Glitzy Girlz Boutique: What to Know Before You Buy

glitzy girlz boutique reviews

Do alluring websites with engaging images make you buy new things? When those websites have the perfect Instagram pages with tons of followers, you quickly fall for them. Do you know that anyone can now increase their following through social media handles? So what does that mean? It shows that you cannot trust any random website when buying things. You need to conduct complete research. Now you might be thinking, what are the things you need to look for? Firstly, review websites for buyers’ reviews after checking whether they offer shipping and return policies. The first thing we will review today is the Glitzy Girlz Boutique..

Glitzy Girlz Boutique Reviews: The Perfect Store for Women Needs Is it too good to be true?

It is a US-based online store that deals with women’s wear. It tries to cover the needs of women, from dresses to accessories. You have sizes ranging from small to 6xl. You can say it is a one-stop shop for all of your shopping needs. But can you trust this name?

This post will focus on the customer’s feedback about the brand. We will study their shipping and refund policies. Can you trust your hard-earned money when it comes to online shopping? Before that, let us check what to look for before buying anything online.

What things do you need to consider while buying anything online?

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So the main query is what things one needs to consider when purchasing anything online. If you’re new to online shopping, it is a must to look for the following items:

The top five things buyers need to consider when purchasing online

  • Availability of free shipping. It is a vital choice as buyers have come to expect it from each online vendor. 
  • The next thing on the list is user-friendly. The website and other functions need to be user-friendly.
  • After that, check their payment methods. 
  • Are they offering reasonable return and cancellation policies?
  • The last one is the most important, and you cannot ignore it. It is online reviews of your business.

About Glitzy Girlz Boutique

It is an online store that deals with standard to plus size clothes. When we visited their website, it had an extensive collection of women’s wear accessories. The store’s main motto is to focus on the body’s psychology. The company each body shape has the right to look lovely and gorgeous.

They began their business as the bow makers for Felicia Herron-Herron, earning a lot from it. They currently provide services to Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

So, a few years back, this firm launched its clothing, graphic tees, and jewelry lines.

What are the items at the glitzy girlz boutique?

This site has lovely dresses and alluring shoes. It has a separate section for the accessories to complete the look. The one thing that made it the best was its size. Here you will find plus sizes of dresses for women. It has covered everything :

  1. Tops
  2. Bottom
  3. Lounge wears
  4. dresses 
  5. More


Is there any discount?

  • 50% OFF Site Wide.
  • Share a $5 discount link with your friends and family, and earn $5 for every purchase they make.

Do they offer plus sizes?

Yes, they offer sizes up to 6 xl.

Do they offer free shipping?

The free shipping is only Wholesale.

Is it a USA-based brand?

Yes, it is.

How do you contact them?

  •  214-856-3054

Do they offer a free return?

  • Yes, for the Wholesale:
  • Free returns for risk–free buying
  • Net 60 terms for stress–free payments

What is their mode of payment?

What are buyers saying about these brands?

Reviews on Facebook

Blair Smith doesn’t recommend Glitzy Girlz Boutique (Glitzy Girlz Boutique Mega Store)

As per her, “Terrible customer service.” I waited over a month to never received a package from them. They said the address was incorrect when it was correct. “

Theresa Wells Shatley doesn’t recommend Glitzy Girlz Boutique (Glitzy Girlz Mega Store).

“An item on sale should not mean it can’t be returned unless a company is 100% sure its sizes are accurate. I ordered 2 sizes bigger than usual, knowing I’ve been burned by Japanese online sizing. I’m still too small, and now I’m out of every penny. “

Reviews on Yelp

There are two stars for this brand. The following is some feedback from the buyers:

One of the buyers states that “Great store! Lots of selection! It’s super busy and still friendly! I went to the FM location, and they had a vast outside sale. “

There is another unhappy buyer, “Do not order from them if you want your order within a decent time frame.” Not much else to say since I don’t have the product to review, and I am wondering if I ever will. “

Another unhappy buyer stated, “My daughter had purchased an Apple Watch band for my wife for Mother’s Day.” After two short months, the color is rubbing off. My wife emailed them asking for a replacement, and they responded with a vulgar response and said they would not exchange or refund it because it had been worn. The watch band was 25 dollars, but it was not worth 25 cents. The customer service is horrible, and the products are cheap overpriced knock-offs from Vietnam. I would suggest you buy anywhere but here.”



  • Massive variety of dresses and shoes
  • It offers plus sizes
  • Great discounts
  • they offer wholesale


  • There is no great feedback from the buyers about their services
  • There is no free shipping expect wholesale


We have reviewed this website thoroughly. We have found that this website has no great reviews. People are facing issues with refunds and exchanges. Here we advise you to do your research before placing any order online.

4 Reviews

  1. Do not order from this place . They are clearly headed to being out of business. I’m an attorneys wife and I placed an order and never got it , my bank is in the process of investigating this place . Good Luck Glitzy you’re being exposed.

  2. I ordered on October 9th & the 15th. I received a shipping email confirmation for my first order as well as an email to review the items pretty much back to back. Then I received an email that one of the items is no longer available. Mind you I’m under the impression it’s shipped only to find out they just marked the order fulfilled and created a shipping label on an item they do not even have in stock. I am offered to pick a pair of shoes of equal value or receive a refund. I request a refund of the entire order which was the shoes and a $3 pair of earrings bc who wants to pay $8 to ship a $3 pair of earrings. Their response is they can only refund the item that is not in stock and basically I’m stuck with paying $8 to ship a $3 pair of earrings. THEN I get an email that my other order has been refunded NOT the pair that they said wasn’t in stock. I respond and let them know they refunded the wrong item. Their response….wait for it. “I had to refund you from your unfulfilled order since our system will not allow us to refund items on an already fulfilled order.” WHAT? What kind of system is this? So now if these shoes do not fit I can’t return them bc supposedly I have been refunded for these.
    UPDATE: My second order arrived with the wrong pair of shoes. I email them and let them know and guess what! “We show you have already been refunded.” Due to them refunding me from my “unfulfilled order” and not the correct order and marking it shipped in their system and only creating a shipping label before even checking if my item was in stock. In the end after sending screenshots of the emails explaining to them what they did in the first place I ended up finally getting a refund. Items are not updated correctly on the website and you are allowed to purchase items that are not even in stock and you are not allowed to cancel or receive a refund. Only a store credit is allowed. I have made 3 orders and will never order again. Customer Service is lost on this company and their policies suck! They only care about their bottom line.

  3. I ordered from Glitzy Girls and the site says shipping within 3-5 days. At 10 days out I requested a refund and was given a story about being behind and the request ignored. A week later, another time frame further back than the 1st and still ignored the request for a refund. TOTAL SCAM!

  4. I ordered from them.they canceled my order 2 min later. They have my money and claimed my bank put a fraud hold on it. Not true. They scammed me $ 168.35

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