Bellezeke Clothing Review: Here’s Exactly What You Need to Know

bellezeke clothing reviews

Would you like to know whether the is reliable or a scam? Is it advisable to buy from this company that sells gorgeous clothing ranges for both summers and winters? Are you not sure what to do then? If so, then you have landed at the right place. In this bellezeke clothing review, you will learn about this brand and find out the reality of these online clothing stores. Is it fake or real? What about the quality of the material, sizes, prices, and much more.

Do you wish to purchase trendy and cool clothes this year? People love to want top-notch clothing in this scorching heat to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. So, people in the USA love to shop online because it brings comfort and ease. You only need to search various websites and pages to get the desired things. While browsing the internet and searching for various business profiles on Instagram, you might come across the brand BelleZeke clothing. Are you ordering from it? Wait, first learn about this company.

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About is the site that sells various clothing items for summers and winters. It is the name that covers all of your daily wear like:

  • coats
  • jackets
  • skirts
  • dresses
  • tops
  • summers shirts
  • linen pants

These are few; the brand offers all clothing solutions under one roof, from women’s accessories to clothing. They claim that they sell items made of 100 percent cotton. The brand also offers a 10 percent discount to all new buyers.

The BelleZeke clothing started its business in 2015, and its main focus is to offer luxury to its loyal buyers via comfortable and relaxed outfits. On the websites, they offer dresses in various sizes and colors. ( However, before buying from this site, you must read the article to find out whether it’s legit.

What BelleZeke Claims?

It is the brands that assure the customer that they get the top-quality clothes at affordable rates. They assure that the buyers wear organic clothes that are 100 percent cotton. They claim by buying organic clothing, they are aiding a pesticide-free food chain.

Is Legit or Scam?

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is bellezeke legit-or-scam

You are aware of the online scams and must be conscious while buying anything from an online website. 2019 to 2021, it was ears if online business The COVID 19 give birth to various new brands. You cannot trust any of them BLINDLY. Speaking about, we have collected some data for you.

This site has a huge variety of clothes along with other times. Furthermore, they claim to offer top-quality items to the customers. But still, the customer likes to learn whether this website is a scam or not. 

So, the following data will guide you in finding more regarding this website’s validity:

Website age: The registration date of this website is March 24, 2021. So shows that this portal is around one year and 2 months old.

Confidence level: This website has an approval rate of 14 percent, which is acceptable for a great website.

Prices: the production rate of this brand is affordable and offers an additional 10 percent discount on the first order.

Buyers Evaluation: There is a customer on the website, and their Instagram handle.

Social Media handle: This brand has an account on Instagram with 2 followers. Its post has zero likes and comments hence no engagement. Its Facebook handle does not look promising.

Founder: The site consists of no data about the founder of this brand.

Contact and Address: The brand has no business address on the website; only their email id is mentioned.

Irrational Discounts: Various offers and deals are accessible on the official website.

Data Security plan: has extensive rules consisting:

  • refunds
  • safety 
  • delivery.

It shows this band is responsible for its business

Is Bellezeke a scam or Legit? seems suspicious; thus, carefully review both negative and positive aspects before buying.

Shipping and Refund has the refund policy that is unrealistic for exchanging and returning things. It has been said that the buyers bear the return costs.

 Hence, due to illogical provisions, it is impossible to have the full amount back from these sorts of sites.

Customer Reviews 

Customer review is very vital for a website since it reveals its reliability. So however, no consumer testimonials have been there on We searched everywhere on social handles, Instagram, and online portals. There was zero review whatsoever, also not on their official website.

Promotions and Discounts

If you discuss their discounts and promotions, their few items are on sale with an extra 10 percent discount on the first purchases. They’re also running a giveaway. For this Place, the order now, and the winners will gain a giftvalid 24/ 04to 24/07. The discounts and promotions are promising, but it looks odd on sales items.



  • They deliver a huge range of accessories and clothing
  • This site uses an SSL certificate for the security
  • Its Facebook and Instagram handles are there on the website


  • No testimonials on the site, making it tricky to verify this website. No phone numbers are there, so you can’t interact with them
  • their shipping policy is unrealistic
  • They are not active on their social handles. In the digital, engaging with the customers via these handles is a must.
  • No data about the founder

Final Verdict

As per the research, is a brand that deals with pants, dresses, jackets, coats, etc. Unfortunately, we are unable to find any reliable data with this brand. is not showing in any contact data. So how can you trust such a name for online shopping?

12 Reviews

  1. Linen? 100% cotton? They must have different plants in China because this was not what I got. More like cheap polyester. And very poorly made, with cheap production. Direct donation to my local thrift store. Don’t let the petty pictures out low prices fool you. You are buying junk.

  2. I’ve ordered three times from these folks. I was attracted to the linen/cotton blend they use. I normally would never order from the Chinese companies, but this one seemed different. Firstly, they didn’t have the same styles (same pictures, etc) that you see all over the internet, and the price was fair. I didn’t have very high expectations, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve ordered a dress, two tunics, and lastly, a long open duster thing. It, I am disappointed in. The fabric is thinnish cotton and arrived very wrinkled. So that’s that. But I don’t feel that this is a totally scam company. At least you get what you pay for, imho.

  3. I purchased a top from this store.
    Dragonfly print rope lace up top.
    So, I don’t seem be able to tie it.
    Does anyone know how to do this?

  4. I recently bought a Windbreaker from a site like that. I checked ownership of the stated website and couldn’t find a company name etc. I know better, but I went ahead. The item arrived and the quality was actually pretty good, but it was way too small, not matching the displayed size chart. @Paula Taylor in an earlier review explains exactly the complicated, unrealistic return policy I also was asked to fulfill. I was offered upon sending pictures and all sorts of info 30% discount for the next order and not having to return the item. That’s 30% of nothing, because the site url has disappeared. I did a lot of digging and found that these are probably pop-up shops that are online a very limited time, sell their stuff and then disappear. The return label on the shipping envelope had an Ontario address but no name, just a string of letters. I could dig more, but would not get satisfaction. A friend liked the coat and bought it off me. What I am saying is that these sites are quick-sale scam sites. There are businesses that live of those types of sites. I would not be surprised if the payment gateway was or the promoter Anyhow, live and learn.

  5. ive tried many times to get through a return for one of two dresses i ordered. i couldnt get a human to help. couldnt get a return response. tbere wasnt a packing slip nor laundering directions. i tried to return the dress based on information i gathered online but (thankfully) it came back. i purchased using paypal. at the very least, i have a dress that doesnt fit but no assurance that i can return and get a refund. i would advise getting a local seamstress to make a garmet based on photos. the agony of zero customer service isnt worth it. very very disappointed.

  6. I am trying to return 5 items. No physical return address on packaging and no paperwork in the bags. Two of the items are small. I would NEVER order small. Looka like I will have to donate these items to friends. Never buy from them!

  7. I have ordered once from Belle Zeke. The order (three items – plus sized woman) came and all three fit perfectly! I accidentally washed and dried two items and I was so upset but, BUT they didn’t shrink. These had been pre washed and dried. I love them!

    I’ve just placed my second order and am hopeful I have the same great experience. I haven’t tried to return anything so cannot speak to that. I like the styles very much and they (the ones I have chosen) flatter my body in the ways I want.

    I recommend them highly for what I purchased.


  8. As usual, Asian clothing sites flat-out lie on their size charts. After order what was, according to their size chart, not even remotely the size they claimed. Unless I missed something, no where on their site was shipping from Asia involved, taking an inordinate time for delivery. These will be donated to a local charity. In the future, you might want to be truthful about sizes and not cheat youyr customers.

  9. I ordered three items. The quality is well under what is pictured on the website. I tried to return two of the items, and I was put through the ringer! This is directly from the email I received after I asked for a return label to return the items:
    In order to offer you the most appropriate solution, could you please indicate to us the following details:
    1- Please give us the product name or item code indicated on the package .
    2- Please send us clear pictures of the item, its item code and size tag.
    3- In order to help us improve our products in the future, please tell us in more detail the issues with each product, for example is it too big or too small. Or the picture of your trying clothes and the size of bust and waist.
    Note: For not as described cases, the pictures need to display the major discrepancy with the website.
    Please keep the attachments below 15M and use any of these formats gif, jpg, png, bmp, doc, xls, txt, rar, ppt, pdf.
    Once we receive the information above, we will provide you with an effective solution.

    I complied with most of this (I chose not to send the size of “bust and waist.”). Then they offered me a percentage back: I opted to return the clothes for a full refund. Then after multiple requests and several days, I got this response:

    To return the package, please follow the steps below:
    (1)Fill in the columns of “reason for return”, “logistic carrier” and “tracking No” on the attached forms.
    (2) Put the forms you have filled in with the items you want to return in the same package.
    (3)Return the package to the following address:
    J&M global logistic Inc
    98 wakefield ave 3c
    Staten island, NY,10314
    (4)After you send the package, please take a clear photo of the package delivery note with tracking number and the forms together to us.
    We will refund you(Except shipping) immediately after our warehouse receives your return package and check everything is right of the item.

    I don’t know about you, but after dealing with Amazon’s simple return policy, this is way too much! Buyer beware!

    1. Hi @paula Taylor … did u send it afterall? & if so did u get full refund ? The reason I ask is cause I ordered stuff off a different website and they sent me that exact address to send my stuff back too. Just wanted to check the internet if it’s legit

  10. It’s crap. Bought 4 different items- all going to goodwill. Save your $ for a quality Flax item, or even Amazon fashion linen is much higher quality. You get what you pay for.

  11. This site purposes hides customer comments on Facebook so you can’t give them a review of any sort. When I looked at an ad they indicated they were a store in Australia. I checked and they were a company in China. I decided to still place an order as I have had luck with other Chinese companies. However, the sizing on there products are way off and do not match the size charts on their web site. Items are 2-3 sizes smaller than advertised. None of the garments have fabric content or laundry instructions and one of my items didn’t even have a size listed. They only offer refunds if you pay for shipping. I would, if what they sent is what they actually described correctly on their web site but they have not. They have lied on their FB ads, they have incorrect sizes and they hide customer comments. Not a demonstration of good faith to their customers.

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