Brightlending.Com Reviews: Is It A Trustworthy Website?


Are you facing issues with paying your dues? Is there a problem with financing your education? Do you want help paying bills? Then we have a solution for you. There are many websites that offer you money for such expenses. These are rapid ways to get done with such work in no time with a reasonable payback period. Read More: Mctrpayment Com Legit

You need to find some trustworthy lending sites with good terms and conditions. They will help you get through these difficult times. These are one of the quickest ways now to get money without any lengthy procedure. We bring you one such website here. Let us look into the reviews to see if it is legit.


Bright Lending is a licensed online platform that aims to help seventeen million people. They started Brightlending for those who have difficulty accessing short-term credit. They offer you money for today’s expenses like college fees, medical bills, electric bills, and much more.

You can now get small dollar credit here in a pretty quick manner. However, you can also get help with your debt. You can contact them and discuss loans for your debt. They are readily available to support you in every possible way.

Loan Amount at BrightLending

They offer the customers a good loan amount ranging from $300 to a maximum value of $1000. These are short-term credits that aid in paying your dues. However, they even have a VIP Loan Programme. This program will allow you to avail of a maximum loan of $2500. Now, you can get done with your work pretty quickly. Don’t Miss: Loyal Lending Reviews

Payback Period at BrightLending

The payment schedule is decided at the time of taking this loan. Your payback frequency must be inconsistent with the schedule. Furthermore, you have ten months to return the money. VIP Loan, on the other hand, has a term of 12 months or one year. You will be informed of this process at the beginning.

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Features of BrightLending

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Let us look into the features of Brightlending.

Bright Lending is operated in a specific area. Not everyone can have access to this platform.

These funds are received by direct deposit. You will receive the money on the very next business day in your account.

Everything is completed through an online procedure. You do not even need to visit the bank for it.

The customer service team will complete the loan process rapidly.

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How to Apply at BrightLending?

Brightlending legit or scam

The application process is very easy, with only a few steps listed below.

  • You will visit the official website and fill in the application form.
  • You need to complete the verification section.
  • If the application is officially accepted, then you will sign the loan agreement.
  • You will receive the money soon after the completed procedure.

Loan Requirement

You need to fulfill the following requirements to get the loan approved.

  • A sustainable source of income.
  •  Have an active and open bank account.
  •  Legally meet all the requirements.

Repayment methods

You will pay back your installments in the following ways.

  • ACH (amount is deducted from your account in a scheduled manner)
  •  Personal check
  • Money order
  • Cashier’s check

BrightLending: Comparison with others

Let us compare it with other sites.

 Lender Best for Terms of the Loan Minimum Credit
 CAN Capital Short-Term 3-24 months 550
 OnDeck Capital Short-Term 3-24 months 625
 Bright Lending Short Term 10-12 months No need.

This shows that although Bright Lending has no credit, payback periods are much less than others.

Client Reviews: Are They Satisfied?

The official website does not have any comments from clients. So, we looked at other sites to find them. TrustPilot shows a 2.6 rating. It shows some poor reviews. A client says,

Scam of an Indian tribal lending company. Outrageous rates and denials after they mail pre-selection letters. U wonder why they charge 700% apr on loans over every state max. Welcome to tribal Lending.

Another one says that first, his loan got accepted. However, later he received an email of decline. This made him pretty angry. It appears that people are having difficulty obtaining loans from them. Would Like: Innovation Refunds Reviews



  • The application process is easy.
  • There are no penalties for late payment.
  • You receive a quick loan amount.
  • The website is three years old.


  • They have a high-interest rate.
  • Amount of the loan is less.
  • There are poor client reviews.
  • They have an APR of 725%.

Final Thoughts

We provide our readers with reviews. They provide you with short-term credit with proper terms and conditions. They have a specific payback period. However, many other websites have longer repayment times and lower interest rates. They even have a very low Trust Pilot rating. We would recommend you go for more authentic websites. 

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