Beacon Owl Reviews: The Best Men’s Clothing Store or Just a Waste of Money?

Beacon own reviews

Indeed, online shopping has taken over the globe by storm. Whether a man or a woman, you can get your favorite items while sitting at home. Many online stores deal with women’s clothing, but few offer a men’s clothing range. But is the store that you come across real? Can you trust any random store and buy from it? The store that caters to both men’s and women’s clothing ranges is the Beacon Owl. It is the one brand that claims to offer you the perfect men’s clothing range. You can get jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and much more.

The query is, can you trust any random names? Of course not. Why is that? It is because of the high demand for online shopping that scam rates are also raised. What to do in such cases? For such scenarios, we have revived this store in great depth.

About Beacon Owl

The beacon owl is a New York-based online store that deals with men’s, women’s, and men’s clothing. Besides clothing, it also deals with home goods. In short, it covers all the things. This brand has an exciting story about its emergence.

This brand came into being a few years back on August 31st, which was the founder’s birthday. The founder of this name stated that while coming back from the office, he walked around 1 mile and took a different route daily. While going back home, he came across various vendors who sold unique things. It made him do something and start planning his business. The COVID-19 era has become a turning point as online shopping has reached its peak. He was inspired by how people could get the same thing anywhere in the world. So from there, this name emerged and took care of all the clothing needs.

Beacon Owl Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

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You can not mark any store as legit or a scam until you receive their buyer reviews. So in this beacon owl reviews part, we will focus on the buyers’ feedback about these items. 

Let us start with the official website. There is no user feedback on their official website. We have tried to search for various items, but there are no user reviews about the items.

Indeed, this brand has a Facebook page with 34 followers, which is quite low. There are also no buyers’ reviews about their services, customer care, or item quality.

On other platforms like Reddit, Site Jabber, and Trustpilot, we have not found any feedback from the buyers. Hence, we cannot say anything about this brand so far.

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Beacon Owl Santorini Summer Shirt Review 

Let’s review their SANTORINI SUMMER SHIRT that is on great sale nowadays. The actual price of this item is about $79.99, but you get it for $39.99. Hence, the buyer can save 50% ($40.00 ). But on Shien, you can get the same article for US$12.00 without any discounts. There is a huge difference in pricing. This shirt is available in various colors, and the fabric is a premium linen blend. The sizes of these items range from small to XXL.

Beacon Owl Newport Harbor Shirt Review

So the next running item as per the website is the Newport Harbor Shirt. This time it is also on sale. The retail price of this stuff is $99.99, and on sale, it is about $49.99, so you can save 50% ($50.00 ). YTheseits are available in various colors and sizes. You can have them from XS to XXL. This article offers a bundle offer that buys two and gets one free. 

We have also found the same article on Amazon by different vendors, but it is not available. On Ali Express, you can get this item in the US for $4.98–$13.67. That is a notable difference.

Beacon Owl Gatsby Knitted Polo Shirt Review

The Gatsby knitted polo shirts are also on sale. You can get this item for $49.99; the regular price is $99.99. Hence, here you can save 50% ($50.00 ). His articles are accessible in various shades, ranging from M to XXL. This shirt style is casual, and the material is cotton, which is great for the summer. You can also get one shirt free with the purchase of two shirts. It is a great deal. 

Is the Beacon Owl worth buying?

As far as our beacon owl reviews go, we have found that it is not worthwhile to buy from these brands as there is a noticeable difference in the prices. You can get the same item at lower rates from Amazon, AliExpres, and Shien.

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Is Beacon Owl Legit?

beacon owl legit or scam

If you study the buyer reviews of this website, it is not legit. We have not found any user reviews, and their prices are also high. Indeed, it has shared a high trust index on the Scam Advisor, but on the Scam Detector, it has a low rating of 52, which makes it suspicious.



  • There is a notable range of sizes.
  • You can get them in any color.
  • The offer is 10 percent off for the subscription.
  • There is a sale going on.


  • You can get the same item from another site at a lower rate.
  • There is no user feedback.
  • It has a low rating on Facebook.
  • Of the scam detectors, it has a low rating.


We have found that this brand is fishy. As it is new and has no feedback from the layers, we advise you to wait a little longer to get some reviews on their services. Also, the prices are high as compared to other platforms.

16 Reviews

  1. Do not buy. It seems there is anew company linking from the beacon owl link.

  2. Ordered something from them (like many others thing it was based in USA) and after a week and no info about shipping sent an email. Was told 3-5 days it will ship and she will get on the fulfillment team. That was 3 weeks ago and after many emails looking for info they have gone MIA. Assuming I have lost my money but going to try to go through my credit card company to file a claim.

  3. Total scam! No order received in 2 months. Customers support is a joke. Absolutely scam!

  4. This is a complete scam . No phone number says it was disconnected

    ordered and received confirmation in March of this year. No product delivered and emails sent to them to inquire have never been returned.

  5. This is a TOTAL SCAM. Buyer beware: if you need to exchange or return DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH. Their “customer service” is clearly a bot. I ended up having to cancel the charge on my credit card…telling them this store is a scam. And I wrote to “customer service” every day of the month begging for a return label or ANY information on returning and got an auto-reply assuring me instructions would be forthcoming in 48 hours. I never review but this “store” is so terrible I wanted to keep other people from experiencing this headache.

  6. Utter dogs. I placed an order mid October. The incorrectly sized item arrived eventually. I contacted them requesting a return, and for the correctly sized shirt to be sent as a replacement. They have bounced me around departments, and ignored my follow up attempts. I should have read the reviews.

    1. I ordered in Nov, 5 sets for my boys so they could all match at Christmas arrived January 9th should have known they were a scam. Product are all the same o matter the size material is crap and I am getting the run around. There return policy say 30 days from receipt however they will not let me return. $199 down the trash. I don’t even think goodwill will want these items!

  7. Oh no! I’m reading reviews & hoping I didn’t make a mistake ordering a gift from this site. Alerted its in route for delivery & will keep you posted, fingers crossed it’s legit. Following their facebook page as well.

  8. I did finally receive my order 2 months after the fact. I ordered an xl coat and it’s clearly a small at best that arrived as I couldn’t even come close to fitting into it. Huge waste of $70

  9. Total scam. Product took more than a month to arrive. In fact, I forgot I purchased it. The size was way off and the product was poorly made with really cheap material. I contacted the merchant – and finding the contact info was a real task – and they would “submit my request”. As though they had to approve me to return the item. Anyway, they never got back to me and the only thing I could do is dispute the charge with my credit card company. What a total pain. Not sure what it takes for this site to conclude it’s a scam, but please take my word for it, it’s a total scam.

  10. Terrible customer service – initial response to a request for an exchange and then nothing. Would not recommend buying from this company.

    1. I ordered a shirt the same day, October 26th. My card was charged and I have not received any information about my order. The phone number listed on their website is not active.

  11. Haven’t received my shirt been over 10 days, also was led to believe it was an American company it’s not. No tracking info and my card has been charged. I now believe this company is a scam.

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