Gritty Soul Clothing Reviews: A New Fashion Outlet or Just a Scam?

gritty soul clothing reviews

We live in a society where fashion is now of sole importance. To move in this trending era, you must dress, walk, and talk like everyone else. This style gives us the ability to stamp our identity on our surroundings. 

Following the latest fashion makes you feel good and follows the modern world. However, we all want to look fashionable and chic. We all aspire to improve our fashion sense, so always look for good brands. Looking up real online clothing stores is always a risk you take. Here, we bring you gritty soul clothing reviews to help you decide whether the online store is legit.

About Gritty Soul

The Gritty Soul is a well-known clothing brand competing against others. They offer a wide range of skirts for schoolgirls and ripped jeans for teenagers. What does it look like? It seems to be a fashion hub. Why is that so? It is because it has a huge variety of colors and designs on its official website.

It seems to be a good store where you can find anything you like. From party wear to casual house clothes, you only have to visit them and find everything you like. They offer sizes ranging from small to extra-large. The Gritty Soul is a musical band with millions of followers. They then started their brand for cooler party outfits. 

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Is Gritty Soul legit or a scam?

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gritty soul legit or scam

The Gritty Soul is quite an old clothing brand, but the various review sites show some concerns. It is very vital to confirm the brand’s authenticity before ordering anything. This will help you save your money from being wasted. Sometimes you may get the exact dress in poor quality, and some sites send a different parcel. Hence, let’s make sure this is a legit brand. 

The cost of items is quite high. They sell jeans for more than $100, even in the sale. It is insane and offers skirts and other similar outfits at reasonable prices after a discount. So, buying clothes here during the off-season is a good option.

The quality of items is hard to tell as no such details are listed. The official website explains the details and embellishment of every piece of attire. It fails to inform us about the type and quality of clothes in every dress. So, it is another red mark!

The warehouse of the gritty soul exists in Atlanta, GA. It shows they have a proper store from where all the parcels are shipped to customers. 

It has social media handles with unbelievable followers. There, Instagram has more than 50K followers. They also have a Facebook account with a great number of followers. However, these pages lack reviews, meaning they have something fishy if you have a notable follower count.


The details of the owner are hidden by WHOIS. No details of the registrar are given. Everything is concealed, but why would you hide your name if you are legit?

Website Quality

After deeply analyzing their official website, we have listed the following points.

  • They registered the website on January 30, 2014.
  • Gritty Soul’s website will expire on January 30, 2024.
  • The website is 8 years old, which is a good time. 
  • The website lacks any customer reviews.
  • Gritty Soul’s website is well-managed.
  • They even have a coupon code to avail deals.

Shipping and Refund

Now, let us look into your order’s shipping. Gritty Soul Clothing ships orders from Atlanta, which can take up to 1 to 4 working days. The store is closed on federal holidays, but you can order on weekdays. 

They have not provided email addresses or phone numbers. Furthermore, the site has listed a page where you can write your email and message. You can include your queries in these messages and wait for them to contact you. So, why would they not share the real contact data?

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Customer reviews

The official website of Gritty Soul has a section of reviews, but all of them are empty. In all these 8 years, is it possible that no one has ever posted a single comment? Rather, we have seen various comments on other sites. Some people were exhausted because shipping takes weeks or even months to deliver the parcel. One of the customers receives her parcel on her birthday, and what does she find out? The zipper got stuck, leading to a fateful day.

We even saw YouTube reviews showing how their extra-large size does not fit and is a waste of money.

The Promotion and Discounts

Gritty Soul Clothing is offering a good discount on its website. It is unavailable on all dresses and can be seen on up to 70% of certain items. Their social media accounts are probably doing great in promoting their online store.



  • They have a valid SSL certificate.
  • The website is more than 5 years old.
  • They have some 5-star reviews.
  • Facebook and Instagram handles have a large audience.


  • Most of the people rated them average.
  • They have very delayed shipping services.
  • The website lacks contact details.
  • There are no customer responses on the official website.

Final Verdict

We bring you gritty soul clothing reviews for your ease. The website is very well-managed, with a few flaws. The YouTube and other reviews show how minor faults make their buyers unhappy. Hence, this website seems legit, but why waste money on clothes with flaws at much higher prices. 

6 Reviews

  1. I ordered a set from gritty in September, it is now December and I still have not received item ordered. I have tried reaching out to the company and when I go on their website it says company is no longer available. Looks like I’ve been duped.

  2. I have ordered from them in the past with some shipping, and warehouse issues as they described it. I had not been a victim of their practices until August until now November 2023. I ordered a pair of jeans, and after I contacted them on and off for four months waiting on the delivery, they summed the delay up to warehouse problems. In the end, they offered a full refund, however, I have not received it after nearly 15 days. I contacted them as to why I have not received it and no surprise here, now it’s their finance department that is causing the delay. I’m sure it’s only a finance department of two people. Gritty Soul’s business practices are disgusting and disrespectful and they should close their doors. Their greed if not already will be their demise! I have filed a claim with the FTC for fraud, and the BBB.

  3. As a lot of wonderful gorgeous women forgot to look at the reviews me included. My story is I ordered a pair of jeans how I was so excited for them. When I ordered the website said I might receive them they weren’t sure. I was wiping my eyes and that’s what it said. I ordered XL sizing chart said they would fit 16-18. I tell myself they will be perfect if not I’ll get my friend ( seamstress ) to take them in. I regularly wear 14-16 I received them they measure to fit someone who wears a medium. I’m so sad. But more to the story because they said all those things and I never received an order number etc etc. since they were still on sale to my delight. I ordered a 2X just in case because I’ve ordered from a few websites (the cheap ones) and figured out never the size they should be. Okay I received the first pair 4 days ago and I received the second yesterday. Guess what they are XL couldn’t be more unhappy about this. So of course like all of us we turn to the internet and find out we all have been duped. And have to start the return process the horrifying part of ordering online. So ladies I fell in the same predicament as you. All I can say that the next ladies will read these and realize they don’t want to walk into this website so the same thing will happen to them!!! Signing off which you all are probably happy about. But I don’t care. HAH

  4. Hello!
    I am a returning Gritty Soul customer & I must say they have gotten better. I recently placed an order for 3 items (top, wallet & pants) & I received the pants & wallet. Still waiting for the top but the pants fit nice. They reach out to me & let me know to keep a look out for my shirt in the coming week. I’ll see what happens & then I’ll decide if I want to stay a loyal customer with them! FINGERS CROSSED for better business!

  5. Gritty Soul won’t respond to Facebook DMs or email. Sent wrong size and took long time to do so.

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