Donotcall.Gov Legit: Is It A Trustworthy Application?


Are you tired of getting constant telemarketing calls? Is your schedule annoyed by receiving calls at random hours? Do you want to get rid of sales calls? You might be in a hustle daily with your mind overloaded with such questions.

There are various ways to get rid of such situations. You can browse the internet or even post complaints on portals. Furthermore, you can even contact the do not call application. Here, we bring you the details to find out if legit.


The United States Federal Government has established a National Do Not Call Registry database. The main role is to enlist the telephone numbers of all individuals. These people are not interested in receiving telemarketing calls. It works by following the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act that started in 2003. Read More: Is Verihend Legit

The registration began the same year, in June 2003. The implementation then started in October. People with subscriptions had their names on the do not call list for the next five years. They changed this law. Now, your name remains for a lifetime.

Does it limit all calls from such unwanted places?

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It eliminates all sales and marketing calls that you have been receiving. Some limitations still exist, as enlisted below.

  1. Any call from a nonprofitable organization is not restricted.
  2. The calls for various surveys have not stopped.
  3. You will receive calls for a month after registration at the do not call site. They will stop such calls after 31 days.
  4. Any calls from different organizations of political backgrounds may continue.
  5. You will certainly receive information and debt collection calls.

What is the registration procedure for

The process is pretty simple. You only have to follow a few steps.

  1. First, visit the official website at 
  2. Then click on the icon on the left where it is written, “Register your phone.”
  3. If you haven’t registered before, click “Register,
  4. If you’ve forgotten the password, click on “Verify.”
  5. You will provide your details and receive a confirmation email.
  6. Then open the link in your email.
  7. Your phone number is registered.
  8. It will appear in the list within 24 hours.

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Management of

The FTC is an official website that has aimed to cover the consumers of America for years. This is an independent working website by the FTC. It functions to provide services like

Registration at

The enrollment process at is free. You can subscribe to the first five area codes for free. However, the next one is not free. You must pay the minimum wage to get on the do not call list. Must Like: Testergigs Com Legit

  1. The charges are $59 per area code. You must pay at the initial signup stage during the first three months.
  2. The next payment will be half at $30 per area code for the next six months.

Can you register more than one number?

A person can give his three numbers for subscription at a given time. You will repeat the complete process for each number. 

There is still a chance to add more numbers. 

Is there a possibility of getting such calls even after registering?

The Federal Trade Commission is quite strict in its policy. There is very little chance that someone will violate such FTC laws. However, strict actions are taken if anyone violates the list. Don’t Miss: Curiosity Stream Tv Scam

There are many companies the FTC has sued. They will even fine you up to $41,484 per call. Thus, people may think twice before meddling in such affairs.

What types of numbers can you give?

You can only provide your contact number to restrict telemarketing calls. However, there is no relaxation in this. You cannot add your office, official, or fax number here.

The process of withdrawing your number from

You can also remove your number from the list by following the steps.

  • You can call the given number, 1-888-382-1222.
  • Then request to remove your number from such a list.
  • They will remove the number of the telemarketing registry the next day.
  • It will, however, take effect after 31 days.

Customer reviews: Is it legit?

Donotcall legit or scam

The Trust Pilot is giving a 404 error for this website. We then checked YouTube to find some reviews. It is seen that about 226 million numbers are registered at However, about 5 million objections have been observed in a year. Would Like: What time do staples open today?

It is usually seen that people receive robocalls. It is mainly because only blocks fair companies. However, all those unauthorized companies continue to disturb even the registered members. They turn in a complaint at



  • You can easily add your number to the list.
  • The first five area codes are free.
  • You can get rid of unwanted calls.


  • No customer responses were recorded.
  • You need to pay for more than five codes.
  • Spam calls are still received after being enrolled.

Final Verdict

We bring you the confirmation of legit along with the complete details. There may be a time when you think that it is not working. However, it is usually due to robocalls or survey companies. You need to understand that the main slogan of donotcall. ( gov is to block sales calls from official companies. They are working to resolve the remaining issues faced by you.

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