Reviews: Best Place to Buy Women’s Dresses, Tops and Bras or Another Scam Store?

Who doesn’t like to shop in the comfort of their home? That’s only possible through online shopping. People prefer online shopping because it’s convenient and cost-effective. Summer is here. Don’t you want to buy your favorite clothes online? Are you looking for online stores from which you can make your wardrobe trendy? If so, you may have a look at’s online clothing store. It’s a US-based online store that targets women’s clothing and lingerie. 

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This website satisfies women’s needs under one roof, where you can buy trendy and quality dresses and bras. What is this brand claiming to be trustworthy? Can you trust the quality of the products sold in this store? The reviews are here to help you make your decision.

It is an online shop that sells women’s fashion clothes and undergarments like:

  1. Long floral dresses
  2. Tops
  3. Weekend dresses 
  4. Jumpsuits
  5. Exercise dress
  6. Summer dress
  7. Lift bra
  8. Sports bra
  9. Wireless bra
  10. Lace bra
  11. Everyday bra
  12. More

Although they target a female audience, there are still customers who need to learn things before deciding whether to buy from them or not.

This website supports small designers by allowing them to come forward and sell their clothes. They invite new, independent, and creative designers to create products to be sold on the website. It claims to provide the best quality, new fashionable designs, customer service, low pricing, and many more. They mostly make the things on order, which may take some time to deliver. is trying to be eco-friendly by supporting fashion designers and brands that encourage the use of recycled materials throughout their creations. The store offers a wide variety of the most fashionable styles and designs. claims to provide the 

  1. It is of good quality.
  2. Casual and formal dresses
  3. Light fabric 
  4. Floral prints
  5. Summer-friendly
  6. Weekend dresses
  7. Beautiful lingerie
  8. Colorful dresses

As this is an online store, customers would like to know whether is legit or not. Is it another online scam or a diamond?

Is a Legit Website Or a Scam? 

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  • Sleeveless tops and long dresses
  • The blouse
  • Bras of various designs, cups, and sizes

The firm aims to have items that are made from recycled materials. Due to this, they are selling cost-effective and fashionable items to their customers. Here are a few details you should consider before trusting this store.

product quality

The product quality is This online store offers affordable, trendy, weather-demanding, and fashionable clothes and undergarments for women, including

  • comfortable dresses
  • Tops
  • Bra

Although the website has a good variety and size of products, no single customer review is available online or on the website that ensures product quality.


The website offers discounted fashionable items for women. The prices of the items on the websites are quite reasonable. has great summer sale discount offers going live on their sites. The firm gives free shipping on orders over $59. The website accepts only two payment methods, consisting of:

  • Visa /Master card
  • Paypal

Website Quality

The website is poorly designed and doesn’t contain attractive elements that could help its online presence. As a result, it loses credibility, and its quality is questionable.

  1. The domain-making date is August 20th, 2021. At midnight, websites have a 14% proximity to dubious websites.
  2. Website popularity is 653933 (medium).
  3. The domain blacklist level of the site is not found on the blacklist engine.
  4. The phishing score is 8/100.
  5. Its threat profile is 8/100.
  6. The malware score is 7/100.
  7. Its spam score is 0/100.
  8. The HTTPS link is valid.
  • According to the scam detector, this got a 35.60. This means that the site could be seen as
  • Questionable
  • Controversial 
  • Flagged 
  • Not safe

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The founder of the website is unknown. No data is provided of the owner of the website.

Contact and Address There is no data from the physical store.

Phone: no phone number


The Shipping and Refund: Mostly, they are made-to-order for you, so the shipping kit can take 3–4 working days of production before they ship.

They are shipped to different countries, and their charges vary.

  • USA, UK, and Europe
  • Free shipping(7-15-20 business days)  
  • Standard shipping(7-20 business days) $7.99
  • All other countries
  • Free shipping(10–20 business days).  
  • Standard shipping(10-20 business days) $7.99
  • The website doesn’t deliver to all the countries they have mentioned on their website, so check before ordering whether your country is included or not. 
  • The website accepts returns within 30 days of receipt for items in new condition.

Customer Reviews

There is no review from a customer about this website and its services, and there is zero feedback. The domain is just 10 months old, so we advise you to wait a little while for the reviews from the users.

Discounts and promotions

There are currently summer sales up to 70% going on on the website, because of which their clothes are very reasonable.

Brbueno’s Pros and Cons

Make sure you read the pros and cons of the website for a better decision about whether to buy from this online store or not.

Make sure you read the pros and cons of the website for a better decision about whether to buy from this online store or not.



  • Echo-friendly
  • Clothes made from recycled materials
  • Summer sales up to 70%
  • Clothes are made to order according to the needs of the customers
  • The SSL certificate is valid


  • No information about the owner
  • Just a 10-month-old website
  • The level of trance is low
  • It doesn’t deliver to many countries
  • No customer reviews are present
  • Variety is less
  • Target fewer women’s products

Final Verdict

Following a thorough examination of this website, we have concluded that it cannot be recommended to our target audience. The lack of proper information about the website and the absence of genuine customer reviews make us suspicious about this website. We always recommend reviewing the reviews before making up your mind to buy products online.

2 Reviews

  1. I ordered from them and the product never arrived. I have proof from Aust Post that it made it to Australia and then was returned to them. Despite having proof it never arrived they have offered a less then 50% refund. I have refused this as it is not acceptable. I am extrmemely septical about the integrity of this comapny….buyer beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I ordered some eyelid tape and was charged. Product never came.
    I have tried reaching out and only able to come up with the site sent me to. I asked why I have not received my purchase yet.
    The response I got from live chat is ” sorry you have a problem with your computer., how long has this been going on? ” conversation went on just like that for 3 min. I now have requested bank to refund money and investigate site.

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