Flex Lending Review: Are They Legitimate Lenders or Just Another Scam?

flex lending reviews

With the prices of machinery rising every day, it’s no surprise that some have made a business out of lending machinery and equipment.

It is important to know whether a business that offers to lend you machinery is trustworthy, or you may find yourself getting scammed.

Today we will be reviewing Flex Lending Group, to see whether they are a legitimate lender or another scam.

Who are the Flex Lending Group?

The Flex Lending Group is a business based in Edmonton, Canada that lends machinery. They lend machinery relating to agriculture and construction, as well as equipment to be used in hospitals and golf resorts. This brand leases out its machinery at low monthly payments.

The group claims to have a very quick and easy application process, which has been streamlined such that your application may be accepted in hours. According to their webpage, this company, powered by hard-working professionals, puts customer satisfaction as its number one priority. Let’s see whether these claims hold true.

Are the Flex Lending Group legitimate?

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Flex Lending Group legitimate

One surefire way to figure out whether a business is trustworthy is by checking the age of the domain. Using the smallseotools.com domain age checker tool, we were able to find out that the webpage for Flex Lending Group is 3 years old. This is a good sign that they are a legitimate business, as the older a webpage is, the more reliable the business is likely to be.

Another sign of a legitimate business is its social media presence. The company has a Facebook page, which they regularly post on. This reflects well on their authenticity, as scams generally do not make the effort to create and maintain social media accounts.

Moreover, this company has a very high trust rating on scamadviser.com. They have an impressive 91/100 rating. This means that the likelihood of a flex lending group being a scam is actually extremely low.

Another sign that the brand is legitimate is the fact that their webpage uses valid HTTPS and has not been blacklisted by any search engines yet.

Furthermore, the flex lending group has provided extensive contact information, including an email, phone number, and the address of their physical location. This is good because scams generally do not provide full contact information.

However, the Flex Lending group does not have any reviews of them either on their Facebook page or their website. While they do claim that they have 1200 satisfied clients, none of these client’s testimonials are included on their page. Furthermore, we were not able to find reviews of this business elsewhere, on other platforms such as Facebook or Quora.

What do clients of Flex Lending Group say?

Flex Lending Group Reviews

As previously mentioned, we were not able to find any customer testimonials regarding this group. This is unfortunate because customer reviews are a great way to find out just how reliable a business is. We were only able to find 1 customer review of flex lending group, on nicelocal.ca, which had given them 2 stars.

What do the payment plans offered by Flex Lending Group look like? Are they easy to pay?

According to the webpage of this brand, as customer satisfaction and ease are important priorities for them, they offer payment plans according to what best suits their client’s needs.

They offer a capital lease, for customers who want long-term ownership of equipment. They also have a ‘skip payment’ payment plan, which saves customers from having to make lease payments during times of bad business. This is actually a great help to clients, and may actually make the difference between a profit and a loss.

The third payment plan that they offer is sale and leaseback, where an asset that the customer owns is sold to a flex lending group, which then leases that asset back.

According to their webpage, the company also lends to small businesses. This is great because other lenders generally do not accommodate small businesses, which are left unable to use equipment, and suffer because of it. And so the company even lends to these small businesses and tries to make this process as easy as possible for them.

All in all, the flex lending group offers convenient and easy payment plans to all clients, and clients can choose from these payment plans depending on what they require.



  • Low monthly installments
  • Client can choose from the payment plans
  • Quick and streamlined application process


  • Lack of reviews

Should you trust the Flex Lending Group?

The Flex Lending Group shows all the signs of being a legitimate business. With a rock-solid website and a high trust score on many platforms, such as scamadviser.com. There is no doubt that the Flex Lending Group is not a scam.

It is integral to know before putting your trust in any business that they are reliable. Since the flex lending group has not made any indication that it might be a scam. We think that they are trustworthy. All our research on this business has not given us a reason to believe that this business could be a scam.

We think that if you’re a small business owner, or a business owner looking to lease machinery at reasonable prices and payment plans that work towards your benefit, then Flex Lending Group is the business for you.