Cbgsupport Com Reviews: Is It a Reliable Source?


Do you love cats? Are you having one in your home? Cats are one of the most beloved pet animals. They cuddle and give you a lot of love. There is a certain attachment to these cute animals. We love to buy cute accessories and toys all the time for them. You can find so many toys in stores, but hardly any online.

Thus, cbgsupport com brings you many interesting items for your cats. They are going to love the house and other toys. They even have other home accessories that your pets may ruin. However, you may be thinking, Is this site legit? We bring you cbgsupport com reviews to determine if it is worth your money.

Let us take you into further details of this website. We will look at the specifications and reviews as well today.

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About Cbgsupport Com


Cbgsupport com is an online platform that offers some exciting and creative articles. These can be the perfect gifts for your loved ones. They aim to make your life easier by providing authentic items. You can buy long-lasting and well-crafted pet accessories.

This brand is based on the motive of spreading happiness. It began in 2002 and provided you with the best products. It supplies these articles to more than 220 countries. They are working hard to earn your trust by providing great services.

What does Cbgsupport Com offer?

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They have a good range of items for your shopping. You can get the following articles here.

Cat gifts

Cbgsupport has many beautiful cat houses for them to play in. They may be one or two stories long, with sections to play in and out. They are available in many colors and sizes.

Dog houses

They even have an article about a dog house, in case you have one. They are the best ones to keep your puppy safe and sound.

Storage baskets

They have really beautiful baskets to keep your things in. You can keep toys and towels for your pets in them.

Velvet drapes

They also have good-quality curtains to keep your house pretty and safe from pets. The material is safe and does not get damaged easily by your pets.

Website Details

Let us have a look at the details of this website.

  • Cbgsupport Com got registered on December 5, 2021.
  • The website will expire on December 5, 2022.
  • Cbgsupport is registered under the name Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. d/b/a HiChina.

The website will expire within a month.

Cbgsupport Com Specifications


Let us have a look at the specifications of this website.

  • Cbgsupport Com is well-managed.
  • They are specifically offering pet products.
  • Every article is available with complete details and close-up pictures for your satisfaction.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee in case of any issue.
  • They offer worldwide shipping.
  • The shipment is sent through China Post, DHL, FedEx, and Lao Post Express.
  • Your personal information is kept safe at the time of checkout.
  • Every article is available in more than one color.

Price Ranges at Cbgsupport Com

You can get most of the items for under $30. The prices may vary, but they are mostly very reasonable. Moreover, the baskets and curtains are a little expensive. Depending on the quality, you can get the curtains for more than $100.

Discount Deals

They offer a very good deal if you buy more than one article. The following deals are available on the website.

  • Get a 20% off on buying two items.
  • Get 45% off on three items.

This is the best clearance sale you can find right now.

Shopping Limit

There is a limit to buying things from cbgsupport com. Your single order cannot exceed the limit of $49. If you want more items, you have to order them separately.

Customer Reviews Of Cbgsupport Com

The official website has some good comments from the buyers. One of them says that the cat tree lasts much longer than the price. Another one says that she received the best cat treat ever. The clients seem to be happy with the articles.

However, we could not find any other reviews. Even Trustpilot had not even a single rating.



  • The website has all the shipping details for different countries
  • They have good products in a wide range for your cats


  • The website will expire after one month
  • There are no reviews on other websites

Final Verdict

We are here with cbgsupport com reviews to find a good online brand for all cat lovers. You can get very exciting treats for your pet at this shop. The store has an excellent clearance sale going on. It may be because the website will expire soon, and they are selling everything now. However the official website has good reviews, but none are found on other platforms. Overall, it seems safe, and we recommend you try it once.

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  1. Yes I want to no where my order is the correct one that I paid for not some cheap compact cable that I got in the mail I want my 2 kitty towers that I paid for or u can give me my $49 dollars back asap or do I have to file charges for theft so which is it gonna be so please send me an email back on which one yall gonna do I want my order within 7 days or my money NOW and not a day later this site is nothing but a fraud

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