Geemor Bra Review: The Best Bra For Everyone? Or Waste of Money

geemor bra review

The comfort yet luxury are the inner wear; you cannot compromise on the quality of the items. Many startups offer the most comfortable innerwear, like bras, at the best rates. Geemor bra is one of them. It claims to offer its customers the best bra they can dream of. Here the geemor bra reviews by us will help you make the right decision. We will discuss the items’ quality, pricing, shipping and refund policy, and much more.

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About Geemor Bra

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Geemor bra is a USA based brand that offers the most comfortable bra solution to the citizen of NYC. It is a brand run by the duo of mother and daughter and takes NYC by the storm with its loving personalities and affordable elegance. The 20 years in this business makes them offer quality items to the clients. They have moved their store to Florida, and after years of struggles, they decided to open an online boutique. Their motto is to spread affordable ease nationwide.

They claim to surface top-notch new items each day; It is a place for item-loving fans to geek out and share about the new things.

They have curated the collection of famous and hot running items in the sector globally. So it makes the buyers shop their favorite time under new umbrellas.

They claim that their team is focused on offering a fun and innovative lifestyle from an extensive group of reliable partners so that their clients relax and hop with no hurdle.

The main motto of the geemor bra is to offer the best item at suitable rates.

So, the claim this brand makes is real or fake. The geemor bra reviews are here to help you in this manner.

Is Geemor Bra Legit or Scam?

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When you visit their website, it looks promising, and the variety of bras and shoes is unmatchable. They have also mentioned some discounts on their items. So let us check whether getting the items from this place is fine.

Product quality: On their website, you will not find any reviews about the item’s quality. Not on any social media handles is shedding light on the item quality. But on their official website, you might see a pop-up that says someone has bought their item.

Pricing: It is alluring if you study the pricing of the items. They offer remarkable discounts on their products. You can get free on purchasing two bras. 

Website quality: 

  • Domain Creation Date: May 23,2022, at 12:00 am 
  • Website Popularity is 3272197 (Poor) 
  • The blacklist engine does Not see Domain Blacklist
  • HTTPS Connection is Valid
  • Proximity to Fishy site is 9/100
  • Threat Profile is 41/100
  • The Phishing Score is 41/100
  • The Malware Score is 24/100
  • The Spam Score is 19/100

So, this website has the med to low authoritative rank of about 42.6. it shows that this site might be tagged as :

  1. flagged
  2. controversial
  3. questionable

Founder: The NYC-based mother-daughter duo. This website has mentioned the entire story of how they built this brand.

Contact and Address: They have not mentioned any physical store address, but you can approach them via filling out the form or mailing at

Shipping and Refund: They offer their loyal customers a shipping and refund policy.

  1. The time of delivery consists of 2 parts:
  • Processing time: is 3 to 7 Days
  • The Shipping time is 14 to 30 Days
  1. Shipping modes: USPS
  2. Shipping cost: $7.99 worldwide

They haven’t mentioned any exchange refund policy on their site. 

So the data mentioned in this section relates that it is best to be careful while buying from this brand. As they don’t mention the address, there is no refund policy. On the other hand, the pricing is great.

Customer Reviews

We have not found any customer review on their website, but a pop-up shows one has bought the item from them.

Promotions and Discounts

The sale is going on the website with some alluring proportions. They are offering free of cost shipping on orders above $49.98. Also, on purchasing two bras, you can get one for free. It is the ideal that each of you would like to avail.



  • This site offers a payment mean which permits the client to have the money back.
  • This website looks to sell an item online.
  • As per the Xolphin SSL, the SSL certificate is valid.
  • The owner of this site claims this domain; hence it is a safe site.


  • The site owner is concealing his originality on WHOIS by utilizing a paid mean.
  • This site does not possess many visitors.
  • We found various low-rated sites on the similar server.
  • We recognized famous items frequently marketed by scammers.
  • This place has been registered lately.

Final Verdict

The geemor bra reviews shows that it is not a safe site as it does not have any visitors or social media profiles. They have not mentioned any address on their site. The owners of this site have hidden their identities.

7 Reviews

  1. I ordered June 18th 2022 buy 1 get 3. Total order was $47.97 . By July 10th I received the bras that were nowhere near my size. The correspondence was them trying to get me to accept replacement bras so they could keep the money. I refused especially when they wanted to keep an extra $10 for reshipping. The original shipping was $7.99. I refused yet they still only refunded me $39.98 even though they made the mistake. I’m grateful I at least got some money back. They told me to donate the bras to someone that needs them. So I did just that. I gave them to my niece. I was ready to upload my correspondence with them for y’all to see but there’s no place to upload them.

  2. I ordered 2 jerseys Nov 3 haven’t seen them I got my lawyer involved it is a scam don’t order from them

  3. Bought on of their 3 for one deals plus one more. Never received shipping info or even order confirmation. Bras came in ridiculously too small. If I could upload a pic I would lol. They offered me only a 50% refund I reminded them of full refund on 1st time orders they offered $10 more dollars. Went back and forth I gave in at a $50 refund so I list about $20.

  4. I bought from Geemor. When I complained about the delay in shipping they offered $10 refund and promised to ship the following week. The bras came in, totally wrong size. Emailed back to complain and request full refund and no response.

    1. You actually received the wrong size items? I was wondering because I placed an order and haven’t received anything

  5. I ordered a set of 4 bras, (buy 1 get 3) from a site called renunra. I paid $40 for the 4 bras on May 27. I was given an order # by email on June 9th. When I attempted to track my order, I got a message screen “this site does not exist”. Next day the same bras are being advertised for the same price by geemor as well as shegrienyc. Are these the same company? Am I ever going to receive my purchase, or have I been ripped off?

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