Covoco Reviews: Is It The Best For Your Voice Over Skills?

Covoco Reviews

Voiceover is a modern technique that is recorded off camera for various purposes. You record your voice in which you narrate a story or say something. You can use it further in different plays, dramas, or acts in which the voice is heard from the background, but the person is unseen. Even You can hear a background voice in promotional trailers, movies, or dramas. It is an excellent way to earn money and improve your pronunciation skills.

Various apps and websites are offering such opportunities. We bring you covoco reviews, which is also a company based online and serves as a voiceover platform. It makes sure to link the clients with good voiceover actors online. Let us look into the facts of the company. Similar To This: Testhomebasics Com Legit

About Covoco

It is an online platform that is available to find the best voiceover actors in the world. It is a platform for both clients and artists who are capable of doing the job. The voiceover artists can create their profiles online and look for clients. Mostly. Clients approach them based on their profiles. They may select the one who comes with the terms of the client. However, you must be 18 or older to apply here at covoco. Would Like: Funwithfeet Website Reviews

How to use covoco?

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It is an easy-to-use website for everyone. Clients can visit the official website and look at the profiles of different voiceover artists. They can also read their description along with language expertise. You can also listen to their voice notes to find the best one. Learn Extra: Reviews

However, an artist must make their profile on the website so the client can select them. You need to provide the necessary details listed below:

  1. First, you need to use a username for the website, which can be creative and draw the client’s attention.
  2. Then choose your gender, either male or female.
  3. Select your age group for the voiceover work.
  4. Select the languages you can speak for them.
  5. Then verify your voice.
  6. You can send a voice note to which clients can listen while looking at your profile. You need to upload a maximum of five voices.
  7. Write a brief bio, and you are done.

Further, verification is done by covoco, and the profile is completed, which will be shown to various clients.

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Is it better than other platforms for voiceover job hunting?

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The chance to be hired is much more on fiver or up work. However, that’s risky work as well. Covoco provides you with a platform to complete your bio, and someone will contact you sooner or later. Although the number of jobs may be less and depends on clients, you may be assured of getting one.

What are the pay rates at covoco?

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The prices may vary from client to client. Some may offer a good deal; others may even give quite a low one. It all depends on the amount of work and the client’s budget. The good thing is that covoco makes the client pay beforehand. So, it’s sure that you will be paid for the project on which you’re working.

Customer Reviews: Are the people satisfied?

The official website has no such responses from the artists who have worked on this platform. So, we looked on other sites to find some responses. TrustPilot shows about 3.6 stars with more than 100 reviews. 51% of them have rated it 5-star, showing a good average. One says he has worked for 2 months and got a good job here. Another says she got her first client from this platform and is happy working with them.

 However, most people say it’s just a team waste. An artist says he has been giving various auditions in vain. He hasn’t gotten any jobs here. Another says there are many artists here, and getting a job here is challenging.

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Covoco Reviews: Is it legit?

Covoco Reviews legit or scam

The website seems to be quite legit. There is no harm in making a profile and auditioning for various clients. They do not have hidden charges and are a good source for connecting to clients. This is a free platform, so there seems to be no scam.



  • It has a 100 trust score.
  • You are always paid for the project done.
  • The signup process is easy.
  • There are no hidden charges.


  • It may take time to be hired by clients.
  • You need to audition every time.
  • They spam your email occasionally.
  • It isn’t easy to delete your profile.

Final Verdict

We provide covoco reviews to our readers in order to assist them in finding voiceover jobs. It’s a free online webpage for signing in. There is an excellent possibility of finding a good client here. However, it does require a little patience while giving auditions. The webpage is quite legit without any flaws. We recommend making a profile, as you may never know about getting a good job here.