Getuitt Review: Is Scam or Legit?

getuitt scam

Online shopping is helpful as it saves time for both buyers and retailers. There is no need for constant phone calls, availability, specifications, or contact hours. Instead, you can get all the data on the seller’s website. You can buy anything from clothes to electronics and even order a pencil from home. 

Ordering your favorite items online is easy and quite easy. You can get the item cheaper with fast delivery. Usually, every web store has detailed data about every item they offer, consisting of images and prices. Sometimes, people may steal or add a fake image with details to scam people for money. So, here we bring you a getuitt scam to save you from wasting your money on such counterfeit online stores. 

About Getuitt

Getuitt is an online shopping market where the owner and various vendors offer you many items to buy. They contact highly professional suppliers and production houses and can provide custom products for you. 

They offer you various things, ranging from collapsible sinks, USB cleansers, umbrellas, fishing rods, lamps, men’s shoes, and wallets, to women’s pajamas and many more. All these accessories are vital for everyday use and for decorating your house. 

Is Getuitt a trustworthy Store or a scam?

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Getuitt legit-or-scam

Although everything looks alluring and exciting, people usually get caught in certain frauds. They have uploaded images of things we all want to have, and people usually instantly go to buy them while sitting at home. 

This can happen with getuitt if you do not correctly search for a website. The store looks authentic with good-quality products. But the question here is if it is legit or just a scam. 

Product quality: They claim they offer high-standard fabrics, such as socks made of polyester yarn. In addition, they have lamps made of resin and steel. Listing all the items with every detail is a good sign for the store.  

Prices: They have a variable price range, from $3 to $100 after a discount. Their homepage says Amazon discounts up to 50%. Perhaps that’s the advertisement, but they offer a good deal on everything.  

Website Quality: Now comes the vital part, which is the standard of their website. Let us list some details about it. 

  • They registered the website on May 18, 2022 
  • This store will expire after a year on May 18, 2023
  • The above data shows that this website is less than two months old. 
  • The scam document shows a low trust index. 
  • There are no trusted reviews on other websites.  
  • The domain has a very short life expectancy. 

Founder: WHOIS does not reveal the owner’s identity, which creates doubt. Why would anyone want to hide the founder’s name if they are legit?  

Contact information and address: They did not share their shop’s phone number and address. Instead, they have listed an email on their official webpage. 


You may wait a day for their response after sending the email. 

Shipping policies: You may receive your parcel within 3 to 5 working days, but if the delivery is international, it may take 15 to 20 days due to COVID19-related delayed flights. 

Refund and return policies: the address on the package is the warehouse, so do not send the package back to it. So, instead, take the proper return address; thus, you can have it by contacting buyers service. If the return is from the user, they will have to pay the shipping charges from their pocket. 

Customer Reviews

The official website lacks a consumer’s review of the items. You will not find any response on the store, which is alerting. Perhaps the website is new, and they do not have many orders until now, but we suggest always looking up customers’ responses before ordering. 

Discounts and Promotions 

Getuitt offers discounts ranging from 3% up to 88%. Hence, it is highly fishy; why would a firm sell sock for $9 instead of $83. No one bears such a loss, but people sometimes buy huge off-on items. Thus, they repent for wasting money. 



  • The website has a valid HTTPS protocol.
  • The website offers huge discounts.


  • The website lacks customer reviews.
  • They are offering various products at unbelievable prices.
  • The website has abysmal traffic.
  • The domain is barely two months old.
  • It lacks promotion on any social media handle.

Final Verdict 

We brought our buyers’ getuitt scam and listed everything you want to know about it. The website has a minimum trust score and low responses. So what does it mean? It tells that it is a scam, and one might risk their money by ordering from their site. The original prices are a hell of high, and now the sales are unreal too.