Capatee Dress Review: Is This Brand Legit or Another Women’s Clothing Scam?

capatee reviews

E-commerce and online shopping are becoming more popular with each passing day. With online stores emerging from every corner, it is more important than ever to know which ones are legit and which might be scammers.

Knowing the details of these stores is very important in figuring out whether or not they are trustworthy enough to make a purchase from.

Today we will be reviewing another one of these online stores Capatee and presenting you with all the facts so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you’d like to buy from them.

What is Capatee? What do they sell?

Capatee is an online store that primarily targets women. They sell a varied range of items for different times of the year, such as dresses, casual wear, and tops. This brand claims to offer its high-quality products at very reasonable prices to customers worldwide.

To add to this, as per their website, Capatee is also focused on treating their workers well by giving them livable wages. This brand claims to only work with other brands and designers that provide fair treatment and pay to their employees. Additionally, this brand also claims to donate a small part of its annual revenue to charities around the world to eradicate poverty.

All in all, Capatee seems like a legitimate, ethically-aligned company, but are these words true or just fluff?

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Is Capatee a legitimate online store or just another scam?

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capatee legit or scam

One of the ways to find out whether a business is legit is by checking the age of its domain. The older the domain is, the more likely it is to be an established and reputable firm. Using the domain age checker tool, we were able to find out that the domain for Capatee was created 1 year and 14 days ago. While this isn’t a long time for a website to be around, it is also older. than the domain age for most scams, so we can give this brand dress the benefit of the doubt in this aspect,

Established businesses always attempt to maintain some type of social media presence at least. The Capatee dress has both a Facebook page and an Instagram page. This reflects well on Capatee’s legitimacy.

Additionally, Capatee has a high trust score on, at 90/100. This means that the likelihood of this brand being a scam is extremely low.

To add to this, Capatee has great reviews on, at 4.1 stars. Most customers have left positive reviews of their experience shopping with this brand.

Another sign which builds trust in Capatee is the fact that they have provided extensive contact information on their website. This includes a phone number, an email address, and a physical location.

Lastly, Capatee has a valid HTTPS and has not yet been blacklisted by any search engines. All in all, Capatee seems like a legitimate business and not at all a scam.

What do customers of Capatee say?

On, we found a lot of positive customer reviews of Capatee. According to these reviews, Capatee’s products fit their expectations regarding fabric quality and design perfectly. 

There were, however, some complaints that Capatee took too long to deliver their orders. Another common complaint with some customers is that their refunds are not being processed as quickly as they would like.

What are the prices for Capatee’s dresses?

Capatee’s dresses are all mostly within the price range of $30–50. While this is somewhat pricey compared to other cheap retailers, Capatee also regularly offers significant discounts on its products, so the price can actually get reduced quite a lot.

Does Capatee accept returns or offer refunds?

Capatee accepts returns of its products within 30 days of delivery. However, in order for your return to be accepted, you must contact Capatees customer service to get a contact service authorization. Proof of purchase must also be shown in order for your products to be eligible for returns. Additionally, the original packaging must be intact and the product should not be damaged or used in any way.

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Shipping and Cancellation

According to their webpage, Capatee offers free shipping for orders over $79. There are 2 methods of shipping you may choose from. Postal shipping will take 20 business days to deliver, while express shipping will take 15 business days to deliver.

Their cancellation policy sets out that you may cancel your order within 24 hours of delivery. However, between these 24 hours and the time of shipping, if you cancel, you will have to pay a 10 percent cancellation fee. Ouch. After the order has been shipped cancellation will not be possible.



  • Valid HTTPS
  • High Trust score on
  • Positive Customer reviews


  • Prices for dresses are relatively high
  • Delivery may take a while
  • Refunds take time to get processed

Should you buy from Capatee?

Capatee shows all the signs of a legitimate business. It has positive customer reviews, a high trust score, and an excellent website design. If you would like to purchase from this brand, we think you should go ahead.

43 Reviews

  1. Bought a dress off Capatee. Looks like a nightie for a senior. Horrible. Reviews on site must be false accounts. One said the sequins and sparkle was amazing. There were no sequins. Will donate to goodwill. $55 down the toilet.

    1. I have received goods and been attempting to return and have full refund. Offered a small portion of what I paid to keep items and not return them . The report of goods returned action stated on this site is definitely not my experience. I’ll never order from Capatee again.😡

  2. Scam company! Clothes are cheap and poor quality . No refund policy…. They will not refund and try to negotiate a price to send you. Needs to be reported to Better Business Bureau sand state attorney generals!

    1. I have asked for a refund and they offered me $7 as a sorry and told me to keep the garment. Pretty poor for a $100 dress. Also says purchase is in AUD $ but is charged in USD.

      1. I just received 2 dresses… one was absolute garbage. The other was so so. I wrote to Customer Service and they offered me a $30 refund. I paid 87.50 for the two dresses. The one was complete garbage so I insisted on a full refund +50% of shipping. They agreed and I received the refund into my PayPal account today.. I still paid too much for the one dress that was so so… But I just chalk it up as another lesson learned.

      2. I just received 2 dresses… one was absolute garbage. The other was so so. I wrote to Customer Service and they offered me a $30 refund. I paid 87.50 for the two dresses. The one was complete garbage so I insisted on a full refund +50% of shipping. They agreed and I received the refund if 47.50 into my PayPal account today.. I still paid too much for the one dress that was so so… But I just chalk it up as another lesson learned.

  3. I need to know when are you mailing my dress, needed for this name is Rita Pacin and I put the order week and a half ago. If you don’t respond I will have to call American Express for action.

  4. I have had a horrible time with my attempt to purchase from Capatee.
    It took a very long time to send the order, then the local delivery company pretended they had tried to deliver it. I confirmed they had the address right. I then tried to arrange to collect the parcel myself, only to be told that the sender had asked for it to be returned. Now they are refusing to refund me my money or resend the goods unless I pay additional shipping costs. This is an appalling way to treat a customer.

    1. I just had the same experience. I organised delivery to my work address. 6 weeks after placing the order they apparently attempted to deliver on a public holiday. When I received the notification I messaged the courier and asked them to redeliver but no response. I contacted Capatee and they said the dresses had been shipped back to them and I would have to pay shipping costs for their return! I asked for a refund and they deducted shipping costs, even though they offered free delivery. What a joke!!!

  5. Refunds are impossible. I spent $78 on a purchase and after a LONG time of weeks they got back to me offering me $15 instead of the total spent. No billing info came in directions for refund. Need to email them which nobody responded to until today.
    I think it’s a scam company. Outraged!

    1. Totally agree with you. Bought a top, which I liked very much, and a dress. The dress was way too big, and way too long. I would have had to cut off at least 1 metre, to make it fit. I’ve been in touch with Capatee, and they told me I should keep the dress, and they will give me $11. I live in the UK, so I have no idea how much $11 is, but not much, that I do know. They’ve now offered $20 and I must keep the dress. If a company are selling clothing, they MUST – surely – have a returns policy. So – just too bad if your item is too small, too large, whatever. They will not accept a return?! Really poor customer service, and I will never recommend this company to family or friends, and will never buy from them again. People need to know what is going on.!!

    2. I agree !!!! Ordered $105.00 for 3 items. Website site shows order from chart & clothes are true to size, made in US, and to be shipped from closest location to you. NJ is next to DE, but the items came from China, all tags were made in China, and nothing no wear near fit. You can only email them for assistance because no one ever answers the phone. I emailed for information how to return for refund. They offered $15 & me keep clothes, then offered $40 & me keep the clothes. I advised clothes were no good to me, and please advise shipping instructions for full refund. Next reply was they offered $52 & me keep clothes or I could return them to Dubai, but not worth cost of shipping. They gave me no return address. Definitely I would say this is a scam company. Still not got my money back and no more responses from them.

      1. Hi Carolyn, did you return it to the Dubai address? did they refund the money? i would like to know before i spend money sending back the merchandise. Thank you in advance.

  6. Appalling experience, no true refunds, in fact the returns is at the customer expense and it’s Dubai!
    The goods are not as described nor true to size. I would not ever waste my money dealing with them again

  7. 100% scam.
    I ordered in Canadian $$$$ which was offered.
    I got charged in American $$$. I cancelled within the 24hrs and have been getting emails offering me $5.00 off.
    Dresses have not arrived. I’m going to dispute it on my credit card.
    No customer service number.

  8. I too made the mistake of ordering from this scam website. I ordered from, where their website calls out that their product is made and warehoused in the US. I was billed by a fake site in China. I, as many, received a confirmation that the order shipped along with a tracking number to USPS which was not valid. Only way to contact them is through e-mail. I got the confirmation #8/16 then when I questioned about tracking I was asked to wait a few days. Then last week they said it shipped a few days before 8/25, with no tracking, by 8/27 they said there is a delay and can I wait a few days. So I have put in a dispute with my credit card company, reported their site as a scam on FaceBook, Google and Microsoft. Writing on any review site I can to warn people NOT to buy from this company.

    1. I honestly do not know how this website can give Capatee three thumbs up as being a legit company. The quality of the material and the workmanship on the clothing is complete garbage. I ordered two dresses, one appears to be made of tissue paper, and seems as if it was put together by a toddler. I used to cut and make rudimentary clothes when I was eight or nine years old that looked better. The other dress is only slightly better, and wearable just to go out and run errands. They offered me a $30 refund on an $87 purchase. I told them absolutely not, that I wanted a full refund of 3599 for the dress that was pure garbage +50% of shipping. That totaled $47.50. Watched my surprise, I received the refund that I requested the next day. At $40. I still paid far too much for the one dress that is marginally wearable, but I just chalk it up to a bad decision, ordering from an online company. steer clear of this company. The quality of their merchandise makes Walmart look like Nordstrom. .

  9. Please contact me re dress received by me on 26 August 2022. I received a small and I requested a medium, as I am an Australian size 14. I have not unpacked it. Info on packet is: 192127 S. POS:C25 – 04- 06. SKU:WD-652820. My phone no is 0409800704. Address: Gail Koning – 9 Elsey CRT, Pimpama. Qld. Australia. Thanking you in advance.

  10. Do not buy from them. They give you 1/5 the price for a return has you paid. They are full of scammers! Save your money and go to the mall!


    1. Really wish I had seen this review site before buying from Capatee. I, as the other reviewers have been caught out. Hoping people will see these reviews. I will always check on fortyreviews website before purchasing online again.

    2. I have just been caught also. I am in Australia. The dresses look absolutely lovely online but when you open the packages they are off poor quality and sizing is so bad. I emailed the company and asked for a full refund, received an email today to say that I could keep the goods and they would refund me USD$12.50. What a joke when my credit card was charged $130 approximately with the exchange rate. Certainly won’t be buying from here again and will certainly be telling others not to purchase also.

      1. My sister is having the same problem. She ordered a 2X top which was more like a Med size. They offered her $10 and keep the $40 top. She said no she wants a FULL refund… they keep trying to negotiate a price with her. This is a SCAM business. Do yourself a favor and do not order from them.

    3. Totally – 100% agree with you. Appalling customer service. Telling customers, who want to return a product, that they will offer a few dollars, and that you must keep the item. If any company is dealing in clothing, shoes etc. customers MUST be able to return any item that is unsuitable , to large, too small etc. This crowd do not do any of that. Stay away from them!!

  12. Order from them at your own expense! The White eyelet dress I ordered was not the beautiful, flowing dress as pictured. It was too tight and It had no shape to it. The neck line was covered in a sparkling silver braid type fabric which made it look cheap and ugly. The reviews for this dress had to be fake. They make it difficult to return, if at all. They say the reason for return has to be a defect and to just live with incorrect sizes. I still haven’t found the elusive Customer Service Dept. I just blew $106.

  13. Trying to find customer services for capetee. Looks like a scam. I wish I did not fall for this scam. Do not buy from them.

  14. I have had the same negative experience with this company. They have no return policy! And they do not refund the value of their product.

  15. I live in the UK
    I have had a similar experience as previous people who have commented. I will never buy from them again. I ordered 2 dresses which were totally unsuitable and was first of all offered $30 compensation and I could keep the items. I declined this and was then offered $46 . I decided to cut my losses and accept this amount . The local charity shop will be benefitting from these 2 dresses. Why on earth would anybody be interested in keeping unsuitable items? Don’t buy from them.

    1. Yes I was just offered $45US I live in Australia and they told me to keep the 3 unflattering non fitting dresses.
      Will not buy from them again. 🤬

  16. Received two dresses after a four week wait.
    They are so awful, material is of a nylon type and see through !!
    I had an email asking my opinion about the dresses, I told them I had given them to a local Charity shop,after spending £60, plus charges for conversion into dollars, which was not stated on the order.
    They offered me 14 dollars compensation and could keep the dresses !!
    Definitely once bitten twice shy comes to mind.

  17. Received 2 dresses today after weeks waiting both same size 1 fits the other dosnt and the material is not as described with not buy from them again . Said they were made in US . Scam has made in China on label

  18. I will never purchase from Capatee ever again. Their clothes are NOT made in the USA – and they DO NOT honor return or refund – as a matter of fact – offered me $5.00 and keep the product. NO – I paid $50.00 and the shirt does not fit right. They wouldn’t even take an exchange. After I declined the $5.00 offer, The offered $15.00 because it would be saving me money at the end in shipping fees. Again -NO- please give me the authorization number (as described in your website instructions for returns) so I can return for full refund. 1. Have not heard from them since I declined the $15.00 and keep the item 2. Sent several remails asking for a phone number – never received reply – THIS is how they make money – and is totally a scam – unfortunately I fell for it. I will report this company to the better business bureau. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM

  19. Facebook needs to take more responsibility . I have had zero response from their email and can’t find a correct customer service number.
    Has anyone had luck contacting FB for a refund?


  20. I can’t get Capatee to respond to my emails, I’ve been trying for two weeks. My 30 days will probably be up by the time I hear from them, if I hear from them. It’s really upsetting that these Facebook companies treat us so terribly. LESSON LEARNED.

  21. UGH. Should have learned my lesson from a dress I ordered from StyleWe, and I really checked out Capatee. Clothes are not made in the U.S. Clothes are made with recycled materials and do not say what, i.e. polyester, viscose, etc. I am fighting with them right now to return nine items for a total of $341.41. They are trying to bargain with me. Can you believe it? First email said they would refund $90 and I can keep the items. We are now up to $150. What a joke.

    1. I’ve had exactly the same experience as the above comments. What can be done? I spent over £200 buying clothes from them, which aren’t even fit to be used as dusters. Did anyone get the compensation money offered? I’m guessing not!

  22. I ordered a couple of items. Clearly the clothes are NOT made in the USA. I spent $82.00 and neither of the pieces could I wear, once I finally received them. I sent several e-mails to “customer service” and finally had an offer from them to keep the clothes (remember, the ones I couldn’t wear) and a refund offer of $16.00! I told them that I am reporting them to the state attorney generals office. This is a scam. Shame on me for not knowing better! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!

  23. Capatee says they offer refunds only if you contact customer service. I’ve to inquiries to their customer service department and received no answers. So, I’d be wary of this company because they have no easy way to contact customer service. I’ve tried and never receive an answer back.

  24. I will never purchase from Capatee. They share the clothes are made in USA but not true. They don’t honor return or refund for the price of the item that is how they make money. The return was not even 50% of the original price. The item was not even close to what the item looked like on the website.

      The clothes are very poor quality and not true to size. They will not refund your money and tell you to keep the garment instead. This is indicative of the value that they place on their product!!

      1. This is absolutely true. I made the mistake o buying from this scammer. The shipping took forever, and when I finally received the items, they all ran small and are made with cheap materials. I requested a refund and they refused. This is a horrible company. DO NOT buy from them. You will regret it.

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