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Cheyneerrin Reviews

Are you searching for, whether it is real or a scam? If so, then you have picked the right article. Get all the details of this brand and make your drive comfortable and smooth.

In the past few years, online shopping has become popular, and numerous people, from teenagers to mature adults, buy things from online stores. People shop from food items to car accessories from online stores. But sometimes, while buying from an online brand, the product is not of prime quality.

So are you searching online to buy the perfect tires for your car? If so, you might have visited various online stores consisting of The name is situated in the USA and deals with top-notch tires. But is it another scam website or legit? You must ensure some safety measures before purchasing from this site. Read Also: Evfsrepos Reviews


The United States based store that deals with high standards and top-notch quality of tries among various brands. You will also get various choices depending on your car’s model and make. Cheyneerrin is an online shop selling various sizes and tires for cars, tractors, passenger vehicles, and pick-ups. The cheyneerrin store also deals with custom Hawaii t-shirts for men in various designs to fit the fashion essentials of online buyers. This site offers free delivery and shipping, consisting in the USA. The Cheyneerin is the Eagle Nest Development Crop Member.

They claim that their quality check team checks the item quality in detail. Cheyneerin team, evaluate each thing with great depth. If they find issues with any items, they reject that thing promptly. 

Indeed this store has mentioned the contact details and the email address, but is the query real? Before deciding on this name, we advise you to read the article to clarify any doubts.

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Is Legit or Scam?

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On the website, you can find a variety of things to the customers, from t-shirts to car tires. But as you all know, the online scans are on the higher side, and many people are getting hooked on each scam. So, we will guide the reader about this name and suggest they consider the following points before placing any orders from this. 

These Cheyneerrin Reviews will guide you to learn if this site is authentic.

Registration Date: 19 OCT 2021 is the making date of this . It shows the site is about 7 months old. 

Registrar: It is a registered name, and the Wild West Domains, LLC certified this site.

Buyers Reviews: Do, Is Scam? This site looks like a scam as it does not have any reviews on the official page. 

Social Media Handle: It looks like this site has on social media handle, which is odd in this digital era. 

Policies: Indeed, it has pretty amazing policies noted in a detailed way. Thus, it draws the focus of the buyers.

Founder: We are unable to get the funder’s name. But the email and other contact details are there.

Product Quality: There is no review on its items, neither on Instagram or other social handles, so the quality is not sure.

Prices: Indeed, their product prices are lower than Walmart’s. There is a notable difference in the prices. Would Like: Mbenzgram Complaints

Website Quality: It is acceptable

Contact and Address: on the, you can find the Address and contact details. They have mentioned their email id, phone number, and Address but no social handle. Their Miami store email address, i.e., eaglenestlakes@outlook .com, is the free email ID but not the domain-specific one. The Maryland email address, i.e.,, is also not linked to the store domain name

Shipping and Refund: According to the offer 7 days for the return request. Buyers must raise the request via email within one week of item delivery. They issue the refund after checking the order.

It also offers free delivery for US orders. They ship the order in one to five days. they use the following for dispatching the orders:

Customer Reviews On

On their website, there is no review from the customers and on any other online platform. Don’t Forget: Eaeoo Car Seat Covers Reviews

Promotions and Discounts:

They claim to offer the items at affordable rates that no legit site is offering right now. Their rates are incredibly low as compared to the Black Friday sales.



  • Email , office address, and also phone number are accessible.
  • Https secures the domain.
  • Free shipping for customers in the United States.


  • No Reviews of the client on the online handle and official websites.
  • Social media means are missing.
  • Also, the founder data are missing.


The offer Maryland and Miami phone numbers, emails, and addresses. But the name of the founder is missing. Also, the customer reviews are not there. It has no social handle, and it makes the site scam. So the buyers might think twice before buying from it. If you still like to purchase from this store, then take the step, Wisely.

7 Reviews

  1. They beat me out of 200 dollars I’m sitting here waitn on my tires. Haven’t seen them it’s been a whole month I’m passed off

  2. It is a scam.
    I ordered 6 tires
    Nothing was shipped
    No one responds to complaints
    They take the money and run!
    They need to be hacked up with machetes like they do in other areas of the world.
    That will stop their stealing!

  3. This is a scam.
    The phone number provided does not work. No email responses. The address shows a residence not a business.
    it says for a refund to click on a page that does not exist.

  4. The phone number does not work. No email response. They charge extra fees per transaction that’s not mentioned in the sale. Items don’t arrive. No email showing transaction or email to confirm shipping information. Only proof you get you bought something is the confirmation page once you enter your card information. It is not a legit company! They also used a logo similar to Walmart and had a lock on webpage to make it appear legit. Be aware and pay a respectful tire place to avoid being scammed.

  5. Henry said it best. All you have to do is check out the address and phone # to tell it is a scam. They advertised 2 tires and rims that Im looking for for $49.00. The shipping cost would be more than this. Im gonna keep shopping

  6. The address listed is a private very nice looking private home in a moderately upscale development. the phone number goes to a private individual that is not associated with any business. The price listed for tires is approximately one third the price at normal discount dealers. they list free shipping for the tires, and the typical cost of shipping for a tire is nearly equal to the price they are listing for the tire plus shipping. i think this is a scam.

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