Counger.Com Legit? Is It A Reliable Source For Shopping?

Are you looking for some funky clothes for children? Do you want to look cool at home? Do you like bright-colored clothes? Then you do not have to worry now. We know it gets hectic to find desired attire. However, online shopping has made everything a lot easier. 

Many online shops have a lot to offer. They have a huge variety of designs and colors for their customers. We are here to put light on one such store. Let us see if legit or just a scam.


Counger is an online clothing brand that sells clothes and shoes to its customers. Currently, they have launched their clothing section first. They plead to use only 100% good quality fabric. Their t-shirts are pretty comfy with amazing designs.

Their prior goal is to satisfy the client’s wants using excellent fabric. They are working hard and are waiting for positive feedback from the buyers. They claim to be open to suggestions and look forward to launching their remaining collection soon. 

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T-shirts at

Counger has started its brand with t-shirts for every age group. They come in black with different colored initials oriented on them. They even have unisex shirts with beautiful customized printing on them. Some of them are for specific occasions, like the one with “Promoted to bigger sister.” These shirts are possible for small children right now. 

Website Details

Let us have a look at the details of this website.

  1. The website got registered on June 29, 2022.
  2. The website will expire on June 29, 2023.
  3. The owner of Counger is not known.

This shows that they have recently launched their website. This is one of the main reasons for the low traffic on it.


The address mentioned on the website is listed below.

1750 West Walnut Avenue, Enid, Oklahoma 73703, United States.

However, we looked on Google Maps for further confirmation but couldn’t find anything. It just shows some blank locations without showing any business warehouses.

Shipping Policy

They are open to national as well as international shipping. You can order even if you’re from Canada or Hawaii. They claim that the factory is closed on weekends. Parcels usually take 5 days to be delivered. However, international shipping may take more time, depending on the country. 

Refund and Return Policy is open to all returns and refunds from customers. However, there are certain limitations. It includes that the tag is not removed and all the clothes are returned in their original condition. Furthermore, their special release items are exclusive. They do not offer any returns or refunds on these clothes. 

You have to contact their customer service to request a return or refund. You must reach them within 14 days of receiving the package. They will not accept any delay after this period, and you will not further be offered any return. 

Payment Method

You need to authenticate your ID, followed by the validation of your credit card. They only offer two modes of payment, listed below.

  • PayPal
  • Visa Electron

Only these two ways are accepted. However, you can get a return using the same payment method as used earlier.

Price Range

The clothing line is very economical and excellent for shopping for children. You can now get most of the t-shirts for under $10. Isn’t this great? They have some amazing offers and an excellent price range for you all.

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counger legit or scam

We looked on another website to find something that Counger is offering. eBay has a huge clothing collection for its customers. However, they lack such cute printed shirts on the website. Although t-shirts at similar prices were available, most were plain with barely anything written on them.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

The official website lacks reviews. Furthermore, even Trustpilot shows zero ratings and client reviews for Counger. This may be because many people are aware of this newly launched website. 

However, we could find some reviews on YouTube. Most people claim that this is a scam and a fraud website. Online clients receive fake goods and are unsatisfied. 



  • counger have uniquely printed t-shirts.
  • Their return policy is good.
  • They have valid HTTPS and SSL certificates.


  •’s ID is barely four months old.
  • They have no social media accounts.
  • They have no reviews on other websites.

Bottom Line

We bring you to the fact that is legit or a scam. The website is pretty suspicious. They have not yet released the entire collection. Even their website receives very little traffic. It is hard to say if they are shipping good products. However, looking at the YouTube reviews, it doesn’t seem very certain. We recommend waiting until you get some good responses from other buyers.

2 Reviews

  1. Placed 3order, received confirmation, then later shipping confirmation email. Tracking number, but to who, I didn’t know which carrier . All emails inquiring were returned undeliverable, phone number can not be completed as dialed. Charges displayed Andy Pellegrino Entraigues

  2. If you call the number it doesn’t work. I did get a shipping notification and USPS tracking number. The package was sent from Origin Facility
    But they shipped it to
    Tracking number
    WALDEN, NY, 12586
    United States

    I sent a email about delivery but haven’t get a email back as to why it was shipped to New York. I noticed when it sent me a message after the payment it said it was a international charge and the persons name on my CC

    Discount Stores

    Any other info you need I’ve got screen shots of it all .

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