Nigo Clothing Reviews: Is This A Clothing Store?

nigo clothing

Finding the right clothing store for tees and sportswear is not an easy thing to do. When you plan to buy anything, AI offers you many Instagram pages and websites to pick from. But the issue is, can you trust them? We suggest you read the review to avoid any scams. Indeed, shopping is the best thing. Why is that, so it to make you buy anything from the comfort of your home? But sometimes buyers face many scams. So we advise you to read the review. Today we will do the Niko clothing reviews.

What is nigo clothing? It is a USA-based site that deals with sportswear tees and has the best collection of Jordan shoes and some accessories. It has the best picks from all the leading brands like GUCCI, ARMANI, and others.

In this piece, we will focus on the legitimacy of the brand. Here we will study the buyer’s feedback and the shipping policies of the brands. Let us find out if it is too good to be true to buy from Nigo Clothing.

Where to buy the best sportswear in the USA?

NIGO is a clothing store that primarily deals with sportswear and other items. So if you plan to buy any sportswear or accessories, we advise you to buy them from a reliable store. We have gathered the top stores that offer quality products.

  • Amazon has diversified goods at a variety of prices in the market. 
  • Eastbay stocks things for various sports, from athletics, and soccer, to skating. 
  • The next thing on the list is eBay. 
  • For the sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  • Also, the Champ Sports. 
  • The Academy of Sports. 
  • What about Modell’s Sporting Goods? 
  • Finally, we suggest Sports Direct.

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What is the best website to buy Jordans?

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The Nigo also comes with footwear, especially Jordan shoes. They have sports tees and sports shoes. But it is always risky to buy from any new store. Here we have listed the top websites that offer real Jordan shoes.

  1. Eastbayvisit
  2. Visit JimmyJazz at
  3. Livestock visit
  4. Visit Champs Sports at
  5. Footaction: Visit
  6. Nike:

Can you buy clothes, tees, and shoes from NIGO’s newly hyped store? Let us find out in the Nigo clothing reviews.

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About Nigo clothing 

It is the only store that has not shared any data about its origin. There was no “about us” section when we visited their website. But from the various sources, we have gathered the information. It claims to be an online shoe and clothing retailer and offers its services globally. The Japanese fashion designer NIGO has no link with this store. Nigo Clothing is using its name to sell its servers.

When we checked NIGO’s Wikipedia, there was no data about Nigo Clothing or an online store. So, whether it is a US-based store or Japanese, we can not say anything about it. As per the other comments, it seems like a USA-based store.

What is Nigo Clothing selling?

When you visit their website, they offer a huge variety of shoes, clothing, accessories, and much more. They have various items from leading names like Armani, Gucci, and more.

When we checked their clothing section, it had pieces from the following brands:

  1. A Bathing Ape
  2. adidas
  3. Balenciaga
  4. Calvin Klein
  5. Carhartt WIP
  6. Champion
  7. Converse
  8. Comme des Garçons Play
  9. More

The strange thing is that Nigo Clothing offers fixed rates for each piece. For example, the price of all Adidas attire is USD 65. The same pricing pattern is used for other sections.


nigo reviews

Where to contact Nigo Clothing?

  • +1 (913) 728-0141
  • LivePhone:+1(646) 209-7685
  • Email at
  • online service: order questions, please get in touch with this email)

What is the mode of payment?

  1. MasterCard
  2. Visa
  3. American Express
  4. PayPal
  5. Stripe
  6. AfterPay
  7. JCB
  8. Discover

What are the shipping options?

The US$15.00 by DHL Express.

Do you need to create an account while buying Nigo Clothing?

To buy, one needs to make an account with their email.

Are there any extra shipping charges?

  • All orders to the US are Delivery Duty Paid.
  • Buyers living outside the USA will never be charged VAT on buys from NIGO.

What is the return policy?

Buyers can return the item to them within three days of receipt.

Nigo clothing reviews: What are buyers saying?

On their official website, there is no feedback from the buyers. But there are reviews on the Trust Pilot. It has a 2-star rating on Trust Pilot with 100 percent bad feedback.

One of the buyers stated, “I never received my items!

I never received my items !! I spent $204.00, and they didn’t give my money back!!! Don’t buy anything on this page; it is a scam. “

Another stated, “This person took my money, and still no answer.

These people took my money, and they still have no answer. They told me they sent the pair of shoes, and no tracking number was sent. I paid almost $140 for a pair of shoes almost 4 months ago.

Reviews on the Complaint Board

One of the buyers stated that “They beat me out of 312 dollars as well, I ordered 3 pairs of shoes in April and still nothing, I reached out by phone and email, no response.”



  • Offer a variety of items
  • The great rates
  • They are offering an easy mode of payment


  • There is fake contact data
  • Many bad reviews from the buyers.
  • Poor customer care services.
  • They are using the designer name NIGO without consent.

Is Nigo Clothing Legit?

This website is not legit. Why is that so? It is for the following reasons:

  1. uses card payments utilizing Square under the control of Amber Ranalli, founded in Oakland, CA. Amber has an address in Montana. It does not live at the address listed under the square account.
  2.’s customer service number is fake. The area code for Kansas.
  3. As per Scampluse, their customer care number never responds.
  4. It does not have great feedback from the buyers.

1 Review

  1. Its a scam!!! I bought a shoes from them, payment through credit card, merchant is not NIGO, it appeared that payment was a PAYPAL acct. They would email you a tracking number but item has not been received by the courier.
    I didn’t believe that after more than a month I received the shoes that I ordered, its the wrong size and ITS AN ABSOLUTE FAKE ITEM!!! Its an imitation!

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