Heatzo Review: Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Heatzo Review

Are you ready for winter? Do you want a compatible heater for every room? Heatzo is one of the best options in town nowadays. It combines renowned technology to combat Sweden’s heat. It uses the optimum amount of electricity yet provides maximum heat.

This product offers its customers comparatively good heating power. You can find it easy to use for everyday life. It comes with a money-back guarantee, but the main question is, is it true? So, we bring you heatzo reviews to check its legitimacy. 

Here, we will discuss the features, specifications, and benefits of Heatzo. Everyone can claim that their product is special, but is that so? Let’s find out with the help of some reviews today if it is worth your time and money.

About Heatzo

Heatzo is an electronic heater manufactured by Stockholm. Their main goal, engineer Oscar Karlsson, says their main goal is to make this heater with the best technology. This heater is claimed to be the absolute best. It is manufactured by keeping in mind the cold temperature of Sweden.

Heatzo can increase the temperature eventually by using the least amount of electricity. You can easily place it in different parts of your home and work with ease. It also saves you from various mishaps. 

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Specifications of Heatzo

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Let us have a look at the features of Heatzo.

Instant Heat Technology

This heater can heat a room of 250 square feet pretty quickly.

Programmable Timer

It has a timer installed within it. This 12-hour programmable timer can easily heat the room according to the timer. Thus, you will enter a pretty cosy room in the evening. 

Bonus Controller

It comes with a remote control. You can now control and adjust the temperature while sitting on your sofa or bed. 

Rotatable Wall Plug

It has a wall plug that can rotate up to 180 degrees. This helps you to adjust it in any switch easily. 

Features of Heatzo

This is an amazing device that is a must in every household. Heatzo comes with the following features that make it best for everyday use.

  1. It saves us money by using the least amount of electricity. 
  2. It comes with the least amount of cables.
  3. The design is slim and smart. This will save your safe and be easy to carry from one room to the other.
  4. It automatically shuts off when it gets overheated. 

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How do Heatzo works?

Heatzo Review1

Heatzo works based on the technology of airflow. It sucks in the air and releases hot air slowly. This hot air spreads throughout the room, eventually causing a rise in the overall room temperature. The most important point is that it does not continuously use electricity. Rather, the rods remain heated for a certain time duration. This saves you a lot of power during that period. 

Benefits of Heatzo

The numerous advantages of Heatzo will compel you to replace your old heater with the new Heatzo.

  • You can program it at night and wake up to a cozy washroom, kitchen, and other rooms.
  • The ceramic element in the device stays heated for 30% longer. This will save electricity during this period.
  • There is no repeated reheating of the rods.
  • It is programmed to turn off whenever it gets overheated.

Customer Reviews: Are they satisfied?

The official website of Heatzo shows some amazing comments by users. One of them says, “Very easy to use, should have bought it earlier.” Another one posted a picture and said he had been using Heatzo for more than a year. It has saved him from cold winter nights and is the best choice for everyone. 

Even the Trust pilot shows not even a single review of it. There is no rating for it. However, Amazon shows a 4.2 rating for this device. 53% of users have given it a five star. They claim that this is the best device for your washroom. They seem to be pretty happy. However, a few say it didn’t heat the room to more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Another client says that he was unable to set it up.

Pros and Cons



  • Heatzo has amazing features.
  • It is controllable and comes with a remote.
  • It has good reviews.


  • Sometimes do not heat the room.
  • Some people find it difficult to set it up.


Is there any discount going on?

It offers a 50% discount to users from other countries. They need to check its usage in different areas, so the discount is for them only.

Is it better than a conventional heater?

Yes, the comparison graph shows that it produces more heat with the least energy consumption compared to others.

Final verdict

We bring our reader’s heatzo reviews to find a good alternative to conventional heaters. It comes with a remote control and has a timer in it as well. You will be amazed by its low energy consumption power. It even helps to lessen the power bill. We even found many satisfied clients. However, a few did complain about it. Thus, we would recommend you give it a try for small spaces. You won’t be disappointed by its usage.