Hydro Force Havana Portable Spa – Enough to Hold The Heat Or Just Waste of Money?

hydro force havana portable spa

In the cold days of winters, what is more, satisfying than having warm bubbling water in-ground hot tub right into your backyard? I guess Nothing.

But not all of us are fortunate enough to enjoy spacious in-ground tubs. If you’re feeling sorry for this, read this article because it brings good news for you.

Nowadays, inflatable hot tubs are so in demand. Among those, you may have heard about Hydro-Force Havana Inflatable Hot Tub Spa for 2 to 4 persons. So, here I am writing to you with an honest review of this trending product. Before going into Havana’s inflatable Hot Tub details, let’s first examine some queries.

Difference between Spa and Hot Tub

Generally, the two terms, hot tub and spa, are being confused and are used interchangeably, but they are different.

The spa is often regarded as an in-ground establishment of enriched mineral water of spring or natural source to give a medicinal bath for relaxation.

In contrast, a hot tub is a portable on-ground pool, which provides the same hydrotherapy service as natural spa offers. These two operate similarly, but the spa is a natural hot bath while a hot tub is an artificial electrically controlled system that is portable and inflatable.

Let’s have a look atare these inflatable tubs worthy of buying?

Are Inflatable Hot Tubs worthy of buying?

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The answer to this commonly asked question is, YES, portable hot tubs are worthy for those who intend to warm their bodies in the air temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit (40° F).

With the increasing demand of some temporary portable hot tubs; investors came up with the peculiar thought of manufacturing robust, strengthen, malleable, and inflatable product which can withstand with the harshness of an outdoor environment, over the years.

The invention of portable and inflatable hot tubs is the best alternative to the permanent in-ground hot water spas.

It is more interesting to know that these temporary spas work on a similar principle and their life span is also long-lasting because the hardware system used to blow up the spa is the same as what is used to set up the permanent spa.

How long do the Hot Tubs last?

The durability of a hot tub depends on the quality of material used in the manufacturing and the care. The nonpermanent spa is often manufactured with a puncture-resistant rigid material; nonetheless, it requires great care to manifest its life span.

Well-maintained and well-carried spas last for nearly 15 to 20 days whereas the cheapest spas of low quality hardly retain 3 to 5 years. The life span of the most inexpensive spas can be enhanced with care only.

What are the components and functions of a Hot Tub Spa?

Hot tubs are becoming a need more than a luxury, and gaining popularity within no time. It is so important to have the right set at home and is only possible when you have a bit of know-how about the system.

It is essential to know primary features and basic knowledge of hot tub parts. This section will empower you to learn about the features of the hot tub, and in the later section, we will highlight the working of hot tub artificial spa.

The main components of a hot tub are as follow:

  • The Skirting, Shell, and Container
  • Water filter
  • Pump
  • Heater controller
  • Air jet
  • Blowers
  • Sanitation system
  • Ozonator
  • Topside Control
  • Accessories: Light tube, Spa Cover, Spa Pillow, Aromatherapy Scent, etc.

The functionality of Hot Tub

Now, you have got to know the major components; you will have an idea of its functionality too.

At first, you need to have a professional electrician to set this system. As electricity is needed to run hot tubs, you must have an idea about nameplate voltage, etc.

Other than the electrical backup, this self-contained unit does not require any additional plumbing. The hot tub’s shell holds the water and has multiple jets which help to keep the temperature at the same level. Among various materials, the polymer structure makes the striking core attractive and durable.

The top-notch quality filters help to keep the water clean and inbuilt sanitization makes it safer to relax.

Pumps and heaters are the core system on which the whole unit operates.

The number of pumps and heaters decides the control of the on-ground spa. The controlled circulation of water through heaters assists in keeping the water hot all the time.

Topside control functions to change the temperature of water quickly as it regulates the temperature of heater, light, blower, and pump.

Mostly, people are aware of other parts, but the Air Jet Technology makes them curious. Furthermore, as it works on electricity, people are keen to know how much electricity does it consume?. Let’s have a microscopic look at these queries.

What is Air Jet Technology?

The hot tubs have three connected jets for the air in, water in, and air mixture outlet that works on the venturi effect.

The hot tub pump pushes the water into the jet with tremendous pressure to move it out. The small hole in the jet mixes the pressurized water stream with the air and comes out from the front of the spa.

The pressurized mixture of airy water makes hot bubbles in the pool, giving a warm and relaxing massage.

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How much power does it consume as compared to others?

Hot tub spas consume more power than any other appliance at home, but monthly use of hot tub is cheaper than the amount spends on a typical spa for a few hours.

The major energy consumption part of the hot tub is a heater that consumes 1500 Watt and 6000 Watt if it is of 120 Volt and 240 Volt, respectively. Electrical pump runs at 1500 watt, when in use.

Based on the above information and other calculations, at the backend, we estimated the approximate energy consumption of the home spa.

If the tub is equipped with the 120V heater, then it should consume 3000 Watt (3kWh) inclusive of heater and pump. Otherwise, with a massive 240V heater, the energy consumption goes to 7500 watts (7.5kWh).

To calculate your monthly usage, you can multiply this kWh with the current Kilo-watt-hour rate, written on your electricity bill.

Hydro-Force Havana Inflatable Hot Tub Spa – Features

Havana inflatable hot tub is a quick setup, perfect for relaxing after a tiring day.

Nothing is better than a hot bubble massage with an effort of your one finger. You need to turn on the pump and see it inflating with a warm bubble bunch.

It is a remote control spa surrounded by a durable, tough lining. The Tritech material makes it puncture-resistant and helps retain its shape no matter how many times it inflates or deflates.

The hot water pool is equipped with a blowing pump, a filtration system, a disinfector, and a power-saving timer to control the temperature. It is perfect for four persons.

You can see the rest of the product features on the official site. Now, I am sharing my personal experience of Hydro-Force Havana Inflatable Hot Tub Spa to let you know about this product.

Hydro Force Havana Inflatable Hot Tub Spa My Personal Review

Recently on winter days, I had a chance to enjoy a warm bath in the latest technology, an inflatable hot tub.

The inflatable membranes were soft but chewy enough to hold the water’s weight and bear the harsh cold temperature. Although my friend opened it for the third time, still It was a wonderful experience. While we were setting up the system and spending time in it, I noticed some of the features I shared with you.

  • The Havana portable hot tub did not take much time to set up, and it is easy to carry.
  • In the -7˚, the pump and liner was working correctly without any difficulty
  • The filter cartridge stopped the dirt and other particles
  • Moreover, ChemConnect Chemical dispenser spreads measured amount of chlorine to disinfect it.
  • More importantly, I am so in love with the “air-jet” which releases warm air continuously to give you a calming massage of hot bubbles all the time.


  • It contains all the maintenance accessories; you do not need to buy again and again.
  • Cost less energy as compared to other spas
  • It contains perfect power saver and freezes shield
  • The size is perfect for adults
  • The sanitizer stabilizes the chemicals released from the body.


  • It does not hold the heat for a long time
  • It has a massive variance in price on different sites.

If someone asks me, then I would give a suitable remark about this product. Even though Havana inflatable hot tub is a new invention, and there are fewer reviews about it. I used it only once, so I cannot guarantee its long-lasting durability and vulnerability. But the tough lining and top-notch control panel make it worthy of buying.

Final Verdict – the Conclusion

As Hydro Force Havana portable and inflatable hot tub claim to have outstanding features, if someone asks me, then I would give a suitable remark about this product. Even though Hydro Force Havana inflatable hot tub is a new invention, and there are fewer reviews about it.

I used it only once, so I cannot guarantee its long-lasting durability and vulnerability. But the tough lining and top-notch control panel make it worthy of buying.

Important to know

It is so essential to get inflatable hot tubs from an authentic source. In the online market, various sites and pages are ready to make you fool. Tramadol You may find this product on different websites claiming sales or discounts on buying Havana Hot tubs. Those sites can be fraudulent, so be aware and get this from an official site or credible sources.