Hauntor Pool Supplies Review: Does Hauntor.com sell Authentic items?

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In the past few years, online shopping has taken over the verdict. From teenagers to adults, everyone prefers online shopping. But now and then, people get scammed by some online websites. When looking for pool supplies, then hauntor is the name you might have heard. But before that, you require to read hauntor pool supplies reviews.

Hauntor.com is a new addition to our extensive list of websites. And today, we are here to give you all the details about the website to make your drive easy and comfortable.

About Hauntor.com

Hauntor.com is a US-based store offering an extensive variety of comfortable and voguish clothes for women and pool supplies. You will get a diverse collection of affordable and stylish jackets and gilets. Hauntor also deals in stockpiles of pool equipment and electronic or lightning items. They offer free shipment to US-based customers on orders above 50$ (before tax) and international customers on orders above 75$(before tax), excluding oversized packages.

Hauntor items range,

  • Shackets
  • the Gilets
  • Also, the Parts and tools for Polo
  • lighting and electric Items
  • Also, the Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

Here in this piece of writing, we do hauntor pool supplies reviews and find whether hauntor is a legit site or not. 

After that, we will find the pros and cons of the website. So are you all set to find out about it?

Is hauntor.com Legit or a Scam?

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is hauntor legit-or-scam

The complete data about this site might help you buy the items. So following is the that that we have collected so far.

Product quality: there is not much data bout the item quality as there is no reliable customer review. So, we cannot make the final decision about the product quality.

Pricing: There is high item pricing compared to Amazon, and there are no sales on the products.

Website Quality:

  • Domain Creation Date is 28th Monday, FEB 2022 at 12:00 am
  • Website Popularity is 3338840 (Poor)
  • The blacklist engine does not find Domain Blacklist Level 
  • HTTPS Connection is valid
  • Proximity to Fishy sites is 33/100
  • Threat Profile is55/100
  • The phishing Score is 43/100
  • The Malware Score is 52/100
  • Also, the spam Score is 55/10

So, here is the quality of the site: it is not designed properly. You can tag it poor. And it never cost any element in metadata that could support its online presence. So what does it mean? This site has lost its credibility, and its quality is debatable. So, right now, this site is shabby.

Founder: the country is unclear, and the founder is not mentioned on their website.

Social handle: It does not have any wired social handles in today’s era.

Contact and Address: 8424 Harris ave, Harahan, Louisiana, 70123, US

Telephone: +12513401338
Email: hauntors@outlook.com

The address shows it is a residential place. Hence, it is obvious that this website is attempting to suppress the info. So it would be best if you did not trust such a firm for online purchasing.

Shipping and Refund:

So if you study its refund policy, it is not clear or unrealistic. So it is not easy to get full cashback from such websites because of their unclear provisions.

  • Cancellation: Not accessible.
  • Returns:  Return the items within 30 days.
  • Refund: All cost refunds are made within five to seven working days from the initial payment method.
  • Method of Payment: PayPal, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner Club, Discover

Customer Reviews

If you visit their website, there is no review about their items and services, and we found a few sites that show that this website is suspicious. Also, there is a video on YOUTUBE, and they termed it as a PAYPAL scam. Here the brand never refunds the buyer’s money. So no reliable customer reviews. Now move to the promotions and discounts.

Promotion and discount

There is no sale going on and no discount offer on their products.



  • Orders with a subtotal of around $50 get free delivery.
  • Faster shipping: 3 to 11 days.
  • has all the main payment means for buyers.
  • Also, refunds are processed within five to seven days.


  • There is a zero cancellation policy.
  • Return is subjected to the shipping cost.
  • Not every item a buyer can return, and a few things are non-returnable, per their return policy.
  • This site has fewer visitors.

Final Verdict: hauntor pool supplies reviews

Hauntor.com has about a 1 percent trust level and no social handle with zero reviews. So, hauntor pool supplies reviews conclude that the website is a low-power and highly questionable site. Thus, the visitor should stay out of Hauntor.com because it is not a reliable name. Was this article on hauntor pool supplies reviews an enlightening one for you? Now make your decision after reading the facts about it.

37 Reviews

  1. Order igniter for pool heater never received it ordered on 5/27/2022 they said they sent it twice never got it ask for full refund never got it either this is 10/7/2022 don’t answer EMAIL now

    1. We ordered a ladder and got a pair of socks . After many tries for refund I turned into my bank and was just notified today they found my case credible and will be refunding my money . Don’t give up ! These people should be in jail !!

    2. I ordered a ladder they never sent it kept saying they would refund me its been 8 months! Now they shut down their email and took my money!!

  2. i ordered a replacement valve control for my sand filter early June 2022 said it shipped sent me a tracking number after a week i could see tracking info. then after another two weeks it said it delivered. well i didn’t have the product. i emailed them and was told to call my local post office. i did they stated that tracking number states a label was never created. i emailed the company again they said they would ship again. took 5 days to get a tracking number. now i am into august 16 my tracking said it was in my town. then never delivered two days later i check again and it says my package was lost. so i screen shot the tracking and email to them and they want to send it a third time. i decline and ask for my money back. they then email me to say we will refund 70% because of the shipping and i can keep my item. i kindly explain i do not have an item to keep and i want a full refund. again i get a similar email suggesting i accept a 80% refund and keep the item i still do not have. then finally they want to keep 10$ of my money and issue the rest as a refund. i finally agreed so let’s see if i get it. keep in mind this is from china so email takes two or three day’s for them to respond. please don’t waste your money.

    1. They did the same to me . I got socks instead of a pool ladder . I refused the 90%refund turned it over to my bank and got all my money back today !

  3. Total SCAM…..Do not buy anything from Hauntor.com. I ordered a $79.99 USD pool part from this site and at the time of submitting my order, I received an error message saying ” oops, something went wrong, please try again”. I checked my credit card bank app and saw that it had charged me. I disputed the scam charge with my credit card and hauntor.com responded to the dispute saying I had ordered some vintage glasses and also provided a fake shipment/ tracking receipt. Its a total scam…..

  4. Ordered a sand 1.5 pool pump they sent me an over mit !!! MAD AS $$$$ I SPENT ON IT !!! SO I SAY “SCAMERS” sorry a$$ people. They is nothing legit about these people at all !!!

  5. I ordered a pool spa lamp. I have received an oven mitt instead. They said that something might went wrong and will send me another lamp. I have not received the lamp yet after almost a month. They sent me a tracking # which says that the item may have been lost!

    1. I krdered a pool sand pump and also received an oven mit. They sent me a tracking number that doesn’t come up anywhere and have stopped answering my emails…I understand where you are coming from.

      1. I ordered a new set of steps at end of May for easier access into our above ground pool. I had total knee replacement in June. I received a pair of gray socks as well. This is their way of saying the product was delivered when in fact it was not. I demanded a full refund and have heard no more from them. Very disappointed jn this company. I felt comfortable ordering since they claimed to be in the USA and assured me I’d have them when I needed them.

    1. Don’t buy a thing from this outfit. They are a bunch of scammers. Ordered a part for my pool filter for $81.59 and got a lousy pair of low cut socks. Then requested a refund and haven’t seen a penny. They are a bunch of crooks do not buy Adam thing from them because your going to get junk or a pair of lousy socks like I did.

  6. It took 5 weeks for a shower cap from Whohan China to arrive,, was supposed to be a Dolphin Escape pool cleaner..

  7. I am so sick n tired of all this GD scams! I’ll never trust another web site again!! THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!! AND GOOD LUCK GETTING YOU MONEY BACK!

  8. OMG.. needed a pool pump, do not know why I Just did not go through the pool company INTEX, saw the first pump on the web from Hauntors and bought it… then tried to cancel it.. of course that never happened, over a month later a pair of socks came just like everyone else is mentioning here from china???!!!. I did get email replies from someone there and they said they would refund me, of course 20 days now, no refund. Credit Card company now disputing the charge. Total scam!! Ended up getting the pump from Intex, now waiting for a $90 refund.

  9. I wish I had done the research and found this site first. Definite scam! I have exchanged many emails with them – promising delivery, etc. – only to receive a pair of socks (which will not automatically clean my pool). I filed a dispute with my credit card company and have kept copies of everything!

  10. Do not order from this company, it is a scam. I ordered a pool filter and got a towel. They are not a repeatable company.

  11. Ordered pump received oven mitt for my 90.00 . Do not order from these assailed complete scam artists. May they rot In he’ll as they enjoy all our money. Sorry ass people…

    1. Having the same issue I ordered a pool dome and received a belt, now the company is playing games….. watch out for my TikTok
      I’m over this BS

  12. I ordered a used keypad for my Pentair pool pump. I never got the part and I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company, I sent them a lot of emails about their bad behavior. They suck and I do not recommend anyone buy from them. They will take your money and you will get nothing.

    1. Same results as stated in the previous reviews. Ordered a pool pump and received a cheap ladies garment. Now in dispute with credit card company. Total fraudulent website!!! DO NOT USE!!!

  13. Biggest scam i have ever seen. They actually send you a tracking number from China then to US and then to your house but it is not what you ordered. I ordered a sand pool pump and received a pair of ugly anklet socks.

  14. I ordered a pool vacuum and instead was mailed a tiny tiny tank shirt from CHINA. This company is not in Louisana. Also the emails they use and non-deliverable, there is no way to have any contact with them. They took me for my money, SCAMMER!!!

    1. I ordered a pool vacuum and must have received the same tank top. Same tracking #

  15. This is a scam site that will be reported to the FTC. I ordered a Polaris pool vacuum and just received a pack of women’s ankle socks. No response to emails to the “company”
    I dug and dug and found that the vacuum would be coming from Wuhan China, would not have ordered if I had known that.

  16. Scam site do not order from this site. I ordered a pool pump and never heard anything else from them , no response nothing. no way to track it .. the phone number is bogus and the address is a residential home.

    1. We ordered a diving board from them 3 weeks ago and today a package arrived with the same tracking number….it was a pair of socks. So we paid over $75 for a pair of hideous socks. 😑

    2. I did get email replies from them.. same problem here!! got a pair of socks 30 days later. They said they would refund me but its been 20 days now so credit card company is disputing the charge.

  17. Totally fake site this is a scam. If you order on PayPal and take the chance you will be able to get your money back. But I would not order anything from this company I’ll order a pool pump and never received it I no response after my order!

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