Cutie Fridays Reviews: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy Dresses

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  2. Is it Legit
  3. Cutie Fridays Reviews
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Conclusion

Did you just come across another ad for the Cutie Fridays Store? And after that, you cannot resist placing an order for the cutest outfit that you found while surfing their website.

We’re glad that you are doing your research before going ahead and entering your bank details and placing the order.

You’re not the only one who is skeptical about whether the brand is legitimate or not. It is normal to have questions like that.

We have the answers to all the questions that you have in mind. Read the full article to know whether the brand is legitimate or not and all the details about the brand that will help you make your decision.

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What is Cutie Fridays?

cutie fridays reviews 1

Cutie Fridays is an online women’s clothing store that revolves around giving women a sense of self-worth, beauty, and comfortable fashion at prices that can be affordable for everyone.

The brand was driven out of a small store in a shopping mall in Maryland and because of the cute outfits of great quality that they sold, they were able to take this venture to the next level, which is now operational online and has a huge warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their collection includes Tops, Bottoms, Rompers and jumpsuits, dresses, shorts, skirts, and accessories for women that give them a sense of confidence and femininity.

Cutie Fridays currently have all of its articles marked down to minimal prices and the terms and conditions of placing orders, shipping, exchange, returns, and refunds are mentioned on their website. 

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Is the Brand Legit or a Scam? How can we tell that?

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cutie fridays reviews 2

Coming to the most important question that anyone has in their mind after getting to know about a store is whether the store if it is legitimate or not? What if I get scammed? What if I do not receive what I ordered? Can I exchange the article or not? What if my money goes to waste?

We have dug deep into the facts and figures for the Cutie Fridays women’s clothing store to find out whether the website is legitimate or not.

First of all the website is well maintained and contains all information about their terms of service, shipping, exchange, and refunds. The website also has a valid HTTPS certificate, which makes it safe to scroll through. Moreover, it has not been detected by any blacklist engine.

Contrary to that, the trust index of the website is only 3.8%, falling way below the average. The domain was created on February 23, 2022. The website is new and has a low Alexa ranking as well. The scam detector concludes that the website is too young and too suspicious and users must take it as a warning signal.

There is no contact number found on the website for people to contact, as well as the address of the warehouse mentioned on the website tracks down to a residential place in Atlanta.

Cutie Fridays are not present on Instagram and Facebook, they have only 22 likes on their page.

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Cutie Fridays Reviews: What do customers think about Cutie Fridays?

cutie fridays reviews 3

There isn’t a single customer review present on Cutie Friday’s website and thus it gets difficult for people to find credibility in whatever the brand claims.

With extensive research and spending countless hours, we were able to find out what people, that have already shopped from the website have to say about the Cutie Friday products.

On Facebook discussion groups and third-party websites, people have commented many negative things about the brand.

They say that the customer support email is unresponsive and they haven’t received a single reply even after sending out dozens of emails. Many people have still not received their orders, even after months of waiting. They also claim that the tracking numbers are fake and of no use.

The customer support is quite slow and if you are lucky enough to get a reply from them, which comprises of a further date promising that your order will be delivered soon, is also of no use.

They provide a duplicate FedEx number and ghost you after they have received your payment. 

Customers advise other people not to shop from Cutie Fridays and save their money.

Pros and Cons

Figure out for yourself whether the pros of the website are worth the risk of your money or not?



  • HTTPS verified
  • Not blacklisted in any search engine
  • Well maintained website
  • Ongoing sales
  • Variety of products to choose from


  • No social media presence
  • The address mentioned is in a residential area
  • Poor customer reviews
  • No contact number is given on the website

Final Verdict

Cutie Fridays have an amazing website and an even better collection of clothes. However, the website is quite suspicious due to a lot of factors.

The website is new and is not so popular. They aren’t even active on social media and the users have commented that they just steal your money, give you a fake tracking number and never deliver your products.

We believe it is a total scam. However, it is still up to you if you want to fall for the visuals on the website.

74 Reviews

  1. Good afternoon everyone! I just want to say I wish I would have seen this back in March of this year. I ordered $120 worth of dresses from their website and never received them. I did just like everyone else and contacted the company. They tried to tell me that I had received my order and I went back and forth with them for two days and they finally apologized for everything. However they told me my order was delivered to a different location and offered to give me my money back. Well here we are 4 months later and I still have yet to get my money back. I filed a claim with my bank back in April and they too still haven’t done anything. So with that being said PLEASE TAKE HEED WHEN YOU ARE ON THE CUTIEFRIDAYS WEBSITE!! I have also filed a claim with the BBB about the company as well.

    1. I too ordered two dresses in march! They took my money out of my account, and still mo dresses!!!

  2. This company is a complete scam, as others have previously stated. I placed an order for a dress, but after a week, I did not have any shipping confirmation. I emailed customer service to inquire when the order would ship. I was told it had already shipped. I knew that was a complete lie. I waited a few days and emailed again to ask for a tracking number. I stated that if I did not promptly receive the tracking number, I would contact my credit card company and have them do a payment reversal. After the payment was reversed, I received a couple of threatening emails from Cutie Fridays. Whatever! I never received the dress, but I got my money back!

    1. I have seen these exact dresses on sale on other sites. I never got mine from Cutie Friday’s.
      I’m scared to order from any where else.

  3. UHG! I GOT SCAMMED! Wish I would have done research… ordered two outfits back on April 1st still nothing. Website down and no response from customer service. People SUCK.

    1. I ordered a dress March 20th still haven’t received my purchase and when I email I get a not able to deliver because the website doesn’t exist. Don’t order from this company!

    2. The same for me!! Ordered 2 dresses in March, still haven’t received them!

    3. I also got scammed, ordered a dress in march, still waiting, lol Can’t connect with anyone on there site! Definitely a scam!😢

  4. These people discuss me! I email no answer and besides the email of course does not exist. I hate to get scammed! I worked hard for my money. I am the only one working in my household. You know if these people can live with what they have done I can live without it. This website is a scam! DON’T BUY FROM THESE SORRY NO COUNT PEOPLE.

  5. I ordered and never got my dress, their website is now gone. Fortunately i paid with Paypal and I have filed a Paypal dispute to get a refund.

  6. Ordered ,git email saying product shipping soon. Never came and my money / dress is gone. Unfortunately got scammed by cute dress!! I hate these people

  7. SCAM! I ordered 3 dresses in March. Received an email stating that they were shipped with a tracking number. Never received the dresses. The website is down and emails are undeliverable. Save your money and your time.

    1. Same. Ordered two dresses early in March. Received an email verifying the order saying they had SHIPPED, etc & guaranteed delivery. It’s now May and no dresses. Save your money.

    2. Yes, it’s a scam. I placed an order and they said it was delivered. I tried to email with no response and went to the website I used and it was gone.

    3. I ordered dresses & swimsuits. Never received any shipping info & never received any products. Now the website has disappeared for over a month now. FRAUD COMPANY! Filed fraud purchase & temporarily received a refund from my bank

  8. I placed an order in over a month ago in March; still not products. Their site is down and email is undeliverable.

  9. We all have clearly had the same experience. Please report your experience to you bank or credit card company immediately. The more of us that report this the more difficult it will be for these losers to scam others. My bank has already sent me a detailed report that’s been filed. I don’t have their names, I don’t have addresses but I know what county they are based out of and they do have a contact in Georgia with a PO Box. God doesn’t like ugliness…. Neither does karma. And she’s coming for you!

  10. Well…. I wished I saw this review before ordering. I placed an order April 4, 2022. Since then, NO product, NO communication, and today NO website. The origin of the charge was Singapore.

    1. I ordered mine back in March… still nothing. No email reply and the website is down 🤦🏼‍♀️

    2. Omg same here!! I ordered 2 outfits on March 30th and haven’t gotten a single piece of information.

    3. I also was scammed out of money. Being on a fixed income; I thought they offered a great deal. Now I know it was too good to be true. I see lots of other dresses being advertised with the same models, same product, similar pricing.
      I didn’t realize they were based in Singapore until it showed up on my bank statement.
      Buyer beware.

    4. I ordered in March as well and I’ve not received anything. No contact, refund or product.

  11. Its a scam. I ordered 3 of the cute dresses. I emailed several times, never got a response. Contacted my credit card company and reported. Waiting for my money back.

  12. Total scam. The website is now down and the contact email for Cutie’s is no longer found/can receive emails. I’ve disputed the charge with my credit card.

  13. I ordered over two months ago, emailed numerous times without a reply until I threatened to give a bad social media review. I then got an email saying “what is problem you got your package delivered, look Fed-ex say so”. I responded with I have a doorbell camera and no I did not I want a refund. I was promised a refund (which I never got) and that they would send my order also
    Got neither!! I kept emailing etc. not it comes back with email not deliverable that email doesn’t exist There is no phone number to call either

    1. I ordered a dress over a month ago. Got am email saying it shipped on March 25th. No tracking number. I just replied to the email to say I haven’t gotten my order and it bounced back. Going to dispute the charge now.

  14. I ordered a couple dresses and they never came! I emailed inquiring about them and NOTHING. I disputed the charge on my credit card.

  15. Exact same happened to me. Ordered the dress with built in shorts, never came. Emailed and got a link saying it would be delivered within the week. Two days later got a ups link saying it was delivered and it never was!!! No replies from them and I’ve emailed multiple times since then!!

    1. Same thing happened to me. Got a UPS link saying it was delivered. It was never delivered. Furious. Now the website is gone, and no way to follow up. Trying to file claim through UPS.

  16. Placed an order for those cute dresses with shorts for a trip. Got the Fedex # and confirmation of delivery but guess what not delivered to my address. Fedex cant help says go to vendor. I emailed 12x got the automated response we will look into it ect. Still nothing now the website is shut down. Guess I learned my lesson along with everyone else.

  17. I ordered after seeing a cute ad on tiktok. Placed the order and it told me it would ship within a couple days. After, I started seeing the identical video ad all over tiktok by several different shops causing me to realize I was most likely scammed. I never got my tracking and started getting suspicious so I emailed them. They then sent me a tracking email saying it was actually almost to me. I thought okay weird timing, but hopefully not a scam. It never came. I have emailed several times now and nothing. I should have read this first. This place is definitely a scam
    Is there any way to get our money back?

    1. I have JUST experienced this! We were out of town when my package was “delivered” 1) we have not been home before and never had a porch pirate problem (yet). 2) we had friends of ours coming to our house twice a day and they went stright there to grab the package. I had contacted UPS (because it was their tracking number) and even they told me, that while it was their tracking, that I needed to contact these people and ask for the REAL tracking number. I have messaged them multiple times as well, the last message was not so kind.

    2. I have been emailing with this scam company known as cutie Fridays they promised to refund my money lol.
      They also fake shipped my dresses to a fake address.
      Today the email address no longer exists!
      Please people this site is a SCAM DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!

    3. Same for me, saw it on tiktok and even though I just got scammed a couple of months ago for a wall mop, I decided to try again. 🙃 Fake UPS number, when I filed the claim, it gave me a name and address for someone in my area. I even FB messaged her because I thought it was just a delivery mix up. Shame on me for getting taken twice. No more TikTok ad buying for me!!!

      1. Same thing happened to me. I ordered off of a social media and I’m going to blast the as being a scam all on social media as well just to help the word spread faster that this is a scam.

  18. Cutie Fridays is a scam! Please don’t order from them. I placed an order with them a few weeks ago for just shy of $150. Since then I have heard nothing. I’ve sent multiple emails and have no phone number. The charge on my debit card is from Taiwan too, not from any location in Georgia or anywhere in the US. After multiple attempts to contact this company I have contacted my bank and reported this charge as fraudulent. Avoid this company at all costs. Just another lazy group of crooks stealing from honest people.

    1. Omg I ordered a dress is been two months and I still haven’t get anything. I send and email they replay saying my order was delayed but still waiting.!


    2. I am having the same issue and just tried to email them again and it’s address can’t be found so delivery attempt failed!

  19. TOTAL SCAM!!!! I never got a tracking number and I sent an email saying that, then they send me a tracking number and its ALL FAKE!!! I even got an update from UPS saying it was delivered and thats a SCAM TOO!! SO DISAPPOINTED!! SHUT THEM DOWN!

  20. Beware of this company! There are ppl on TikTok advertising their dresses and how cute they are. What a scam! After seeing their dresses on legit ppl, I raced to the website and ordered some dresses – 2 weeks later…. Nothing. I’ve emailed three times and heard nothing back. Do not order from this company. It’s a complete fraud. The ppl on TikTok need to be shutdown as well!

  21. I purchased three of those cute dresses with the shorts. I was expecting my merchandises on a Thursday but never received. It was delivered to wrong address and stolen basically. I contact Cutie Fridays by email and they responded so they can do their investigation. They came back stating it was a mistake onFed Ex behalf but I should receive my merchandise after speaking with their fulfillment team. I allowed two weeks to pass and I emailed them to check the status, no response, so I message through their website, no response. Also it appears their emails disappear, I have my email responding back to them but it seems I responding to myself. Overall, I’m disappointed. I want to support this company but they left a sour taste.

  22. I just fell for the exact same scam. Ups tracking number is duplicate coming from Amazon to someone in my area but not me.

  23. SCAM!! 100% a SCAM!
    Stay away they will steal your money! They will lie that your package was delivered! They send a fake package to a fake address! You will never get your purchase!

    1. The whole cutie Fridays website is gone.
      Their doesn’t exist anymore. What more proof do you need? It’s a Scam! Hopefully our banks will help with us getting our money back.

  24. Wish I had researched before I bought anything. Of course, the dress with the shorts is what I ordered for my daughter. My card has been charged but no confirmation email for my purchase. My account with says that I haven’t placed any orders yet. Of course no response when trying to contact them through the website. I’m sure if it does ever arrive it will be well past the 30 days. Not holding my breath that it will ever get here. I went through the same thing with ChickNYC. What a rip off. Great looking items, but you never get them.

  25. Yes they are a fraud. Got the dress with shorts and I got an email after 2 weeks of trying to get ahold of them. They said they would investigate and that’s it. Ups tracking number says it was delivered but it wasn’t. I’m so sick of these scammers taking peoples hard working money all for their own good. Pathetic

  26. Someone needs to shut them down fast, and keep getting the word out they are a fraud. They did respond to my email, however they gave a phony UPS tracking number. Also the sales info shows they are from Singapore, not Georgia. However 2 weeks later they are still trying to convince me that they are a “real” company that ships 500-1000 packages a month. Yet, refuse to give a phone number. I have also filled an official complaint with UPS as well. They ship with an Amazon address and allegedly send package to a mysterious person, no address, only a street name. Hopefully UPS is on it as well. It’s a shame. I’m sure we all would love to have that dress with the shorts.

    1. I just fell for the exact same scam. Ups tracking number is duplicate coming from Amazon to someone in my area but not me.

    2. Avoid!! Saying that my package was driver verified and delivered on April 1. It was not and got the runaround with their “customer service.” I’m thinking this is a scam. Filing a UPS complaint.

    3. Never received my order. They said there was a mixup up on the shipping label and would send another one out as soon as they got it fixed. They stole my money and never fulfilled my order. This company is a complete sham!!!

    4. Yep
      Same thing happened to me
      Lesson learned!
      Never ever order from this company!
      Who do we complain to?

  27. BEWARE!!!! will take your money NOT send your merchandise nor will they return any of your calls. My rating on this company is a ZERO.

    1. This company is FRAUD!! Do NOT buy anything from them and share it on social media. I am!!

    2. The same thing happened to me this past week it said delivered when I called ups it said delivered to another address something needs to be done I’ve emailed so many times for a refund or re delivered and nothing.

      Lissette G

  28. I placed 2 orders in February and have not received any status or updates

    The website states a 30 day return policy which is impossible since it’s already over 30 days and I don’t even have dresses

    Something needs to be done about this company, as of today their website advertises a BOGO sale but February orders aren’t even shipped

    1. TOTAL TOTAL SCAM DO NOT DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THEY SCAM EVERYONE OUT OF 100.00 dollars. They are laughing at us Americans. We just want to look cute right? so shame on you Cutie Friday or who ever the hell y’all are.

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