Coacia Clothing Reviews: Is This Brand Legit or Just Another Scam of Women’s Clothing

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About Coacia Clothing

Coacia is a clothing brand that encourages small designers who have the potential to produce beautiful and unique designs. They produce clothes such as tops, tees, cardigans and sweaters, camisoles and tanks, sweatshirts, and formal and casual dresses. They are unbiased and promote new and emerging designers.



  • Promoting new designers
  • Creative designs
  • Various payment options are available


  • The brand is not registered
  • Very long delivery time
  • Low-quality products

Today we will review the coacia clothing website to find out whether this website is helpful in providing quality products, about their shipment procedure if this is a legit website or a scam, the payment method used, is their prices reasonable, reviews of customers, their exchange and return policies and much more to guide you.

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About the Coacia clothing brand:

They claim to be working in this field for more than ten years and they provide quality products on a low budget. They encourage the work of emerging talented new designers. Their no middle man policy is the reason for their low rates.

Is Coacia Clothing Legit or a Scam?

is coacia clothing legit

Although on their website details like address and phone number are mentioned but there are many things that point out that they are a scam like their return and exchange attitude with the customer, they do not refund and to find more about their legality read this blog aspect to be clear and save from their scams. 

Who is the Founder?

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The name of the founder and designers have not been disclosed by the website due to privacy policy. Coacia clothing says that due to their service agreement they are bound to keep the names of their team private and will not disclose their names.

Who is the Domain Registrar and Date?

The domain registrar is NAMECHEAP INC and the date on which the domain was registered is 2021-11-08. The registrant details are not available due to privacy policy. The registration will expire on 2022-11-08.

How to Contact?

To contact they have provided an email address that is They have also mentioned their address which is XBP International LTD, 145-157 St.John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW. 

They have mentioned their phone number as following: +447482875871

Is The Address Real?

We were not able to verify this address as their original address. We believe that they are providing wrong information about their address and the address is not real. A legit company never tempers with its details, the companies which are scams or have some hidden purposes do so.

What are the Payment Options?

Different payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club International, and Amex. You can also make your payment through PayPal.

What is the Product Quality?

The quality of the product is very cheap. There were reviews on trust pilot that the outfits shown in images were different from what they received after ordering. Their designs looked completely different. The worst thing is the quality of the material either it is too sheer, or it causes itchiness and is highly uncomfortable to wear.

Are the Prices Reasonable?

In my opinion, prices are not reasonable if compared to the quality of the product. Their price ranges from $29.99 to $69.99. Their tees are in the range of $30 and the two pieces vary in price but roughly they cost $59.

Is There A Good Shipping Policy?

The shipping policy seems reasonable. They offer free delivery on orders above $79. The shipping charges vary with the service provider you chose and the region or country you live in. Your purchased goods will reach you within 35 business days.

Is There a Hassle-Free Return Policy? 

Yes, they have mentioned their return and exchange policy on coacia website, which is as following:

To make return/trade administration as simple as could really be expected, kindly observe the rules as underneath:

1: Please contact with our client care to get a return/trade approval and return address in no less than 30 days upon receipt. We don’t acknowledge the returned bundle without approved from client support.

2 : Only in the event that our items have quality issues, we will acknowledge return request.And if it’s not too much trouble, permit a smidgen tone and size distinction, this is inescapable.

3 : All returned items should be in their unique condition, unworn, unwashed, with unique labels and the undies defensive strip unblemished. Things got back with clear use, cosmetics, antiperspirant, fragrance, or comparable item stains will be dependent upon refusal.

4 : Please return through your nearby mailing station to keep away from charge and incorporate your finished up return/trade approval structure in your bring bundle back. Any lost or harmed on the way are the obligation of the client, so make certain to track your following number as a kind of perspective. If it’s not too much trouble, note that we don’t acknowledge bundles returned utilizing C.O.D. administration.

5 : Once we have gotten the returned bundle, we will send email warning and organize a trade or a discount inside 7 work days.

Although they have mentioned the details. But no, the refund is not hassle-free. To know more read the reviews of customers and also customer services below.

What is the Website Quality?

The website quality is remarkable. All the redirects are working perfectly fine. They have given their social media icons and links too.

Is Website Secure?

Yes, the website is SSL secured.

Is the Brand Registered?

No, coacia is not registered with BBB.  So, think about one more tie before purchasing from them.

What are the Ratings on Other Platforms?

Their Facebook page was created on November 16, 2021. So, it has a  very less number of followers and likes and it has no product reviews on Facebook, 1067 people are following its Facebook page. They have more number of followers on Instagram, they have about 5941 followers. 

The strange thing is they have no customer reviews or ratings on these platforms.

How is the Customer Service?

Coacia claims to have excellent customer service but the reality is literally the opposite of their claim. Customers said they have a very bad experience, their emails were not answered timely. When they want to return a product the customer services of coacia want that customer should not return the clothes and they will refund a very small portion of their payment and the customer can keep the dresses.

The question is the dress is not of their size what will they do with it? The customer needs their money back not the cheap dress that does not even fit.

What are The Customer Reviews?

On their website, there are no customer reviews for several products. On social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, they do not receive a single comment. The only comment is of the author that is of some promotion code.

We believe the reviews on their website are fake because on trust pilot there are negative comments too. Yes, some customers were satisfied and give good reviews but you should also consider the customers that claim they send different outfits of bad quality. The reviews state that they do not refund or the delivery was very late.

Should You Order From Coacia Clothing? (conclusion)

Considering all the points mentioned above about coacia my suggestion will be to stay away from this website. You can not trust a website that is new and that does not provide full refunds. They also hesitate to exchange the product.

They never tell you the tentative date on which you will receive your parcel. Delivery time is long. Most importantly the quality of the outfits is unsatisfactory. So, think once again before purchasing from them.

Please be noted that we only assess a brand’s worth based on its online presence and popularity on social media. If you are a real buyer, please leave your feedback below to assist others.

17 Reviews

  1. Absolutely terrible. I am so mad at myself for not researching this company before buying from them. I agree with other reviewers. Took me a MONTH to get my order, yet they charged my card immediately. All 5 items I received were so cheaply made it’s laughable. They offered to refund me $50 of my $180 order!! Yet their website professes FREE and EASY returns. Clearly that is not the case. Do NOT purchase from this so-called company!

  2. This is a scam company. Don’t buy anything from here. I purchased items from here in Nov22, although the photos look nice, when you receive the items you will realise the material is super fake, just like plastic, they will give you a Dubai return address and phone number which are fake as well. #coacia #coaciascam #coaciafake I made a mistake and I don’t want anyone else to experience same. Please read reviews about this company in Trustpilot. If you want details of mu purchase or my correspondence with the company, I can provide. Stay away from this company

  3. The clothes are awful material, see through and sizing is terrible. BUT it is near impossible to return the items. I have been sending emails since the 31st December, 2022 with no response. I cannot find a number to call them, they make it impossible for you to return unwanted items. Do not buy anything from this company.

  4. Definitely a scam!!! The items were very cheaply made, the sizings weren’t right, and they don’t refund your money. Stay away…buyer beware!!!!!!

  5. Stay away from them.
    Impossible to get your money back if the dresses don’t fit.

    1. Yes, I just ordered two they do t fit. Emailed them several times and finally got a response today that my order is overdue, so I can’t get a refund. Had they responded to my first Elsie over a month ago it wouldn’t have been. Very poor customer service.

  6. Complete scam. The 2 dresses I ordered are horrible quality, the material is atrocious & their customer service is laughable. DO NOT a BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. They unapologetically will take your money. They only will offer to let you keep their crappy products.

  7. I’m currently fighting with this company. PayPal ruled in their favor. I took the address they gave me in NY to FedEx who confirmed it is not a valid address. They will only refund my money once received. Since my comments on their Facebook, they have removed all comments and are a SCAM and PayPal rules in their favor.

  8. I cannot believe that companies like this can operate. What a scam and a huge waste of money. Clothing is such poor quality. Totally see-thru and cheap and itchy! And you CANNOT GET A REFUND!!!

  9. Total, utter mistake to order from this site. I have $115 worth of returns of poor quality, ill-fitting clothes and they offered me $15 usd and I can keep the clothes. I refused and they have now offered me $40. Spread the word! Stay away!

    1. The dress did not fit .It was poorly made, no fabric content on dress , shiny recycled polyester I think felt horrible on. They said they would send 7. or 14 dollars and keep the dress. I said keep your money. Had I known the return policy which is basically no return , and that the garments shipped from DUBAI .I would not have ordered. The return policy is not specified. I am keeping an eye on my credit card as I do not trust them. I once got a bill for a company in DUBAI fraud of course but my CREDIT card notified me. The worse part of it was that a you tube influencer had ordered or given or what three dresses from COACIA and they seemed fine
      so I went on the site and since they ship to CANADA I ordered but …… For 68.00 american I expected a dress that fit and better quality. I notified the three you tubers ladies that I follow.

    2. This website is such a SCAM! I wish I had found this site before ordering. Clothes are awful! Super cheap, see thru clothing that is poor-fitting and itchy. Oh. And you CANNOT get a refund! It is a TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!

  10. It definitely is a scam. The dress was very poor quality, the material was unseeable it was recycled POLYESTER. It was flimsy and not worth anything near 68.00$ AMERICAN. It did not fit and looked like it was made as a school project by a child with left over scrap material. I do not think I will get my money back. They had the audacity to request a picture. First I hear of that.

  11. Coacia is an absolute scam. They send extremely low quality clothing and then make it virtually impossible to get a full refund. I spent $120 and they offered to give me a $24 refund. Customer service is as bad as the quality of their clothing. I’m very disappointed that Facebook gives them a platform in which to scam innocent consumers.

    1. Completely agree. I received a stained dress and no feasible way to return. OUtrageous. Do not patronize!

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