Clout Pay Reviews – Is Paid4Clout A Scam Or Legit?

clout pay reviews

When you visit the website Paid for Clout (Paid4Clout), you are astonished at the first thing you see. No, it’s not that Clout Pay changed its name to Paid for Clout but if Clout Pay is a scam or not?

Reviews on Clout Pay very well say that it is a scam but upon inquiring myself, I decided to write my own review.

What Is Clout Pay?

I will get into more details such as talking about is Clout Pay Real?, reviews on Clout Pay and debunk the Clout Pay scam later. First, it is important to mention here what Clout Pay actually is.

Clout Pay started in 2015 and is one of the most popular influencer networking sites.

The user interface of Clout Pay is actually pretty easy to understand. The website of the now called Paid For Clout has a simple interface and gets straight to the point about what it offers influencers.

It is quite motivating to see that websites like Paid For Clout exist to encourage influencers and help them in making money. The first thing you see on the website is that it actually tells you that you can make $500 on simple tasks and earn $10-$15 by inviting friends or family.

Ideally, it is too good to be true but in this digital age, anything is possible and so is Clout Pay. Believe me, Clout Pay is real.

How Paid For Clout works?

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The process of signing up on the Paid for Clout website is really simple. I will explain in Steps how it works.

Step 1: The first step to Paid for Clout is simply signing up as on any other website. By signing up on the Paid for Clout website, you’ll become a part of a community of influencers.

Step 2: The next step on the Paid for Clout website is even easier than the first. You’ll get your referral link and you can easily share your referral link anywhere with friends and family.

Step 3: Paid for Clout pays you in different ways. You can get money either through PayPal, Cash App, BitCoin or a check can be sent at your email address.

Interestingly enough, the ways Paid For Clout pays influencers is pretty simple. I have already mentioned getting paid by referring to friends but the other ways are just as simple.

You can upload a YouTube video for $50.00 praising the Paid For Clout about what it has given you as an influencer and destroy the Clout Pay scam narrative.

Other ways than YouTube include completing the wall task for $30.00, getting clicks of your links for $2.00, downloading apps for $10.00 and finishing surveys for $25.00. How cool is that?

Don’t fall for the Paid for Clout reviews, once you sign up your experience will be totally different and you will realize how bogus the conspiracy about the Paid for Clout scam is.

Is Clout Pay Real?, Reviews on Clout Pay and the Clout Pay Scam    

The topics; is Clout Pay real? Reviews on Clout Pay and the Clout Pay scam go hand in hand.

I will be covering them in this section together. In case readers do not get confused, I would like to mention here that Paid for Clout is the new name for Clout Pay website. I’m using both the names Paid for Clout and Clout Pay so readers know which website I am talking about here.

While reading this review, you surely could not have controlled your excitement and may have well Googled Clout Pay or Paid for Clout. To your disappointment, you might have come across negative reviews on Clout Pay and calling Clout Pay a scam. It would have made you question is Clout Pay real?

Well, no need to worry about it. Those reviews are from competitor websites which are trying to bring Paid for Clout down.

Think of it this way, have you heard of any other influencer networks that offer such handsome amounts? Absolutely not, that is why calling Clout Pay a scam in Clout Pay reviews is a conspiracy by rival influencer networks and other companies to bring Paid for Clout and some people, unfortunately, do fall into that trap.

However, the Paid for Clout community is a strong one and it keeps on growing so negative reviews on Clout Pay or labeling Clout Pay a scam is not going to bring it any time soon.


I would like to conclude with sharing my own experience on being part of the Paid for Clout community.

I was skeptical as well at first due to the negative Clout Pay reviews; however, I decided to check it out anyway. To my surprise, Paid for Clout has been a blessing for an influencer like me.

I always wanted to be in the league of the famous influencers. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to reach that level.

Luckily for me, I came across Paid for Clout and ironically it were the negative Clout Pay reviews which made me think that what if it is not actually bad as they say. My gut feeling proved for right and I’m glad did not fall to the Clout Pay scam conspiracy.

Paid for Clout has been a blessing for me. I have made a lot of money thanks to the simple to use and easily explainable Paid for Clout website.

I would recommend readers here to visit the website instead of reading the negative reviews. There is a section titled proof which easily tells you that calling Clout Pay a scam is completely bogus and nothing more than an attempt to bring the website by putting up negative Paid for Clout reviews. Do not fall into any of it.

You can simply visit the Paid for Clout website right now. Sign up and follow the steps. They are really easy as I have said and within no time you will become a successful rich influencer thanks to Paid for Clout. So what are you waiting for? Visit the Paid for Clout website right now. You won’t be disappointed. I assure you.