Are The Prices Reasonable? Let’s Compare

Averie is offering reasonable prices according to the quality. However, their clothing is over $100. About 13% to 30% discount on every dress, and you can get your hands on this fantastic collection for less than $100.

 Swimsuits on eBay lack such color and design. The prices on eBay are half that of Averie. They are offering swimsuits in a range of around $50. But you won’t find the attractiveness in these swimwear.

Where is Averie Located?

Averie has its own production houses located in Turkey and India. They sent the collection after fabricating dresses in Turkey, the USA, and Germany. Their customized orders usually take weeks in manufacturing and shipping time.

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Averie Shipping & Return Policy

They’re ready to wear and will be dispatched immediately within 48 hours. International shipping may take more than 20 days. Others deliver within 3-4 days of ordering.

They can accept the return within 14 days of the order. The replaced item must also contain the tag and hygiene stickers.

Averie Reviews: What Customers Are Saying?

averie reviews legit or scam

We went through various other places to find some genuine reviews. TrustPilot has an average rating of 2.9. About 43% of buyers have given only a single star. A client claims it has been more than 17 weeks since the last order. She hasn’t received the order and not even a refund. Another one ordered a swimsuit that was out of stock, so she ordered another one. She also hasn’t received that one either. All the shoppers are crying that it has been months since they have not obtained their orders.

However, 47% of the clients have given a 5-star review. They received their order, and the dress turned out to be perfect. One has to say that the order was quite late with good quality.

YouTube also checked the site. It explains that the quality is low. They have told me the website is legit. You must do your research before ordering.

What is the Best Clothing Store?

Victoria’s Secret is a well-known clothing brand. They offer low prices and discounts. You can get swimwear and other accessories at a lower price than the averie.


We bring you all the details of averie clothing reviews. The website has good reviews on the official site; other sites show mixed reviews. The website seems to be legit and has good quality products. We recommend you always visit an authentic store.

3 Reviews

  1. Bought two dresses and only received one. The one I received was way too short with a slit up the middle that would show my underwear when I walked. I returned it. I contacted them about the dress I never received four times over the past month and never received a response (only automated). I have now lost shipping and handling for one dress and paid for another that I never received. Ordered Jun 28, 2022 delivered Oct. 17, 2022.

  2. Elonas Sabandiroas at Justriftstore@gmail.com
    Was ALSO an Instagram shopping add/site. Seemed legit, had 50/50 reviews, spent $300+.00 on clothing. They emailed me back when I inquired about the delay/lack of updates/ no tracking info. I paid using PayPal assuming if it was a scam I’d be covered. Wrong. The “scam” other than the bogus site, was that they purposely msg you back w/sorry be patient, we’ll send tracking info again and again until payment clears and “PayPals claim60day policy” is void. Stringing you around for weeks. I demanded my money back, cancel the order and then I was ghosted. Email/contact/site vanished. I filed multiple claims, bank and BBB claim as well. Did not get my money back, just lost out and lesson learned. ALWAYS check+double check that the site IS legit before you buy!

  3. This is a clothing Ponzi scheme! I placed an order in June. It has not gone into production yet. They are currently selling the same dress, saying it will ship end o September. I ordered it 3 months ago, and have yet to receive any update. This is unacceptable. They send you a twenty dollar gift certificate to spend more money on imaginary merchandise. Lying, cheating, and stealing is not a good business model.

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