CCMOM Clothing Reviews: Best Online Stire For Baby Cloth Or Just A Waste of Money?

ccmom clothing reviews

The cute colored rompers, nickers, and shirts on the online site make you buy for your toddler. Indeed, shopping for your little one is always so much fun. You can spend thousands of dollars to make your baby cute. But sometimes, you waste your hard-earned money by buying poor quality and the wrong things. Indeed, online shopping has changed the shopping experience, but on the other hand, it offers many risks. Sometimes buyers get the faulty item and cannot exchange it. So, if CCMOM Clothing’s alluring images make you buy the article, read this blog first.

CCMOM clothing is an online children’s firm from Asia that sells around 20 million things annually. This brand is famous for top-quality and affordable fashion clothes for newborns and kids. It covers all the clothing needs that your baby boy or girl needs.

In this essay, we will study this brand in great depth: our primary focus will be user feedback, shipping, and exchange policies.

What is CCMOM Clothing?

CCMOM is one of the leading clothing firms in Asia. It mainly deals with the kids’ clothing. It covers both boys and girls and offers various accessories at the best rates. In 2005, a partner like you made this brand to cover all clothing needs, and for the last seventeen years, it is evident. They aim to offer the kid a top-notch life possible through their clothing. If you have toodles at home, then comfortable clothing is essential for healthy growth. 

Indeed, there are many clothing-making brands, but why is CCMOM the best? As per the brand, they never compromise on the quality of the stuff. Why is it best? It is because many firms offer low-quality items at cheaper rates. These firms guarantee to keep the balance between quality and price.

This brand is also conscious about the kids’ skin; they know their skin is sensitive and causes various skin issues. This is why they make sure to make the item in their factory.

CCMOM Clothing Products

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ccmom clothing reviews1

The online clothing store deals with all clothing needs for your younger ones. You can find a fantastic variety of boys’ and girls’ dresses on this site. They offer beach wear, undergarments, PJs, and family matching clothing. You can twin with your daughter by wearing the same attire.

This store has a clothing range from one year to six years with cute accessories. Their prices are a bit high because, for the same article, you will get it from Alibaba at affordable rates and in bulk. Even at Walmart, you can get quality clothing for your kids at a much lower cost.

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What Are The Customers’ Reviews?

Today, customer reviews matter a lot when it comes to online shopping. You cannot ignore the user feedback when it comes to buying online. 

We have not found any reviews about their products on their official website. But there are a few on the site. As per the feedback, users are happy with the services, quality, and design. Another buyer stated that shipping was on time and perfect for her daughter. So, on their official website, you can check feedback from happy buyers. 

But we have also studied the reviews from various platforms, like BabyCenter. One of the buyers stated that she bought some superhero items from this brand. So they haven’t contacted her for the order confirmation, and chatting with them was not satisfying. She added that this site looks shady.

Another buyer mentions, “I can’t even find their website or any social presence. That makes me think it’s dodgy!

This brand has a Facebook page, but we haven’t found any user feedback on their social media handle. CCMOM also has an Instagram page, and one of the users said that she loves dresses. Another buyer on Instagram stated that she loved the dresses and that the quality was highly recommended.

Is CCMOM Clothing a Scam or Legit? 

CCMOM Clothing Reviews legit or scam

Here is the query: is this brand legit or fake? We have conducted detailed research on the price; it is higher than other e-commerce stores. But there is a lot of good feedback from the users on their Instagram and official website. But as per BABAY Center, people say this website looks like a fraud.


 Are they safe to order from? 

We have not received any complaints about any fraud involving the buyers.

Does CCMOM Clothing Have A Good Return Policy? 

Yes, they have a good return policy of 0 days. If there is an issue with the size and you are unhappy with the quality, you can ask for a return. But the item has to be unwashed, unused, and not damaged.

Do They Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping on orders over $49.00.  

Can I Cancel My Order Without a Charge?

They do not offer order cancellation once you book the item. But you can contact their customer care team within 24 hours for the cancellation or wrong order.

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Customer Service 

Yes, they offer customer care services. You can contact them by filling out the form in the Contact us section.

Payment Options

Yes, they offer varied payment options for their customers.

  • Pay Pal
  •  Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  •  Google Wallet 
  • Apple pay

18 Reviews

  1. This is the scam!!!! Terrible customer service. Lied to me about delivery. The items were delivered to the wrong state. Took th 2 month to deliver it to me after series of complains. Once the items were delivered, it’s like someone sewed it by hands. No label,no nothing. Looks like cheap junk. Never returned my money back. People, don’t even spend you money and time for this cheap junk. They will never return your money back . They don’t even have return policy.They post pictures from somewhere else. Their real products look like cheap junk!!!!

  2. The clothing is terrible quality and not like the picture. I also didn’t receive all the products that I purchased, and did not get a refund after many emails claiming that they had refunded. Not worth the money or headache!

  3. Super clear this review was Definitely Definitely not written by someone from Asia who works for these types of companies. This is a legitimate review, with excellent spelling and grammar. It was clearly written by a person with a strong grasp on English. 5 stars, would highly recommend.

  4. I bought thinking these were Mini Boden clothes. Joke’s on me. Typical Chinese Bait and Switch. They steal other companies designs/photos and when you get the clothes, it is cheap and so poorly made, looking nothing like the photos. When I ask for the refund, as they clearly state they will honor refunds within 30 days, they refuse to give it to me. They are now trying to con me again by telling me to keep my clothes in exchange for a 10% coupon for a future purchase! I have no intend of ever buying from this company again. Why would I want a coupon to buy high priced, low quality crappy clothes? Time to call my bank and warn others. STAY AWAY! You have been warned!

  5. I ordered and received my items. Took about 6 weeks. I read on an FB review that it took 4-6 weeks, so I planned well ahead. Quality of the clothing was excellent. Would definitely order again.

  6. I ordered items on November 27. I reached out to company on December 12 because my items still had not shipped. I received a very automated response. I responded again, reminding the company that their website states items will dispatch in 1-3 business days. I received the same automated response. I have continued going back and forth with the company the entire month of December. I even asked them to cancel my order when it was obvious my girls’ Christmas dresses would not arrive in time. The company offered to let me keep the items (that’s assuming I actually get them, ha!) and they will give me 10% back. I finally called my credit card company today and they are going to dispute the charge. IF I do receive my dresses, it will be too late for Christmas. I will still push to return them for a full refund.

  7. I ordered from this site nearly a month ago. I ordered Christmas outfits for my grandkids. Needless to say, they’re not wearing them. The website does not have a customer service phone number. They only have an email address. I’ve reached out only to receive a very poorly written email saying sorry, don’t worry, I’ll get tracking information next week. Well, next week is Christmas so that’s pointless. I’ve tried contacting them twice since with no response.

  8. We placed an order Nov 5 and it is now 29th. No shipping confirmation. We have emailed several times and each time they insist item will ship soon but then never does. Cute looking clothes but not worth the hassle. By the time the items arrive Christmas will have come and gone and we specifically ordered Christmas dresses. Sad. Frustrating.

  9. I ordered almost 3 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten any shipping notification. I emailed asking to cancel and didn’t get an answer until I reached out to Klarna to see if they could help cancel my order. Seems fishy.

  10. Like others above, I ordered some items and I am still waiting for them, 22 days later. They’ve sent no email update after the first confirmation email.
    I’m starting to think it might be a scam site.

  11. Did they write this article themselves?? I’m glad I used PayPal to protect myself in case I don’t end up getting my order. It’s only been a week with no shipping notice but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now

  12. I got some really cool colorful and striped tops for my 2 year old boy at ccmom. Tractors, rainbows, bunnies, storm clouds. And trucks of course. All in fun, bright colors which he LOVES.

  13. I ordered cloes to 10 items and am very pleased! One pair of leggings was the wrong size but the quality seems good and TTS.

  14. I placed an order that was never shipped out
    Customer service only answered my first concern saying it could take up to 15 days to ship but when the 15 days passed and I followed up they did not get back to me.
    The customer service email on their website also links to a gmail 😐 doesn’t look legit at all. Best to call your card provider have the charge cancelled and have them investigated

  15. The clothes I ordered took a little time to arrive but they were definitely worth the wait! Cheapppp prices, high quality! And super duper cute. It’s well worth the wait. I will 100% be ordering again.

  16. I ordered a dress for my granddaughter from this company. The delivery time was to be 15 days. It is now 38 days later. When I made negative comments on their fb page, they were deleted. They also cut off my ability to comment on their fb page! I have no merchandise and they have my money. I will never know about the quality of the fabric so I cannot make a complaint about that. Buyer Beware!

  17. I ordered a couple items from this website because they look ALOT like mini Boden, my favorite brand. I still have not received my order, and it’s going on three weeks now.

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