Cevaf Clothing Reviews: Is It Another Scam Or The Best Clothing Store In Town?

Cevaf Clothing Reviews

The weather is starting to change, and you must be upgrading your wardrobe. You must have unpacked your sweaters, jeans, and other stuff from the last year. But you will find nothing suitable to wear for this Christmas or Thanksgiving. I think it’s time to go shopping for some more inexpensive items. Many websites claim to offer the best picks, but the choices are limited. Today we will focus on the cevaf clothing reviews.

Cevaf clothing is a UK-based brand. It has the address of London, England. This store is mainly filled with women’s clothes and has some top-notch winter attire. But can you buy it from this store?

In this question, we will focus on the various facts and determine whether they are too good to be true. Our primary focus here will be customer feedback and shipping and return policies.

Are you looking for a website to help you upgrade your winter closet? Then we have a few suggestions for you. These are the names that you trust blindly. Many names claim to sell quality stuff on the internet, but all are fake. It would help if you did something worth money. Why do you not have a look at the following picks?

  1. Dr. Martens is 52% famous among buyers.
  2. The next on the list is Tu Clothing, which is 52% popular.
  3. How can you ignore H&M, with 51% of its fame among UK buyers?
  4. What about Reebok with 51%fames? This comes on the pricey side.
  5. Mothercare with 50% fame.
  6. Also, the Rayban population is 49%.
  7. Lacoste is 49% famous.
  8. The last on the list is Converse, and it is 48%.

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Besides all the leading online stores, at the top of the list is Amazon. It is one of the leading global e-commerce platforms, with USD 17,078 million in e-commerce sales. It has made millions of dollars only from UK buyers. Tesco followed Amazon UK’s net sale of $9,505 million. With earnings of USD 6,291 million, Argos is in third place. 

So, where does the Cevaf clothing stand? Can you trust this name? Let us find out more about this brand in detail.

About cevaf clothing 

Cevaf clothing is a London-based online store. When we visited their website, they mentioned their story in great detail. This brand did not exist until late 2016 and had been working as a supplier and maker. 

Their workers and designers have made lovely dresses for millions of people in the last ten years. Watching their client share images online with a smile on their faces made their day. They have found that their clothing range brings happiness to the buyer’s life.

Today, they are running their business under the label of CEVAF. They sell items directly created by their factories with top-quality stuff. They make sure to offer the buyers’ articles at low rates. Here they believe in the benefit of both makers and buyers.

Cevaf consists of a small team of enthusiastic and creative people who love to make a difference in the fashion sector.

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What do they have for the buyers?

When you visit their website, you can see various sections like:

  1. TEES
  4. Fall & Winter

They have recently launched a new collection for fall and winter. There you would find the following:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Cardigan
  • Hoodies

The items are on significant sale, and you can avail of further discounts by using their discount coupons.


Cevaf Clothing Reviews legit or scam

Are they offer the best rates?

Yes, we have compared the prices of similar items on eBay, and Amazon Cevaf offers the best rates.

Do they offer free shipping?

Yes, they do offer free shipping on orders over USD 79.

Is there any discount code?

Yes, use the code SAVE5 and get 5% off.

Is this a USA-made dress?

All dresses are made in the USA. But they have warehouses in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

What sizes are they offering?

  • XL

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

30 Days Money-back Guarantee

Cevaf Clothing Reviews: What are buyers saying about it?

On their official website, we have found great feedback from buyers. Some of them are as follows:

One of the buyers bought the two khaki pieces. She stated that “I have several sets of these sets.” They are comfy and stylish. perfect for everyday wear. I advocate for these whenever possible. I’m 5’9 and weigh 200. I bought an XL, it’s more comfortable. “

Another buyer stated, “These are so comfortable, warm, and fit really well. I’m 5ft 0in/135lbs and ordered a small. It fit exactly as I hoped it would – loose enough to be comfortable but fitted enough not to be baggy. I’ve already ordered more. “

Reviews on Trust Pilot

On the Trust Pilot, it got 77 percent of five stars. The buyer stated, “I honestly didn’t expect it to look like the pictures, but to my surprise, it is more than that. The quality is good and the color is gorgeous I am very satisfied and glad I made the order and thank you,”



  • There is a significant discount.
  • There is free shipping.
  • They are offering 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • It has plus sizes.
  • great feedback from the buyers.


  • In their contact us section, they have mentioned the address of London, UK.
  • You need to return items to that address only.

Final Verdict

We have concluded that this website is legit. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. Besides everything, it has excellent reviews from the buyers on Trust Pilot.

2 Reviews

  1. Was going to purchase dress but it added £15 on at end for shipping. Why would I pay that if they have London warehouse. Not convinced.

  2. Ineed to return two items as they are too small. They say I need to get auhorization for a return, but I can find no
    where on their website to contact a person for a return. It is very frustrating. I want to return the items before the 30
    day return policy has expired.

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