Mbenzgram Complaints: Mbenzgram Makes Your Car Special. Is It Too Good To Be True?

Mbenzgram Complaints

Online shopping has become a need, a demand, and a necessity. You can not spend hours and hours roaming the market and searching for products. Do you know what it cost you? It costs fuel, wear and tear on your vehicles, effort, and force money. What if you are not able to buy the right piece of yourself? So here is the solution to today’s world. Online shopping has become a trend. It brings comfort to you. All you need to do is to sit on the coziest sofa and buy the right product. Indeed, e-commerce stores are famous for household items and clothing, but do you know about car accessories? Yes, you have heard me right now. You can get the real part of your car at the best rates.

MBGRAM is an online store that deals with car parts. It is a USA-based shop that offers its buyers top-class car parts at the best rates. But is it too good to be true?

You cannot trust any random person on the Internet. So today, we will review the MBGRAM in detail. What are buyers saying about it? Do they ship it internationally? (maxnovahealthcare.com) Are there any reliable refund and exchange policies? Read Also: Evfsrepos Reviews

What is a good website for car parts?


These are the top five best websites to purchase auto parts online.

  1. Rock Auto: It is the best site to purchase auto parts. 
  2. NAPA: It offers top-class services and also auto parts online. 
  3. Advance Auto Parts: It is one of the leading battery dealers that anyone can ever find.
  4. Car-Part.com.
  5. CarParts.com.

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Who is the largest auto parts supplier?

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Mbenzgram Complaints1

Robert Bosch is a well-known auto parts supplier.

The world’s biggest auto parts dealer has its hands full this year.

Here is the list of the top 10 global suppliers.

Supplier     Sales       Previous Rank
Robert Bosch $46.56     1
Denso Corp   $41.81 2
Magna International $39.43 3

So, does Mbenzgrma offer the same services and auto parts as the world’s leading supplier? Let us find out about it in great detail.


Mbenzgram Complaints2

It is the USA bases Auto part supplier that deals with various brands of car auto parts. The main focus of Mbenzgramd is to offer buyers great automobile parts globally from the leading name in automotive design and performance. At this online store, they sell the item directly to the buyers and make them save around 10 to 15 % commission fee. So it is a reliable marketplace for you.

It is the name that deals with all the leading brands worldwide. You name it, they have it. You can have an adopter, airboxes, carbonator, tire, and whatnot. They have given their contact data if you have any queries about their services. So, can you buy from this website? Is it a legit name or another scam? Let us find out more about it.

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Is Mbenzgram com legit?

How can we tag any brand as legit or not? It all depends on the buyer’s review of that business name. So we have read the reviews on various websites about Mbenzgram.

On-Site Jabber

This online website has the buyer start if 4.38 out of 5 stars. Around 844 reviewers of Mbenzgram. So what does it tell us? It shows that most buyers are happy about the services. 

Clients satisfied with this online store most frequently say:

  • customer service
  • Free shipping
  • good price
  • The Mbenzgram ranks number one among Car Racing sites.

Where is Mbenzgram located?

Los Angeles, California Also Like: Pairr Max Reviews

Where is MBenzgram’s headquarters? 

It is in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Mbenzgram Complaints4

Is there any discount in Mbenzgram?

Yes, there is a 10 percent off on selected items. All you need is to use the code racing.

How to Contact Mbenzgram?

  • Email: sales@mbgram.com
  • Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM ET
  • USA: +1-530-778-4797

From where do they ship?

They ship from the USA.

How can YOU cancel the order?

Please email sales@mbgram.com to cancel your order and get a confirmation of the cancellation.

Do they deliver international orders?

Yes, they do deliver international orders.

Which items can buyers not return?

  1. Parts that show proof of being utilized, installed, handled, packaged, or shipped incorrectly.
  2. Custom-ordered items
  3. Hazardous materials like antifreeze, paint, etc.
  4. Tires and Wheels, after having been scaled


  • Deals with all brand
  • Ship internationally
  • Great reviews on Site Jabbar with 4 plus rating


  • Need to pay customs for international orders
  • only 29 per cent good reviews and 66 per cent bad reviews on the Trust pilot.

What is customers’ feedback about MBGRAM?

Mbenzgram Complaints legit or scam

Review on Site Jabber

Got my supercharger from mbenzgram. Great price and free shipping.

 They are legit. Thank you, Ashley.

 I will be back again for that suspension kit.

There is another great feedback from the buyers. Super fast replies and extremely helpful service. I messaged them just asking when I could expect the package to be shipped, and they replied fast, and my new exhaust system arrived within 24 hours of the message. Overall great company with good prices, 5/5.

Feedback on Trust Pilot

When I first received my order I was…

When I first received my order, I was missing a few pieces. I reached out and got a prompt response; I expressed the issue and was assured they would help rectify the problem. They have been in contact with me every step of the way. I received a new order within 2 days, and everything was perfect. I appreciate the fast response and professionalism.


I bought a 415.00$ part from them in September 2021. I never received it. After many emails where they blamed the manufacturer, I canceled. Then they told me they couldn’t return my money because it had been too long. I asked if they had the product in stock, and they said yes. I then reinstated the order and was told it would be sent immediately. That was almost two months ago. No explanation, no product, no money returned. This company is a scam, no doubt about it. Don’t buy from them.

2 Reviews

  1. After being scammed by this company I did a lot of research. They have scammed tens of thousands of dollars by never delivering your order. They generate false documents to BBB indicating a refund but customer never sees a refund. Need to be seriously investigated. Do not buy

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