Comfy Corset Bra: Does it Bring Comfort or a Waste of Money?


Indeed, buying the perfect bra can sometimes become challenging for several women. However, when it comes to purchasing a bra, extra comfort is always the main concern for buyers. One indication of the right bra is that you enjoy wearing it. However, buying the right one is not an easy task, especially online. Online shopping gives no idea about the item’s quality, and sometimes you get scammed by the seller. Many online sellers claim to offer you a suitable bra, but are they legit? Here are comfy corset reviews that help you decide whether to go for the comfy corset or not? Is it a wow item that another scam is waiting for you?

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About Comfy Corset 

Every woman loves to have a corset that goes well with her figure and can only be achieved via the Comfy Corset bra. Why is this item? It is the perfect purchase if you want to eliminate back fat and add life while complementing the curve. The corset bra never tags, wires, or seams, so when users wear it, they feel bra-less. It offers full support. What else does it do to you? 

It is the brassiere for ladies whose primary purpose is to support breasts of various sizes and shapes while also being comfortable to wear. This bra comes in two basic shades that go with all dresses and suits.

  • Black 
  • Nude 

It is aviation in various sizes, from double-extra to small. Hence it is available for women with extra small to heavy busts. This bra has straps that reduce the back fat and make your waist look slim and alluring.


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It is specified that the corset has no underwire, tags, or seams to rub against or irritate the user’s skin. The best thing about this bra is that it has a pad for breast enhancement, and you can remove it whenever you like. The following are the key features of the comfy bra.

  1. The product class is a women’s lingerie item providing the utmost support and comfort.
  2. Thing is accessible in two shades that are black or nude
  3. These bras are available in a various cup and band sizes
  4. It is wire-free.
  5.  It has removable pads for choices.
  6. The fabric is breathable and also quick-drying.
  7. machine washable
  8. The product cost is $59.99; for the set of 3.

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Feature of Comfy Corset Bra

Here is the top feature of the Comfy Sorsete that makes you want to want to buy one.

Machine Washable

The best thing about this bra is that you can machine wash it. Most users have issues when some bras come with either tags or handwash. You can also put the item into the dryer without fearing shrinkage. So you either need to handwash it or ask the dry cleaners’ help.

Lace Trim

Here, every comfy corset consists of lace trim around its neck, and the straps on the outside work as an alluring enhancement. You might love this if you wish to wear a corset for a loved one in a bedroom or a little peeking out from the shirt. The strap you put across your body also has laces, making it look lovely.


Another exciting feature about this item is that it consists of breathable and quick-dry fabrics, which will help reduce sweat. It will help when you wear it during a workout or exercise. This item never gets smelly because it consists of breathable material. You can carry it for a couple of days without any washing. Some of the other pain points features are:

  • It is customized to go with various sizes and shapes of breasts and is flexible to give the right balanced look.
  • This bra is light in weight.
  • It has no wires.

How to use it?

Pull the corset bra on like any other ordinary bra over the head. After that, adjust the strap to go well with the shoulders. Also, position the bra bottom.

After that, you need to close the straps by firmly pressing the bra’s band across the user’s body on the right and left sides. There are many hooks, and you can pick the one that goes best with your body—the same procedure on the other strap.

Finally, it is time to add clothing once you tie the straps. When you think you are comfortable, you can wear your desired dress. It is okay if you want to adjust the bra.

Promotion and Discount

Currently, there is a limited-time offer on this bra. With one bra set, you can get the second set at 50 percent off. If you buy the three sets of bras, you can get them at a low rate with free shipping.

Is it legit: Does it work?


So here comes the most common query: is it legit or not? Is it advisable to buy it or not? Indeed, it offers incredible comfort but is not popular with online customers. There are no reviews for this item, even from the USA.

Customer Reviews

On their official website, there are no reviews from customers, but you can check some reviews on Zappos. Here, buyers have mixed reviews. You can say it is an average item.



  • It is light in weight
  • It is a breathable material
  • No underwire
  • It offers the proper support


  • Not desirable reviews
  • Costly for many buyers
  • The fabric may stretch after a few days


Can you machine wash it?

Yes, you can machine wash it.

Is it available in different colors?

It is available in two shades: black and nude.

Can I wear it while working?

Yes, you can, as it offers support.

Final Verdict

Here are some comfy corset reviews that say this item looks promising and some mixed reviews on Zappos. But this item is a little costly for most users. You can try it if you feel the price will never irritate you. But again, the customer reviews are mixed. Do your research, then make up your mind.

1 Review

  1. This corset/ bra does not fit well (runs small), and there is minimal lift. I had to return this item and they do Not provide a return label. I Definitely would Not order again! Not worth the price and it does not lift like it’s advertisement states.

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