Is Solado Legit in 2022? (Here’s, What You Need to Know)

is solado legit reviews

Getting top-quality and affordable clothes is not an easy job. Especially in online shopping, many stores claim to offer their buyers the best selection of trendy designs at low prices. But the truth is that buyers often fall for such alluring offers and get nothing. Shopping online is risky when you have just communicated with the firm via chats, item images, and emails. One of the stores we will receive today is solado clothing.

This blog will study various Solado reviews that educate you about these brands. What is the hype about this online name?

Is Solado Legit?

is solado legit or scam

Yes, solado clothing is legit and no scam. Clothes from this brand land there, look great and win the hearts of the buyers. There is also great feedback from the buyers that you can read about in the upcoming part. 

As per the Scam detector, it gets an 88.60 rating out of 100, which is quite good. You can tag this website:

  • Authentic
  • Trustworthy
  • Secure

As per Scam Foo, this website is 100 percent secure, and, as per Scam Doc, it has an 88% trust index. 

Salado worked over the years to build the brand and offer buyers the perfect clothing that meets their fashion needs.

What is Solado? 

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Solado is a UK-based online store that deals with fashion clothing. It covers everything from workwear to prom wear. This store can get mini dresses, long dresses, and swimwear. They have a separate section for the vacation where you can get the description pieces to spice up your holidays with trendy and comfortable dresses.

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Where Does Solado Clothing Come From?

Here is the timeline of the shop Solado.

  • The Solado came into being in August 2021 to influence the future of fashion.
  • They officially welcomed their U.K team to the family in September of this year.
  • In November 2021, the first-ever influencer partnership and brand drive “Wear WTF You Want” went live.
  • Also, in January 2022, they launched biodegradable packing for their influencer parcel send-outs and achieved carbon neutral status via collaboration with Trace.
  • So, in February 2022, they launched their second brand campaign, “We’re Taking Sexy Back,” 

Why should I buy from them?

It has many features that make you get your dresses from them. It offers its customers great service and quality items. Besides that, this website has 88 trust indexes and has received great buyer feedback. It also spelled out all the terms and refund policy. Solado also has social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, and more. It has a great fan following and the fans on both the handle

Do they offer refunds?

Yes, they offer a 30-day refund if the item is in the same condition; there is some poly for it that you need to know about.

  • The time must be in the same conditions.
  • It has it be new, unworn, and used with tags.
  • The original items must have the recipient.
  • It would help if you showed the recipient while returning.

Solado’s Clothing Shipping Policies


Standard shipping is 6–10 working days.

Express Shipping is 4-7 Working Days


Standard shipping is 5-8 working days.

Express shipping takes 3-6 working days.

They have mentioned the shipping days and policies for each region. We advise you to check your region. There are regions where they do not ship, like India, Peru, Serbia, and more.

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What Are Customers Saying About Us?

You can not tag any website or brand as legit or scam if you have not studied their user feedback. There are many reviews of the users on various sites like Trust Pilot, Reddit, Loox, and more.

Let us begin with the Trust Pilot. One of the buyers mentioned such fast delivery. She talked to the customer care service and got quick responses and the perfect fit. Another buyer states that the dress looks cute, but she is unhappy with the material. But she still got many compliments from her friends. Super cute, but the material is cheap. One of the buyers says it is easy to order, and she picked the correct size.

On Loox, one of the buyers stated that their wares are comfortable to wear in hot weather as the wares are thin. Another customer is happy with the material; it is stretchy and thin and covers what it needs to cover.

On Sitte Jabber, there are mixed reviews about the items. The buyer states that the quality of the clothing is not great and that returning it is a headache. The quality and size of Solado clothing are crazy inconsistent. 

Here are more solado reviews that state that they never accepted the return. This site still has great feedback about the solado.

On Reddit, one person says, “No, my friend got scammed,” while another says, “Lol, nvm, her package came.” On YouTube, there is a great review from Alleeways Official. She was happy with their quality and service. She is also happy with the size and the design.



  • Great variety at the best discounts.
  • It has some top-class reviews from buyers.
  • They offer great customer care services.
  • It has a good trust index
  • Offer full details about the firm


  • There is some bad feedback, but not much.
  • They don’t deliver in all the regions, unfortunately.


IT is the name that strives to make its name in the sector. The shop solado feedback from the buyers and various website analyses state that this website is legit. The buyers have shared great experiences on the website. So, to us, this brand is legit as it has a great shipping and refund policy and great reviews from its users.

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  1. I have seen very mixed reviews of Solado but can’t find a single one for Australia, I know that they do ship to Australia but I’m very curious if it takes a very long time. I am yet to order but want to.

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