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Cotosen is a men’s fashion brand that works solely online. They majorly deal with outdoor clothing and gear to facilitate outdoor sports such as trekking and snowboarding. Their collection includes tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories, at massive discounts and offers deals that can’t be found anywhere else.

Cotosen Reviews – Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the world’s shopping patterns have drastically shifted towards online shopping. Benefitting from this pattern, many brands have emerged out of the middle of nowhere and are competing with big brands.

In this race, the name Cotosen has been in the air and is known for giving off huge discounts to its customers on each product and many other offers too.
If you too are confused about whether the brand is legitimate or not and whether it is worth shopping from, you have landed at the right place. Find answers to all the questions you may have in mind regarding the brand.

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Cotosen – What is the brand about?

Cotosen is an international brand that has been functioning since 2009. They deal with Tops, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Outerwear, Shoes, Bottoms, Tactical, Face Masks, Women’s Clothing, that are shipped worldwide. Keeping Comfort and Fashion both in mind, their products are designed and stitched by experts.
They are offering up to 60% off on all their products. Cotosen also has various sales going on too on their previous and recently launched collections both. Moreover, if you shop over a certain limit, you can have a couple of bucks off too and avail of free shipping.

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Best Items On Amazon

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Wrangler Authentics Men’s Long Sleeve Quilted Lined Flannel Shirt Jacket with Hood

Burband Mens Warm Hooded Flannel Shirts Padded Jackets Zip Up Heavyweight Thermal Lined Button Down Varsity Jackets M-4XL
Burband Mens Warm Hooded Flannel Shirts Padded Jackets Zip Up Heavyweight Thermal Lined Button Down Varsity Jackets M-4XL

Buytop Men's Casual Winter Cotton Military Jackets Outdoor Full Zip Army Coat
Buytop Men’s Casual Winter Cotton Military Jackets Outdoor Full Zip Army Coat

Legendary Whitetails Men's Woodsman Heavyweight Quilted Shirt Jacket
Legendary Whitetails Men’s Woodsman Heavyweight Quilted Shirt Jacket

Overview of the Cotosen

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Cotosen believes in making fashion affordable for all. Even though running a business and making money out of it is a priority for all, they want to facilitate fashion shopping as much as possible and therefore bring you all types of outdoor clothing and accessories at the hottest prices in town. They value precision and accuracy and make sure that the customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this super appealing website;



  • Cotosen provides a 10% discount to all customers on their first order.
  • Multiple other discounts are offered to customers who buy more than one item.
  • They have a 30-day return policy on their products.
  • Cotosen provides free delivery on all orders above $99.
  • Refund on orders canceled within 24 hours of its purchase.
  • Order tracking facility is also available.
  • Cotosen provides multiple payment options.
  • The website also provides a two-year warranty on all of its products.


  • No customer reviews are available on cotosen’s website.
  • A cancellation fee is charged if orders are canceled after 24 hours of making the purchase.
  • Many negative reviews from customers have been posted on different platforms.

Terms of Service; Payment, Shipping, Exchanges, and Refunds

The website provides all information on their terms and services, their refund and exchange policy, shipping charges, and the mode of payment;

  • The company is entitled to refuse or cancel any orders without providing any explanation to the customer.
  • The company will not be liable for any loss or damages are done to the product during delivery.
  • Payment can be done through a credit/ debit card, or your PayPal account.
  • Shipping usually takes 10-15 business days
  • Products can be returned or exchanged for other ones of the same price.
  • Gifts, undergarments, and accessories are non-refundable.
  • Refunds are only made if the product is untouched and in its original packaging.

What do the customers have to say about Cotosen?

No customer reviews whatsoever are available on cotosen’s official website. A few reviews can be seen on their Facebook page which is all negative, and to which Cotosen has not replied.

However, reviews on Trust pilot and other similar websites tell us that customers are not satisfied with their services. On average, this website has a rating of only one star. Many of the customers complained that they did not receive their orders at all. Upon contacting the company via their email, they received no response.

Those who did receive their orders were least satisfied. They either received wrong, incomplete, or damaged items. ( Most of the items were made of cheap quality material and were not usable. Almost all customers were unhappy and advised to never purchase anything from this website.

Is legitimate or not? How can we tell that?

There are a few small details that we need to look for while purchasing from any online store. The first thing is to check who the site belongs to. The owner name of is hidden from the public and no company number has been provided, this makes the website suspicious.

The other factor to notice is that the website has unrealistic discounts on nearly all its products. These discounts are tactics to attract customers and make them buy as much as possible.

Furthermore, Cotosen has a trust index of only 8.7% which makes it less reliable. In addition to that, content on their pages has been copied and stolen from other websites. Their articles are not as original and unique as they claim them to be.

Even though the website has a great popularity, is a valid HTTPS, and has not been detected by any blacklist engines, it is quite risky to order anything from here. As the customer reviews suggest that their services are poor and they do not respond to any customer queries at all.

Is worth shopping from?

The brand is not worth shopping from. If you wish to “try out” the products just to add reviews to your blogs or on social media, you may go ahead and make a purchase, however, listening to customers that received defective and cheap quality clothes, wasting your money is the only apparent outcome if you place an order.

Final Verdict

After analyzing the reviews and various other details of the website, we have concluded that you will never receive your order placed at Cotosen, and even if you do, the items will be incomplete or defective.

The company then does not make any efforts to exchange or make a refund. Moreover, their low trust score makes it a non-reliable website to shop from.

We would rather not take such a big risk for the discount of a couple of bucks and we recommend you to do so too.

30 Reviews

  1. Well, that will teach me to check reviews BEFORE I purchase from some no-name online store. It’s Chinese-made garbage. How can I tell? Well, the shirt they sent ran the words “When” and “is” together, producing the word, “Whenis”… reminding me of Chandler Bing’s workplace. I asked them for a refund, and they said that I would have to send it back at my expense, then they would replace it at my expense. For a $20 t-shirt, I decided to just keep their Chinese-made garbage and let everyone know not to order from this scam store. And yes, the other sizes were too small. Apparently an Extra-Large in China is not the same as an Extra-Large in America. Do yourself a HUGE favor and steer clear!!!

  2. Absolute rubbish, do not take a chance on these guys, I was foolish enough to trust the advertising from E-bay,
    shame on them too.
    Received a cheap knock off, wrong size different colure and material, just crap!
    If they just sold what they advertise they would be laughing.

    1. I purchased 3 t shirts from them. 2 were fine, #3 was wrong size, (no tag size). too short for an XL and the neck was too big.
      Spoke to 4 people about this and got all types of answers except the one I wanted, when do I get the correct size t shirt?
      I was told to keep it and pay a 60% repurchase fee for another t shirt. Finally was given an address to mail the t shirt back, but they don’t have return labels. This was another $6.25 by USPS. The 2 received were in sealed packages and fit nice, the 3rd came in a zip lock bag. Spoke to 3 people before until today when #4 person sent me an email saying that the items are made in china and there sizes are not same as ours. What Bull-S—. They are a crooked co. and no one will get a refund.
      Dont do business with cotosen.

  3. Cheap, crooks, and unprofessional. You sent cheap ass merchandise and it doesn’t even fit even when I selected US size. I reached out to you guys but you made it very hard to get the situation corrected.

  4. I ordered on men’s T-shirt only because I liked the graphic on it. It took over a month to arrive. It went into the wash as a men’s XL and came out as a boy’s M. It shrank so much that my wife and I just had to laugh when I held it up. I have a two year old nephew…it may fit him.
    Don’t buy anything from this company, it’s made-in-China crap.

  5. I’m owed money by this company, & i refuse to give them the satisfaction, so i say to you don’t give them your money write to them tell them your thoughts, would you want to work there & what about the people that do, lets not be beaten by this shabby site write to them. write to amazon tell them your thoughts on there are international ways of putting an end to this site. I am british & stand by my word & this site is just taking you & me for a fool, i say rise up & swamp them with e-mails they cant ignore all of us.

  6. I ordered 2 shirts. One tee shirt and one long sleeve shirt. Took over a month to get them. The quality of the tee is ok. The quality of the long sleeve is bad, it looks like a shiny table cloth and it buttons on the wrong side for a male and the sleeves are to long. The sizes were correct. Overall not what I expected. I would give the company a 4 of 10 rating.

  7. I’m afraid that I agree with everyone, shipping a turtle moves fastest
    Response from them does not exist. This company should not be allowed to do business in USA..I spent 36 dollars but I have already put it off as a little lesson learned.

  8. I’m afraid that I agree with everyone, shipping a turtle moves fastest
    Response from them does not exist. This company should not be allowed to do business in USA..I spent 36 dollars but I have already put it off as a little lesson earned.

  9. Very poor quality men’s shirt. Got the runaround on a refund.
    Will never again order here. Scam indeed!

  10. I made the mistake of purchasing from this company. The size ordered was xl. I received a shirt I could not even get on since it was so small. Rather than providing me with a refund, the company wanted me to purchase another item at a discount. Don’t waste your money and stay away from this company.

  11. SCAM. Biggest piece of $#*! company on the internet. There 3XL size is maybe a Men’s large, none of the 6 buttonholes were cut all the way through and my requests for return procedures and cancelling my order get met with offers of more crap merchandise at a discount. I will hunt these bastards down and haunt them until they resolve my issues. I’m retired, have plenty of time, and look forward to destroying any reputation they hoped to achieve…

  12. Ordered a fleece shirt on 2/15/2022. Order was delayed and when I finally received the shirt is was wrong. Shirt I received is very thin, shinny material and flag on the chest is “ironed” on not embrodiered like the picture indicates. Several email correspondences over the past 3 weeks and no replies. No customer service phone. Buyer beware – thumbs down!


  14. Stay away from Cotosen. Their quality is very cheap, nothing like the photos in the ads. One washing and you will have to throw it away. Sizing is not accurate and don’t even think about returns. They will never respond to your request.

  15. Buyer beware, the above comments are similar to my experience to this point. The clothes are cheap and poorly sized, without labels showing material content or origin. Made request for Return Authorization. Not expecting any satisfaction.

  16. I ordered 1 shirt they sent 2 and charged me for 2. I wanted to return them because the body of the shirts were much too long and the sleeves were much too short but they don’t do returns or refunds. They offered me money off on my next purchase. The shirts did not have a Care Label like all other clothes and were cheap and low quality. It took almost two months to get my order and now I’m out $83.

  17. SCAM!!!

    I ordered a $32 shirt, which was terrible quality and the sleeves were 5 inches too short. Their website says full refunds, but don’t believe them. I asked for a refund. After 5 email exchanges where they offered me different options for discounts on my next purchase, they finally told me to mail it to China on my own expense. I checked it would have cost me $132 at USPS! This, when they actually shipped it to me from New York. They are liars and thieves, SO STAY AWAY!!

  18. What a total sham! Sick of being inundated with ads boasting their product! Ordered well over 6 weeks ago, attempted to contact customer service repeatedly never getting a response. Finally was told they would offer a 70% discount on one item for the inconvenience but the item was not from their inventory but some completely different company offerings watches hats and belts. Finally got an email saying my purchase would be delivered then immediately another email stating there was a delay beyond their control. Guess I will contact my credit card company to dispute the charges. How do you stop such poor practices.

  19. This place is a total scam. I read the reviews and still took a chance….. I never received all of my items and the few things that I did receive were total garbage. Very poor quality and sizes were incorrect. What the picture shows is not what you’ll receive. Buyer beware!!!

  20. This Chinese seller is selling knock off products; they clothing look like brand names but they are really bad. Material, workmanship, sizes. Something you would buy from family dollar store.
    If you made a mistake and bought something, and found you are screwed, ask for refund; and if they tell you to ship back to china and you pay for shipping both ways, tell them you will nail them in reviews for fraud advertising. .

    1. I ordered a $32 shirt, which was terrible quality and the sleeves were 5 inches too short. Their website says full refunds, but don’t believe them. I asked for a refund. After 5 email exchanges where they offered me different options for discounts on my next purchase, they finally told me to mail it to China on my own expense. I checked it would have cost me $132 at USPS! This, when they actually shipped it to me from New York. They are liars and thieve, SO STAY AWAY!!

  21. Finally received my order today after waiting for over a month. I am very disappointed but not surprised after looking at other online reviews for this company. The clothing items they sent me are pure junk. I could not even get my arms in the jacket they sent and I ordered 3x size. The sizing is so far off I don’t think a little kid could even get these on. The quality of the materials is also very poor. The cloth on everything is so lightweight I think I could read a newspaper through it in the right light. The poor quality of this merchandise is just plain embarrassing and I got taken this time.

    I had contacted them because my order was so slow to arrive and they were responsive, but their return policies and refund policies are so poor that I will not bother trying to get my money back. Paypal will work on it but I am not hopeful.

    Lesson learned. I will try to find a 7 year old kid who might be able to wear these clothes and never buy from Cotosen again.

    1. This is undoubtedly the worst company I have ever encountered, and this is without even having received the product. Wish I would have read these reviews prior to falling for the great ‘looking’ clothing line they boast. Getting in touch with customer service is nearly impossible but when I finally got a response they said please be patient. The USPS tracking wasn’t even initiated until 5 weeks after the purchase. Now following the tracking it keeps stalling. I could have walked across the continent and picked it up myself. Will post an update when the shirts finally arrive.

  22. I bought a shirt from them, with shipping it totaled $42.00 I had no communication with the company and when it came it looked nothing like what was illustrated. It was supposed to be rugged outdoor wear, it’s not even close to the color or style I ordered. My daughter say’s it looks like a woman’s blouse! I ordered extra-large, it’s tagged extra-large, if I wanted to, I couldn’t wear it unless I lost about 30 pounds! This company is a rip off!

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