GoGo Air Cooler Review: The Best Portable Air Cooler That Really Works, Fast Cooling and Low Noise

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About GoGo Air Cooler

The “gogo air coolers” are a new innovation.They use modern technology to solve the problems of a common man. Think of a person who can not afford to install an air conditioner. He also has the right of comfort. So the most affordable option for him is gogo air cooler.

For the scorching heat, the “gogo air cooler” is the perfect choice for people who cannot afford costly air conditioners. It is best for people who do not like the noise and want a peaceful environment to relax their bodies and mind.

It is not a fan. The technology used is different from the fans. It is more efficient than fans, makes less noise, and helps to maintain a perfect temperature to make survival easy for a man with fewer resources. The product is eco-friendly. It should be the first preference of every person who loves the environment and the Earth.

To enjoy the fresh air and a cool breeze while staying on a budget, the GoGo Air Cooler is the best product. Though its size is small, it works efficiently due to its high motor power.

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This product is chemical-free. It purifies and humidifies the air and provides a cooling effect. It works really well in an outdoor environment, in cars, camping activities etc. The best thing about this air cooler is it is:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Chargeable
  • Environment friendly
  • Low noise, Super silent
  • Wide Angle
  • Simple to use
  • Sleek look
  • Consumes low energy
  • Filters the dust particles
  • Evenly distribute the air
  • Gentle
  • 100% wireless
  • High motor power

How to Use?

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It is simple to use the only thing you need is water. You just have to pour water into a charged gogo air cooler then select a mode of your choice and that’s all. For charging, you can plug in any device like laptop, car, mobile phone or a wall socket and it will begin to recharge in no time. So, anyone can use it anywhere.

It comes along with an air filter which is reusable and you can use it by washing it with water.

So, now you will not have to buy air filters anymore.

Does Gogo Air Cooler Really Work?

gogo air cooler reviews

It was designed by two engineering students of Barkely at first no one believed that it would work, but now they have sold over 1.5 million units making it one of the most popular air coolers in the world. So yes, it really works if it was not useful it will never have that large number of sales.

What are the Benefits?

  1. The gogo air cooler is not like our old air conditioners that make the air dry and cause problems like sore throat, runny nose, and dryness. It maintains the humidity. 
  2. It adds moisture to the air
  3. No installation cost
  4. No maintenance 
  5. It filters the dust particles present in the air
  6. It is easy to use.
  7. Fast Charging
  8. Economical
  9. Stylish
  10. Best for people with allergies and asthma
  11. Very good quality material
  12. It is portable so now on the picnics you will have your own cooling system.

What are the Side Effects?

It has no side effects. It is good for human health as it purifies the environment. 

What do Customers Think?

Customers were really happy and satisfied with the gogo air cooler. Many customers rated it a five-star rating with very good reviews. Some of the satisfied customers’ reviews were quoting that over the years due to allergies they have used and purchased many evaporative coolers but only gogo air coolers work and are the best.

Most of them loved it because of its’ no-noise feature. People who are extroverted and fun-loving and love to travel and camp. It was precious for them as now their plans were not canceled because of the hot summer because now they have their own cooling system.

They do not have to pay for maintenance and installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work?

Yes, it really works. It is very efficient

Is gogo air cooler legit or a scam?

It is legit.

Is it a humidifier?

Yes, it can also work as a humidifier

How many hours does it take to charge?

It takes very less time to charge

For how many hours it will work after charging completely?

It will work for about 8 hours after being fully charged.

Is it really portable?

It is very lightweight, so it is portable, and it is wireless too.

What are the available modes in this cooler?

It has three available modes.

  1. Cool mode
  2. Chill mode
  3. Freeze mode

How much noise does it produce?

It is super silent.


The Gogo air cooler is the best solution to the problem of economically stressed people in the burning hot summer. With the passage of time, global warming has increased the temperature of the planet. On the other hand, the price of air conditioners is rising up to the sky.

The reason for this increase in temperature is also the gases that are effluted out of these air conditioners. So, to reduce this cruelty and to save the planet, we all should use devices that are eco-friendly such as the gogo air cooler. 

It has no installation charges nor does it have any maintenance charges. It is made up of very good material with high motor power. In short, it is the best product.