Enobel Shop Reviews: Is This Shop Legit or Scam? Read Before You Order Anything

enoble.shop review

Who does not love online shopping? It’s fun to get your favorites in the comfort of your home. Today, people buy everything from e-commerce sites, from Mela to a pair of shoes. They can deliver the things at their office or any corner of the world. Thanks to technology. While searching on the internet for exercise tools, you may come across the name Enoble Shop. Is it a reliable store that claims to meet all of your needs? But the query is, can you trust the sites?

In this piece, we will focus on the Enoble shop reviews that may help you make up your mind about the items. Today, many brands scam buyers. So why risk your hard-earned money when we are here to support you. In this blog, you will find all about the site, from its customer feedback to the pros and cons, some website quality to more. So are you all set to unveil all the facts about this website?

About Enoble Shop

It is an online store with a physical address in California, USA. The Enoble Shop is the name that claims to offer its buyers the best rates for exercise and messaging tools. But when we visited their site and reviewed the “about us” section, we found something fishy and questionable.

Hence, the store’s name is Nobel Shop, not the Enoble Shop. Let us move a little further in this part. In the next paragraph, they claim to deal with fashion, clothing, luxury bags, watches, and more. But as per their websites, they only deal with exercise tools and massage chairs. It is not a red flag.

Will they find out whether this site is legit or not in the upcoming parts? So, are you ready to unveil all the data about this name?

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Is EnobleShop legit or another scam?

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enoble.shop legit or scam

Our study relies on the prices, website quality, founder, and more.

The price of the item is the primary concern. You never want to buy an item that is accessible at cheaper rates. The rates are meager compared to the other reliable sites, like Walmart.

The quality of the items: If you study the quality of Enobel shop’s items, there is no feedback about their services. On their official website, they have no reviews from the buyers. On other platforms, there is no feedback. 

It has no social media account. So, if you check its social media handle, you will not find any odd things in the digital era.

Founder: Now let’s discuss the founder of the website. The Enobel Shop has no data about the founder on the website. Hence, we advise you to avoid sites with no information about the founder. It is another false start.

Website Quality:  It is vital to learn about the site’s quality. So, it gives notable data about the sites. Here is the complete information about it:

  • As per the SSL check, it has an SSL certificate.
  • This site is registered.
  • It has been set up for many years. Per the DNS filter, it is safe.
  • You can use FlashStart to check for phishing and malware.
  • It has a good trust index.

Shipping and refund: Now, let us move towards the next part, shipping, and refund. They offer free shipping for five to eight days. The standard shipping time is 3 to 4 days and costs 4.81 dollars. You can contact them via email or phone for a return and exchange.

The contact details: The Enobel Shop has shared its address and other details.

2613 Corn Pile Rd, Myrtle Beach, South California 29588, UnitedStates

Here the address looks fishy. We searched it but did not find any stores with this name. It is another red flag.

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Customer Reviews

If you study the website, there is no data about the buyer’s feedback. The Enobel Shop has reviews on YouTube as they have raised the following points:

  • There is no data about the makers.
  • It has fishy about us.
  • There are unrealistic prices.

The promotion and discount

So here you will find out about the discounts and promotions. Their items are highly affordable. There is a new clean discount on the website, about 80 percent.



  • It is SSL certified.
  • It has low rates.


  • The deals are unreal.
  • There is no data about the founder.
  • It does not have any social media presence.
  • There is no feedback from the buyers on their official site.

Final Verdict

Our enobel shop reviews state that this site is not legit. Why is that so? It is because it has many red flags. There is zero customer feedback and no data about the founder of Xero customer feedback. They have also copied the image from another site. Hence, we advise you to do detailed research before ordering anything online.

2 Reviews

  1. I ordered a hammer off of them 4 weeks ago like usual they took the money out of my account in 2 minutes 4 days later I received a email saying that it was shipped I’ve tried calling a phone number listed and it goes directly to a busy signal anytime I’ve called I’ve emailed them and I get an immediate response to the email that they have saying that the email is no and void immediately I canceled my credit cards anything that was directed to that card with a direct withdrawal what a let down people just can’t go get real jobs at the scam very unfortunate

  2. This website is a joke I ordered a ebike off the website i had wait a week just get a tracking number for my purchase and followed it every step of the way I got a email back from them saying due to covid it has to go through rigorous customs check well after 29 days it says my package was delivered I don’t know how they did this but when I checked the tracking number o other tracking website it seemed legit saying it was successfully delivered but never got anything when I never received my package I called.my.local post office an they said they didn’t get any packed with that tracking number or anyb with my address or name on it l.what a waste of money I am so furious

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