Clay Advisors Reviews: Is It Really Helpful In Building The Finances?

Clay Advisors Reviews

Indeed, managing the finances is not easy after losing a job or with no reliable income source. Most of you don’t have a white-collar job and are searching for the means to live a happy and healthy life. So, here is the rule of various financial advisors: They offer you multiple plans that help you live your life smoothly. While surfing the internet, we came across the most hyped name, Clay Advisor. Most of you might be looking for reviews of this name. Today we are going to review this firm in great detail.

Clay Advisor is a USA-based firm whose main focus is on American residents. It offers many services for dealing with debts and offers private loans. As per the brand, it is certified. 

So today, we have gathered all the data about this name and what users say about it. So, are there any user reviews about this firm? Let us check it out. Would Like: Mctrpayment Com Legit

What is a Clay Advisor?

Clay Advisors is a USA-based debt consolidation firm. This firm aims to offer this firm aims in the USA with high-interest rates. So, this firm is interested in people with around 15,000 USD in debt along with high-interest rates. Also, it targets individuals with 420–749 FICOS rates. Hence, these loan advisor firms consolidate a mix of loans and payments consisting of the following and including auto loans:

  • The student loans 
  • The mortgages
  • More 

So they advertise themselves as the best advisors. So you are stuck in the stuffed inbox and credit calls? Do you know you can remove payouts and many bills with 1 month of simple payments at half of what you are paying? So, the Clay advisor claims that bills can be less stressful if you have reasonable interests. So, it is the firm that helps you to have reliable and high rates on your plans. 

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How to Avial The Services

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Clay Advisors Reviews1

They promote their services as the three keys to becoming debt free. So, let us find out what those top three vital points are.

The first key is to complete our application.

So, as per the firm, they are not asking for anything tricky. They like to know your financial level. Remember this; it will not impact your credit score. Here comes the second key to the second step of the service.

The Second

Once you fill out the form and share your financial status within one hour, your advisor will contact you. The main purpose is to

  1. To find out about the client
  2. Make them learn the methods.
  3. They will deal with any client queries about the firm and the plan.

The Third Key

Now Clay Advisor knows the client’s financial status and discusses all other queries. The third step comes. From there client starts making payments of around 50 percent less than the current payment.


Clay Advisors Reviews legit or scam

How to begin?

It is a simple process; you only need to visit the website and click on the “about us” part. From there, hit the icon and read more. It will redirect you to the page to fill out the form. Read More: Coffee Break Loans Reviews

On the form, you need to mention and give all the vital data for the process.

Do they have an interest rate calculator?

So, would you like to learn how much you can save? If so, then there is a calculator for you.

  • In the first part, enter your estimated debt balance.


  • After that, enter your estimated current monthly payment.


  • Then enter your average annual percentage rate.


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Now hit the calculate option.

You will get the following:

  1. Following your current payment plan, you will pay the total interest of
  2. $ to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.
  3. Clay Advisors Rate: With Clay Advisors, you will pay the total interest of
  4. dollars.

How does the user know if he qualifies for Clay Advisors’ unsecured low-interest debt loan?

You are eligible for this plan if you:

  • The consumer of 15,000 US dollars has a notable interest rate. 
  • You have a 420 to 740 Fico secure rate.

What is the motto of the plan?

Their main motto is to support the client’s lower interest than they currently pay on various unsecured credit cards.



  • bill and loan payments at a lower interest rate.
  • As per the client, he wouldn’t get numerous calls from creditors because of on-time payments to the creditors.
  • This website has a % trust score
  • 58.4% business level,
  • low 28% of suspicious sites,
  • poor 4,968,549 Alexa Ranking


  • As per the users, there is nothing special about their services.
  • They charge the client a hefty fee for the services.
  • This website or form has different names, which makes it questionable.
  • Alamo Associates
  • At White Mountain Partners
  • Colony Associates
  • Pine Consultants,

Clay Advisors Reviews: What are clients saying?

Customer feedback is a must for such plans and interests. Don’t Miss: Innovation Refunds Reviews

Reviews on the website

Julia, of South Bend, IN, stated, “ I thought my debt was under control. I transferred my balance to a new card with a ‘zero’ interest rate. Of course, no one explained to me that the rates would skyrocket after a few months. Suddenly, I had more debt than before. I don’t know how I would be able to move forward in my life without Clay Advisors. Thank you, Clay Advisors.

Another happy client,

DAMON Colorado Springs, Co., stated, “They say a failure to plan is a plan to fail. They were right. I had been laid off, and while I believed I could get a job quickly, I was very wrong. After 3 months, I had to move in with my parents. I had no emergency savings. The only thing I did have was credit card debt. Lots of it. And, the companies that were called to my home found me at my parents’. It wasn’t very pleasant. When I got the offer from Clay Advisors, I didn’t think I would qualify. I was relieved that they were there for people like me. Thank you, Clay Advisors, for helping me get on track.”