Daniela Swaebe Reviews: Is It A Legit Jewelry Store?

Daniela Swaebe Reviews

Jewelry is a part of women’s everyday life. Different pieces symbolize different ethics when you wear them. They can be used as identification, like a wedding ring, or as a compliment to your dress. The main purpose of wearing ornaments is to showcase social status and denote femininity. See Also: Ridudaly Jewelry Reviews

Every woman is passionate about jewelry and considers it a basic part of her daily dressing. It enhances your beauty and depicts your personality. Everyone has a different choice. Some like heavy ones, while others like to wear light pieces. However, finding an authentic brand that sells unique designs is difficult. Here, we bring you Daniela swaebe reviews to see if it’s worth your time and money.

About Daniela Swaebe

Daniela Swaebe Fashion Jewels is a unique line of jewelry that has been combining class and simplicity since the beginning. Their jewelry collection is another sign of sophistication that adds glamor to your dress. They have begun their third line at quite reasonable prices. 

They have a signature value of Organic Glamor they are not just selling ordinary pieces. Instead, it’s a classy combination of different designs, all of which are unique in their way. The owner, Daniela, started this brand under her name and is working hard to pursue her dreams of providing the best yet classy pieces. Don’t Forget: Comstylish Reviews

Social Media Handles

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Daniela Swaebe

Promotion through accounts on different social media handles is quite popular these days. You can now find every brand or product there. Similarly, Daniela Swaebe also has accounts on these platforms. Their Facebook account has about 21k followers, which is considered a very good one. However, Instagram has about 1k. 

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What kind of jewelry is available at Daniela Swaebe?

Daniela Swaebe Reviews1

You can find different ornamental pieces here, which are listed below.


They have beautiful statement earrings in different colors and designs. You can find them in short and long lengths as well. 


They have pendants and chain necklaces in various designs. These pieces are the perfect complement to your party dresses. Learn Extra: Is Actionsthat Legit


Different bangles and chain designs are present on their website. The silver and golden color with small hangings make them unique.


You can get plain and spiral rings in many colors.


Single and double chained anklets in silver and golden colors are available.

Hair Jewels

You can get cute headbands for your children as well as for young ones that are embedded with stones. 


Cute charm designs such as lockets, pins, and many others are present here.

Is it available on other websites?

Yes, you can now get Daniela Swaebe jewelry on other sites rather than the official website. Amazon and eBay also have a good variety of jewelry available that can be shipped worldwide. 

The price range at Daniela Swaebe 

Daniela Swaebe Reviews2

They have all the details regarding every item provided on the official website. They are usually gold plated, and the color is guaranteed never to fade. Thus, the high-quality jewelry here is most likely above $50. However, the price is different for every piece and seems to be a bit high. Explore More: Goddard Store Reviews

Sale at Daniela Swaebe 

Daniela Swaebe is offering a breathtaking sale on their products. A flash off is seen, and now you can get these beautiful pieces for only $20 to $25. However, this is a bit fishy to get these fantastic yet classy jewelry pieces at such cheap prices at sale. Don’t Miss: Ladderlamp Com Reviews

Customer reviews: Are Women Happy with their Collection?

Daniela Swaebe Reviews legit or scam

The official website lacks any reviews, so we checked into Trustpilot. However, it also shows zero responses by the clients. This was something fishy, so we looked further into it. We’ve found a good response rate on Amazon. 

Amazon shows about 100% one star ratings. This looks like no one is satisfied with the brand. Despite the absence of reviews present on other websites, here it seems like no one is happy. A client says about purchasing earrings that have hidden hooks in the back so that you can reduce the hanging length or wear it without the teardrop. They’re big but clunky looking, very costume looking. If I had seen them in a shop in person, I wouldn’t have bought them. The artistry is not that good.



  • Unique designs
  • The website is well maintained
  • Easy purchase


  • No reviews on other websites.
  • An unbelievable sale is present on the items.
  • One star ratings by clients.

Bottom line

We have listed all the aspects of Daniela Swaebe reviews here for your ease. It seems that the website is legit and sells the best products. However, customer reviews are precisely the opposite. People weren’t satisfied with their products. It would be a risk to buy such expensive jewelry. You should at least check once before buying from them.  

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  1. One of the solitaire necklaces is extremely hard to clasp as the holes on the chain are impossible to find. I hate it and am donating it with a bag of clothes.
    A pair of earrings was so small as opposed to how they were shown on her “sale”. The reason the sale prices are so low is because most items won’t sell at her regular prices. Don’t buy!!!

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